Start the Day with Gourmet Breakfast in Kennebunkport Maine

Breakfast is often regarded at the most important meal of the day, and at our Kennebunkport Maine bed and breakfast, we couldn’t agree more! And while “What’s for breakfast?” is one of the most frequently asked questions, it is still one of the toughest to answer, because breakfast at the Maine Stay Inn varies evert day. No matter what is on the menu, though, there is always plenty to leave you with lots of energy to enjoy the day. A gourmet breakfast is served… Read More

Breakfast at Our Maine Bed and Breakfast

One of the things that people ask often about our Maine bed and breakfast is “What is for breakfast?” And that is something really tough to answer, because breakfast at the Maine Stay Inn varies from day to day. No matter what is on the menu, you can be sure that we will serve  up hearty and nutritious morning meals with enough variety for all palates. The morning menu changes every day, but for the most part we alternate between sweet and savory entrees. But… Read More

Enjoying Fall Breakfasts at a Maine B&B

Now that fall is upon us, we’ve been busy incorporating great fall flavors into our breakfast menu.  While breakfast at the Maine Stay Inn varies greatly from day to day, we try to utilize the freshest products and serving up hearty and nutritious breakfasts with enough variety for all palates. We’re serving up delicious fall menus!  Our morning menu changes daily, but we usually alternate between sweet and savory entrees.  But don’t worry if you don’t love sweet breakfasts, because even if it’s a “sweet day,” we always include savory sides for… Read More

A Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast Favorite Recipe

At Kennebunkport bed and breakfast, the Maine Stay Inn, breakfast is never just your standard bacon, eggs, and toast, so on a hot summer morning like today, we busted out a favorite breakfast recipe that always draws rave reviews.  Our strawberry goat cheese bruschetta is an unusual offering that surprises visitors but delights the palate!  Since we had so many requests for the recipe this morning, I decided to share the recipe. This shockingly easy recipe is great for our Kennebunkport bed… Read More

Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast Offers Inventive Gourmet Breakfasts

One of the goals at our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast is to make sure to provide gourmet meals that you won’t get at home, and with that in mind, we concoct inventive recipes that are sure to satiate even the heartiest of appetites!  And for that very reason, we were recently featured on “Think Tasty,” a fabulous food blog, for our delectable Savory Parmesan French Toast.  Yes, I said “savory.”  And “French toast.”  In the same breath.  Honestly, it’s one of my… Read More

Healthy and Delicious Breakfasts at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast

Although January might be National Diet Month, at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, we would rather start the year off right with healthy (and delectable) gourmet breakfasts that will leave you begging for more.  Every morning we include some kind of fresh fruit starter, using as much local produce as possible.  Granted, the Maine winters are not exactly conducive to growing lots of fresh fruits, but the fall’s plentiful harvest of local apples is still filling the shelves and stockrooms of Kennebunkport… Read More

Celebrate National Goat Cheese Month in Kennebunkport

Did you know that August is National Goat Cheese Month?  I sure didn’t!  But as usual, I can’t think of a better place to celebrate than in Kennebunkport Maine.  Some of our favorite restaurants offer fantastic dishes featuring goat cheese, as do some popular entrees at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  One of my favorite things about summertime is the plethora of fresh, juicy berries, something that we feature regularly on the morning menu.  And conveniently, strawberries go great with goat cheese!  So… Read More