Fall Foliage Season is Underway on the Maine Coast

I can’t quite figure out where September has gone, but it is officially autumn, and fall foliage season is starting on the Maine Coast. The first few weeks of September were unusually warm until the middle of last week, when the crisp, cooler autumnal air arrived! That means that the color change is a little on the late side, but that means that glorious fall colors ought to stretch to the very end of October or even early November, and who could complain about that?

There are many place to turn to for updates on the turning of the leaves here in New England (including our blog, Facebook, and Instagram), but we like the Foliage Network

Fall Foliage season is starting with glorious reds, oranges, and yellows gracing the landscape

to keep tabs on color saturation. Their maps are compiled every few days by reports from leaf peepers in the northeast, and while it tends to be less reliable later in the fall foliage season, you can definitely get a sense of the color in the area. Their next report is due tomorrow, and we sure are expecting to see lots of yellow on the map – because we are starting to see it in the trees!

With so many amazing ways to enjoy the fall season here on the Maine Coast, there is hardly enough time to experience it all! In the early days of autumn, we often experience “Indian Summer” – with nice warm days and crisp, cool nights. Perfect for enjoying a romantic fire after dinner and waking up to breakfast steaming mugs of locally roasted coffee. We really enjoy experiencing the outdoors first hand at this time of year, with trips to local nature preserves like the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust, the Kennebunk Land Trust, and the National Estuarine Research Center at the Wells Reserve.

During the early fall, on the water adventures are highly encouraged! Consider taking a Whale Watching Cruise, because this is the time that whales are on the move, and that means lots of splashing, blowing water, and flipping out of the water – just for your viewing pleasure (not really, but it sure seems like it!). But be sure to bring a warm jacket, because it can be 10-15 degrees cooler out on the open ocean! Closer to your home away from home at the Maine Stay Inn,┬ácheck out the kayaking tours at Coastal Maine Kayak and Bike! But if leisurely viewing is more your style, the scenic sailboat tours offered by the Schooner Eleanor or the Pineapple Ketch might be more up your alley. Both set sail from ports in Kennebunkport Maine, though the Schooner Eleanor is just a block away! And both will treat you to gentle sail along the coast – perfect for viewing the turning of the leaves from a new perspective. So this fall, hit the road and experience the splendor of fall foliage season right here in Kennebunkport!


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