Easter Sunday Church Services in Kennebunkport, Maine

Easter Sunday is just a week away, and with the snow piles almost gone and the gardens coming to life, it really feels like a season of rebirth here in Kennebunkport! Although this seaside village is home to just over 3,000 people year round, there is a surprising number of churches open for Easter Sunday service (and the variety gets even greater once the weather gets warmer). So if you are looking to enjoy a worship service while enjoying a weekend getaway, here are some area favorites open next weekend:

  • Just steps from the Maine Stay Inn lies the Village Baptist Church. Its fish-shaped weather vane catches the sun just right at sunset, and is excellent for photo-ops – Instagrammers get ready! With a small, New England feel, the community is close-knit and very receptive to visitors.
  • Drive along Maine Street and onto North Street, you’ll find the First Congregational Church just before you reach a picturesque horse farm and adorable Christmas tree farm.
  • South Congregational Church sits just behind the Dock Square parking lot and offers lovely views of the Kennebunk River. This United Church of Christ congregation is one of the most iconic structures in downtown Kennebunkport!
  • Just across the (now nonexistent) Kennebunk-Kennebunkport bridge, you can partake in services at the Sea Road Church, an Adventist Christian congregation.
  • There are two options for Catholic masses in the Kennebunkport area. Some enjoy the unique atmosphere at St. Anthony’s Franciscan Monastery, occupying 70 acres along the Kennebunk river, with outdoor services when the weather permits, while others choose to pop over to St. Martha’s on Route 1 in Kennebunk.
  • You’ll also find the First Church in Kennebunk, a Unitarian Universalist congregation with a community, rather than biblical, focus.  You can’t miss their brass weathervane – the golden ear of corn shimmers every morning!

But whether you choose to celebrate Easter in a traditional sense, you can enjoy the reawakening of nature with a walk on the beach or a stroll through the trails at Laudholm Farm. Even better, check out a stunning sunrise vista from the east-facing pier in Cape Porpoise or the jetty at nearby Colony Beach – it’s the perfect way to get in touch with spring here in Kennebunkport!

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