Christmas Prelude Lights Up Kennebunkport For The Holidays

It’s hard to believe that the closing weekend of Christmas Prelude is already here, but the last 10 days of festivities have been incredible! From tree lightings and candle lit caroling to fireworks and chestnut roasting, the 36th year of festivities literally lit up Kennebunkport Maine. Fortunately, though, the beautiful lights will grace the area for a while to come, so it’s not too late to miss out on New England’s best Christmas town. Now in its 36th year, Kennebunkport’s Christmas Prelude… Read More

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at a Maine Inn!

Kennebunkport is known for its phenomenal holiday celebrations, and holiday spirit last well into New Year’s Eve! The holiday season starts off with a Thanksgiving feast, followed immediately by two weeks of Christmas Prelude, and Christmas, but New Year’s Eve at our Maine inn is the crown jewel of the season! Our New Year’s Eve party is something we look forward to all year long, and we’ve been brainstorming for months (as usual). Christmas Prelude is upon us, and that means it’s time to… Read More

Christmas Prelude is Underway in Kennebunkport Maine!

One of the best Christmas festivals in the nation us underway in Kennebunkport, and the signature Christmas Prelude tree is shining bright in Dock Square. Now in its 36th year, Kennebunkport Maine is transformed into a Christmas wonderland for ten days in the beginning of December. Originally just the first weekend of December, Christmas Prelude now encompasses the first two weekends and the week in between. This Christmas Festival brings the spirit of the holiday season to life, and this small village on the… Read More

Give the Gift of a Getaway With Our Holiday Sale!

The spirit of the holiday season is all about showing those in your life what they mean to you, and there’s no better way to do so than by giving them the gift of a getaway to a Kennebunkport boutique hotel! The craziness of the holiday season and daily life means it can be tough to sneak in quality time with the ones you love, so treating them to a special getaway means ensuring rest and relaxation. Whether you’re planning for a special… Read More

Christmas Prelude Spotlight: Walk to Bethlehem

A number of years ago, the Historic Inns of Kennebunkport were brainstorming ways to bring the true meaning of Christmas to our favorite Christmas celebration – Christmas Prelude! In the process, we conceived the idea of the “Walk to Bethlehem,” a recreation of the fabled search for an inn. In a neighborhood with three great bed and breakfasts a stone’s throw apart, and one with a stable, this seemed like the perfect idea. Thus the Walk to Bethlehem was born! Each year,… Read More

The 2017 Christmas Prelude Is Coming to Kennebunkport!

Thanksgiving is just days away, and that means that Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport is fast approaching! What started as a local Christmas festival has become one of the best Christmas celebrations in the world in this small village on the Maine Coast. And all of the hype is well worth it – holiday spirit truly comes to life during the first two weeks of December, right here in Kennebunkport Maine. Christmas Prelude was the brain child of the local business association as a “thank… Read More

Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner in Kennebunkport Maine

Throughout the nation, people look forward to enjoying a very special Thanksgiving dinner, and fortunately there are lots of amazing restaurants in Kennebunkport Maine to enjoy over the holiday period. In addition to indulging in an incredible meal, one of the best things about a Thanksgiving getaway in Kennebunkport is watching this charming village transform into a Christmas wonderland in preparation for Christmas Prelude and the holiday season. Coincidentally, my very first memory of Kennebunkport was at Thanksgiving. I think we may have visited sometime before,… Read More

Winter Activities For A Kennebunkport Maine Getaway

The sun rose this morning to reveal the first thick frost of the season here in Kennebunkport Maine, and despite the late fall colors on the trees, it got us thinking about the great winter activities available here on the Maine coast. While skiing is often one of the first winter activities that comes to mind, Southern Maine doesn’t have the elevation gains for downhill skiing – but that means that we enjoy beautiful beaches year round! But we know that not… Read More

Turning the Clocks Back This Fall in Kennebunkport

At 2 am on Sunday, folks around the nation turned their clocks back an hour, which seems to mark the unofficial start of winter here in New England, but there is still plenty of beautiful fall to enjoy here in Kennebunkport. And despite the much early hour for sunset, that means that it’s nice and bright in the morning – perfect for sunrise walks on the beach. There’s no question that on the eastern seaboard, some of the most beautiful colors on… Read More

A Halloween Storm Batters the Maine Coast

A pre-Halloween storm battered much of New England, grounding flights and bringing down trees all around the region, leaving many in the dark – literally – and Kennebunkport was no exception. Nearly one third of the state of Maine lost power in the storm, and the Maine Coast fared the worst. Kennebunkport is a stunning location benefitting from the miles of Atlantic coastline, but that means that superstorms bring high surf and higher winds to the region. Fortunately, thanks to the hard… Read More

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