Celebrating Thanksgiving at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

The idea of celebrating Thanksgiving at a Maine bed and breakfast might seem like an unconventional idea to some, but for many, it’s a favorite tradition. Whether visiting family in the Southern Maine area, or exploring a beautiful destination for a culinary adventure or just enjoying a special and relaxing getaway without having to slave over Thanksgiving dinner, many reasons bring visitors to Kennebunkport Maine at Thanksgiving.

In fact, our family visited Kennebunkport for the first time for a Thanksgiving getaway! Our family was scattered far and wide, and our usual friend network was planning to spend the holiday visiting family out of the area. It seemed a little crazy to cook all the fixings for a family of three, so we decided to hit the road for a holiday getaway. We enjoyed the experience so much that it became our annual tradition! Plus, since no one in the family can agree on their favorite Turkey Day meal, it was absolutely perfect to enjoy full menus at area restaurants–goodbye, fighting!

Even now that Kennebunkport Maine is home to us, going out for Thanksgiving dinner is a fantastic treat–each year we select a different area restaurant and they are always fantastic! And we’re not alone, it’s something that our visitors always enjoy as well! Some might find themselves in the area to visit children studying at New England colleges or prep schools, while others are visiting family members they haven’t seen in a while. Others just opt to celebrate the holidays with friends and family without anyone having to take on the stress of holiday hosting!

But even after indulging in the afternoon or early evening, we always enjoy dishing up some complimentary refreshments to all of our guests. This year’s menu hasn’t been decided yet, but we usually offer a fall salad, seasonal soup or stew, and some kind of delicious dessert treat. Stay tuned for more on this year’s top contenders! Often the festivities transition into relaxing games of cards or board games, while others just sit back, relax, and enjoy their “food coma.” There’s no question that even though fall foliage season is just gearing up, we’re already thinking about our annual Thanksgiving plans and delicious fall foods!


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