Celebrating Easter and Passover at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

Spring is well on its way to the Maine Coast and Kennebunkport, and that means that two very special holidays are just around the corner. This year, April Fools’ Day is no joke – it is Easter Sunday and Passover (March 30-April 7), and we think that there’s no better place to enjoy the festivities than at a Maine bed and breakfast!

Millions of people around the world will be marking their calendars for these special periods in two major world religions. And best of all, both of these holidays mean enjoying amazing edible confections as well!

St. Ann's - one of many beautiful houses of worship in the area
St. Ann’s – one of many beautiful houses of worship in the area

Despite the small size of Kennebunkport (with just 3000 year-round residents), there are churches of all denominations in town or close by, as well as a synagogue just a few miles away in Biddeford.

No matter your faith, there are plenty of opportunities to observe, if you so choose. But many people choose to instead celebrate this season of rebirth by reconnecting with nature – and fortunately there are miles and miles of trails in local nature preserves to do just that.

The best thing about any holiday (in my opinion) is enjoying some great meals, and most restaurants will be in full force on Easter Sunday. Despite its early date this year, many restaurants will be up and running – even some of those that closed for the winter months!

All of us at the Maine Stay are happy to help suggest a restaurant that hits the spot for Easter dinner, and we’d be happy to make reservations for you.

Not looking for an elegant supper or set reservation time? Don’t worry – there are great options like Federal Jack’s and Alisson’s Restaurant are serving just a short stroll from our Maine bed and breakfast.

No matter your religious preferences, many folks have dietary restrictions at some point throughout the year, and we’re happy to accommodate your needs in any way possible. Kindly give us a little warning, so we can prepare a tasty breakfast that meets your needs.

We want to make your experience at our Maine bed and breakfast a great one – during Passover, Easter, and all throughout the year!

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