Happy Thanksgiving From Kennebunkport!

Yesterday marked the 16th anniversary of our first visit to Kennebunkport Maine, and while it wasn’t quite as cold as it is today, it certainly was snowy! Because Thanksgiving marks our first introduction to this charming town on the Maine Coast, I am particularly fond of celebrating here. But biases aside, Kennebunkport is a fantastic place to start the holiday season, because the town is decked out for the start of Christmas Prelude next week.

Kennebunkport is decked out for Christmas Prelude!

Now that the streets of Kennebunkport are covered with a fresh dusting of snow, the miles and miles of garlands and ribbons, countless wreaths, and stunning Christmas trees look even more festive! For many years, we enjoyed our family dinner at one of the many restaurants around town dishing up a delicious Thanksgiving meal – without any of the work! Often visitors who join us on Thanksgiving are deciding to do just that, and forgoing the holiday cooking, cleaning, and hosting to instead enjoy a delicious meal that others have prepared, leaving more time to enjoy one another.

Others find themselves visiting children at local colleges, friends or family in the area, or just looking for a relaxing holiday on the Maine Coast. But no matter what brings them to Kennebunkport, we all love coming together on Thanksgiving evening for a light supper at the Maine Stay. So when area restaurants are closing up for their staff to enjoy dinner with their families, we are opening ours to all of our guests. Soup, salad, and dessert is on the menu for tonight, and we are already looking forward to the event (even though we just finished serving up breakfast!). And despite the wintry chill, you can be sure we’ll be up for a neighborhood stroll to take in the sights and sounds of the holiday season – it sure is something to be thankful for!

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