Fall Foliage Cruises on the Maine Coast

As the leaves are beginning to change, I started thinking about the best ways to enjoy fall foliage season on the Maine coast. Nature hikes, strolling through town, and scenic drives are a given during fall in New England, but coastal Maine offers a special way to enjoy the changing of the leaves – by sea! Fortunately, Kennebunkport Maine offers several excellent options for schooner rides that are ideal for leaf peeping. There are many guides to fall foliage season out there,… Read More

Pumpkin Picking Season is Coming to the Maine Coast!

After noticing the stunning pile of pumpkins at the local farm stand, and bringing it home for pumpkin soup (even on a warm day like today!), I started thinking that with fall foliage on its way, we are nearing the season for pumpkin picking right here on the Maine coast. There’s no question pumpkin picking is a perfect fall activity, and fortunately there are lots of great options right around Kennebunkport Maine! So this fall, don’t miss out on this classic autumn… Read More

Enjoying Breakfast at Our Maine Bed and Breakfast

People often ask what to expect for their morning meal at our Maine bed and breakfast, and since we don’t have a set menu, breakfast varies greatly! While some bed and breakfasts opt to have a fixed menu or serve a continental breakfast, it just so happens that we are firm believers in a hearty morning meal and we really enjoy eating as well! That means that you can be sure that we will serve  up hearty and nutritious morning meals with enough variety for… Read More

Fall Foliage Season is Coming to Kennebunkport Maine!

There’s no question that last week felt like fall here in Kennebunkport Maine but this week’s forecast has summer written all over it, but that is precisely what fall in New England is all about! Warm days and lots of sunshine followed by a cool evening breeze perfect for a light jacket on your evening stroll through the streets of Dock Square is all part of the fall foliage experience on the Maine Coast. But the most important thing about fall foliage is, of… Read More

Labor Day Sale for One Week Only!

Labor Day marks the start of our flash sale for our Maine bed and breakfast that will be available for 7 days only! And with the start of September comes the beginning of the incredible fall foliage season for which New England is so famous. And for the next 5 days only, you can reserve a room or suite at the Kennebunkport Maine Stay during fall foliage season at an amazing rate! So until Monday, September 11, 2017, you can reserve your… Read More

Visiting The Maine Coast This September

Labor Day Weekend is upon us, and while that means that the dog days of summer are behind us, and fall foliage season is fast approaching in Kennebunkport! In many ways, September is the forgotten month of summer on the Maine Coast, with many early days in September indistinguishable from those of August. But generally September brings cooler evenings – the kind that is perfect for a sweatshirt or light jacket during your after dinner stroll. As the month draws to a close… Read More

Fall Foliage Tours in New England

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, which means the first strokes of color are soon to paint trees with the splendor of fall foliage in New England. And this week some cooler nights have felt like fall is in the air, and that means it’s time to plan your fall foliage tour! Every year many people enjoy traveling “the loop” – a leaf peeping tour of New England, leaving from our Kennebunkport Maine bed and breakfast, heading north to other seaside villages like… Read More

Enjoying Fall Breakfast at a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast

Fall is nearly upon us and that means that we have been busy planning breakfast menus incorporating great fall flavors for the morning meal at our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast. Each day the breakfast offering at the Maine Stay Inn varies, but we always try to use the freshest products to create hearty and nutritious breakfasts with enough variety for every taste. Since we know that not everyone enjoys a sweet breakfast, we try to alternate the main dish between sweet and savory tones. But… Read More

Day Trips for New England Fall Foliage Season

Labor Day is just around the corner, and that means that there is plenty of incredible weather to enjoy during September and throughout fall foliage season. This is the perfect season to enjoy day trips around the region and around Kennebunkport! And despite the fact that there is plenty of wonderful beach weather ahead of us, evenings this week have been a little crisper than usual for August, giving us a preview of the incredible fall weather that is characteristic of New… Read More

“Suite” September Savings at Maine Bed and Breakfast

September is a hidden gem in Kennebunkport, and our Maine bed and breakfast is keeping that trend going with some “suite” savings during September 2017. The weather is beautiful, the coastal waters are warm, and the restaurants and shops are all operating at their prime. As the kids head back to school and the incredible changes of fall foliage begin to appear, the Maine Coast is just as idyllic as you imagined! Experience quintessential fall in New England with the ultimate bed… Read More

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