Fall Foliage Season is Underway on the Maine Coast

I can’t quite figure out where September has gone, but it is officially autumn, and fall foliage season is starting on the Maine Coast. The first few weeks of September were unusually warm until the middle of last week, when the crisp, cooler autumnal air arrived! That means that the color change is a little on the late side, but that means that glorious fall colors ought to stretch to the very end of October or even early November, and who could… Read More

Top 3 Orchards for Apple Picking Near Kennebunkport Maine

Now that September is really underway, it is definitely apple season in New England, and the apple picking experience is one of the best things about fall! Granted, there are lots of things to love about fall in Maine (and New England in general), but the Kennebunkport, Maine area really comes alive each autumn. A recent search of had “apple picking” at the top of the list for fall activities, and is always one of the first things I think of when… Read More

Fall Foliage Season is Coming to the Maine Coast!

The last two weeks have felt solidly like summer in Kennebunkport, but now that Labor Day has come and gone, there is no question that fall foliage season is on its way to the Maine Coast. There are a few trees with hints of orange, and the darkening green leaves have the telltale look of fall approaching. So while we are busy enjoying these late summer days, there is so much to look forward to once fall foliage season arrives! Obviously, the… Read More

Events To Enjoy This Labor Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend feels like just yesterday, but Labor Day Weekend is really just around the corner, and that means lots of great events in the Kennebunkport and Southern Maine area. And the weather forecast looks pretty amazing, so there are even more great outdoor activities to enjoy. If you can sneak away for an extra day, Thursday is a great day for kayaking, since the forecast looks a little cooler than it has been the past few days (not that we… Read More

Enjoy A Stunning Fall Getaway on the Maine Coast

It is hard to believe that fall is right around the corner, especially with a summer heat wave underway throughout much of the Northeast, but the time for planning an incredible fall getaway on the Maine Coast has arrived! Labor Day Weekend kicks off the start of a stunning season (although early September usually features incredible summer weather as well), and there is no question that early autumn is one of the best times of year to experience Kennebunkport Maine. So now… Read More

4 Great Ways to Explore the Maine Coast

One of the best things about a visit to the Maine Coast is getting to explore the countless miles of shoreline and beautiful scenery of the area, and there are plenty of amazing ways to experience the beauty of the area. Of course, the weather in New England is pretty different now than it is in January, so this list might be a little skewed towards exploring in the warmer months. But here on the Southern Maine Coast, there is so much… Read More

3 Best Places for Dessert in Kennebunkport

Like most nights, I found myself craving a sweet treat after dinner and decided to explore Kennebunkport’s Dock Square for a dessert to hit the spot. Fortunately there are loads of great restaurants in town that offer dessert menus fit for kings, but sitting in a restaurant just wasn’t something that sounded right this evening. So where would I find the prefect thing to hit the spot? It wasn’t before long that I realized the three best places to pick up dessert… Read More

A Day Trip From Kennebunkport To Nubble Light House

One of the best things about vacation is waking up and exploring a new area without a strict schedule and plenty of opportunity to see where the day takes you. Today we decided to wander like a visitor! Granted, there was a bit of an agenda – we had to visit a shop in the Portsmouth area, so we knew we would head south from Kennebunkport Maine. Instead of hitting the Maine Turnpike (I-95), we decided to head south through Kennebunk and Wells on… Read More

3 Best Places to Enjoy a Sunset Picnic in Kennebunkport

Tonight’s sunset in Kennebunkport Maine was truly spectacular, which got me thinking about the best places in town to enjoy a sunset picnic. Maine is known for its scenic coastline, and Kennebunkport is no exception – but the only thing that would make an oceanfront sunset better would be to enjoy it with a glass of wine, some cheese and crackers, and even a lobster roll! So look no further, because you are sure to find a spectacular spot on the Kennebunkport… Read More

Blueberry Picking on the Southern Maine Coast

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about Maine is blueberries, and the season for blueberry picking is now upon us here on the Southern Maine coast! While the sandy soil in Kennebunkport isn’t ideal for berries, you don’t have to go very far from the coast to enjoy the sweet fruits of summer. Fortunately, there are plenty of wonderful places to enjoy the classic Maine summer activity by picking your own not far from the Maine Stay… Read More

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