Fall and Winter Seasons

Christmas Prelude Spotlight: Walk to Bethlehem

A number of years ago, the Historic Inns of Kennebunkport were brainstorming ways to bring the true meaning of Christmas to our favorite Christmas celebration – Christmas Prelude! In the process, we conceived the idea of the “Walk to Bethlehem,” a recreation of the fabled search for an inn. In a neighborhood with three great bed and breakfasts a stone’s throw apart, and one with a stable, this seemed like the perfect idea. Thus the Walk to Bethlehem was born! Each year,… Read More

Winter Activities For A Kennebunkport Maine Getaway

The sun rose this morning to reveal the first thick frost of the season here in Kennebunkport Maine, and despite the late fall colors on the trees, it got us thinking about the great winter activities available here on the Maine coast. While skiing is often one of the first winter activities that comes to mind, Southern Maine doesn’t have the elevation gains for downhill skiing – but that means that we enjoy beautiful beaches year round! But we know that not… Read More

Turning the Clocks Back This Fall in Kennebunkport

At 2 am on Sunday, folks around the nation turned their clocks back an hour, which seems to mark the unofficial start of winter here in New England, but there is still plenty of beautiful fall to enjoy here in Kennebunkport. And despite the much early hour for sunset, that means that it’s nice and bright in the morning – perfect for sunrise walks on the beach. There’s no question that on the eastern seaboard, some of the most beautiful colors on… Read More

A Halloween Storm Batters the Maine Coast

A pre-Halloween storm battered much of New England, grounding flights and bringing down trees all around the region, leaving many in the dark – literally – and Kennebunkport was no exception. Nearly one third of the state of Maine lost power in the storm, and the Maine Coast fared the worst. Kennebunkport is a stunning location benefitting from the miles of Atlantic coastline, but that means that superstorms bring high surf and higher winds to the region. Fortunately, thanks to the hard… Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Kennebunkport, Maine in November

Fall foliage season has been absolutely stunning here in Kennebunkport, Maine but after a big storm, many are hitting the pavement. That means that this seaside community is also falling into its relaxed, peaceful season rhythm. And even as the colors fade, the beauty of Kennebunkport doesn’t fade with the leaves. As the bare tree limbs appear on the skyline, the sunsets seem to become even more spectacular. Personally, I am a bit partial to town at this time of year, because I… Read More

Third Night Free Savings for a Luxury Boutique Hotel Getaway

The chilly weather at our Kennebunkport boutique hotel this morning really felt like fall, and despite there being more warm weather in store for the weekend, fall is really underway. That means that the season for romantic getaways is upon us! Fall foliage is really hitting its peak, Halloween is just around the corner, and the Holiday Season is not far behind, which means it’s the perfect time for a getaway with the special someone in your life. And since we all know that a two-night stay… Read More

Visiting a Pumpkin Patch This Fall on the Maine Coast

Fall foliage season has definitely arrived here on the Maine Coast, and while the colors are perfect for leaf peeping, there are loads of fun activities to enjoy during fall foliage season. As a New Englander born and bred, I know that apple picking and visiting a pumpkin patch are at the top of the “must do” list in the fall. Fortunately, there are lots of spots right around Kennebunkport, Maine to get your “basic” on! You don’t have to venture far… Read More

Maine Leaf Peeping at a Kennebunkport Boutique Hotel

Columbus Day has come and gone and the peak of Maine leaf-peeping season is quickly approaching. The days are getting shorter and despite a recent warm spell, it is really feeling like fall foliage season! Each year it amazes me how quickly the foliage goes from green to vibrant shades of red or orange, and fortunately, the amazing colors stick around for a while, bringing lots of classic color to the landscape here in New England. No matter how you want to… Read More

Celebrating Thanksgiving at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

The idea of celebrating Thanksgiving at a Maine bed and breakfast might seem like an unconventional idea to some, but for many, it’s a favorite tradition. Whether visiting family in the Southern Maine area, or exploring a beautiful destination for a culinary adventure or just enjoying a special and relaxing getaway without having to slave over Thanksgiving dinner, many reasons bring visitors to Kennebunkport Maine at Thanksgiving. In fact, our family visited Kennebunkport for the first time for a Thanksgiving getaway! Our family… Read More

Fun Events to Celebrate Halloween in Kennebunkport, Maine

Now that fall foliage season is here, it’s really starting to feel like fall–despite the fact that temps feel more like summertime! Leaf peeping is going to be pretty spectacular this Columbus Day Weekend, especially with the forecast set to reach 80 on Sunday. Even though we’re experiencing a bit of a fall heatwave, Halloween is just around the corner. With the foliage a touch behind schedule, you can be sure that there will be plenty of fall foliage to enjoy in… Read More

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