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George HW Bush Turns 90 in Kennebunkport

Birthday celebrations in Kennebunkport are always special experiences, but a special Kennebunkport resident celebrated his 90th birthday in a really unique way today!  George H.W. Bush (aka “41”) turned 90 today, and just like he did on his 80th and 85th birthdays, chose to celebrate by skydiving.  While the skies were a bit cloudy, the weather was just right for the former President to leap from a plane onto his estate on Walkers Point. This exciting announcement was made this morning on… Read More

Author Visits Kennebunkport Library

As many people know, Kennebunkport is very invested in the arts, especially fine and culinary arts (galleries and restaurants, I am lookin’ at you!), but our local libraries do an excellent job of bringing literature to the community and visitors.  Throughout the summer, published authors have visited the Graves Public Library, sharing pieces of their books and the stories of their inspiration.  But a few nights ago, the visiting author held special meaning for us at the Maine Stay, as she is… Read More