Celebrating National Clam Chowder Day in Kennebunkport

chowder @ clam shack
Every day can be National Clam Chowder Day in Kennebunkport!

While New England is certainly known for its clam chowdah, it recently came to my attention that Tuesday was National Clam Chowder Day, and there’s no better place to celebrate than in Kennebunkport Maine!  I mean, honestly, unless you’ve got a shellfish allergy, chances are very good that you’ll enjoy a cup or bowl of this semi-solid deliciousness before heading out of town.  It helps that almost every restaurant in the area has their version on this New England staple on the menu.  In fact, I can only think of three places in town where you can’t find a bowl of clam chowder on the menu! (And one’s a Mexican place, one’s a Thai restaurant, and one specializes in Asian fusion.)

None of us at the Maine Stay Inn would be willing to say where we think you can find the best  chowder in Kennebunkport, but that’s simply because everyone likes theirs a different way – thin vs. thick, fishy vs. potato-y, smokey or not.  And there really are no two places in town that concoct their chowdah the same way, so National Clam Chowder Day seems like a perfect opportunity to test them all out!  With that in mind, it’s time to meander on over to Alisson’s Restaurant in Dock Square or Federal Jack’s overlooking the marina or Pier 77 in Cape Porpoise…. or all three!  But no matter where you turn for a nibble or nosh, you’re sure to find great clam chowder in Kennebunkport Maine!

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