Turning the Clocks Back This Fall in Kennebunkport

At 2 am on Sunday, folks around the nation turned their clocks back an hour, which seems to mark the unofficial start of winter here in New England, but there is still plenty of beautiful fall to enjoy here in Kennebunkport. And despite the much early hour for sunset, that means that it’s nice and bright in the morning – perfect for sunrise walks on the beach.

Stunning sunrise over Gooch’s Beach

There’s no question that on the eastern seaboard, some of the most beautiful colors on the horizon occur at sunrise, and the east-facing Kennebunkport beaches means that you have a perfect view of the rising sun. So in the morning before breakfast, there would be plenty of time to stroll with a cup of coffee into Dock Square and enjoy the view of the harbor from the Kennebunk-Kennebunkport Bridge. Or head down Ocean Avenue and check out the stunning sunrise from the jetty at Colony Beach.

And now that the weather is turning colder, you’ll particularly enjoy heading back to the Maine Stay Inn for a piping hot breakfast! Whether you opt for breakfast in the dining room  and socializing with innkeepers and guests or enjoying a morning meal in the privacy of your own suite, you are sure to kick your day off right! So this fall and winter, enjoy the gorgeous sunrises and early starts thanks to turning the clocks back in Kennebunkport Maine!

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