Sports Bars in Kennebunkport for World Series Watching

I am probably breaking some kind of cardinal rule in New England by writing this blog while the Red Sox are playing in the World Series, but I realized that not everyone knows where to find sports bars or similar settings in Kennebunkport. And while I enjoy watching the game all curled up in a cozy bed or sofa, I know that a lot of people live for the group dynamic when lots of people are cheering together.  Given how fanatical New Englanders are about their Red Sox, there are more than a few sports bars to grab a drink and cheer for your team.  St. Louis fans, just keep your jerseys under your jacket.  When you’re visiting, you won’t just be confined to your room or the living room at our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast, so here’s a selection of great local spots to cheer for your favorite team (as long it’s one from New England – kidding, kind of):

Don't miss the World Series in Kennebunkport!
Don’t miss the World Series in Kennebunkport!
  • Federal Jack’s is definitely a favorite spot, because with a dozen or so big screen TVs you’re sure to get your fill.  Plus, as the home of shipyard ales (with seven different homemade brews tapped directly from the brewery below), and a huge assortment of other draft beers, you’ll find just the thing to quench your thirst!  And with their big menu of traditional pub food (and more sophisticated entrees as well) there’s lots to satiate you, even if the game goes into extra innings.
  • Alisson’s Restaurant, located at the very center of Dock Square, just a stone’s throw from the Maine Stay Inn, features quite a few TVs and a great bar.  Plus, their assortment of finger food is just as extensive as that at Fed’s.
  • You’ll find a small gathering of local folks at Pier 77‘s the Ramp, which, while only offering 2 viewing screens, has a great homey atmosphere.  Looking around, you will find the walls and ceilings plastered with vintage sports memorabilia, which just adds to the viewing experience.  And with standout food choices, this the Ramp is a great spot for the non sports fan and the enthusiast alike.
  • Looking for something a little different?  Check out Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant in Lower Village Kennebunk.  The food’s pretty stellar (and not at all like commercialized Mexican eateries) and their margaritas are out of this world.  So pull up a seat at the bar and enjoy!
  • While the bar areas are not too big at Tia’s Topside and Ryan’s Corner House, both are sure to draw a good crowd for the World Series.  Plus, since you can walk from the Maine Stay, you can grab a beer or two and not worry about hopping in the car.

And, really, this is just the tip of the iceberg!  So instead of wishing you had an “in” for World Series tickets, you can sit back, enjoy a drink and some finger food, and watch the big game in Kennebunkport.

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