A Maine Thanksgiving Getaway

16 years ago our family enjoyed a special Thanksgiving Getaway in Kennebunkport Maine, where we got into the holiday spirit as the town transformed into a winter wonderland and we spent time together indulging in delicious meals and walking on the shoreline. It was a magical time to experience Kennebunkport for the first time, and called for a repeat the very next year! Little did we know, but Kennebunkport Maine called to us, and now we’ve been here for almost 11 years!

So Thanksgiving really holds special memories for our family, and we love to share this incredible destination with visitors joining for the first time… or the fifth! Each year we at the Maine Stay Inn begin our holiday decorating process in the days before Thanksgiving (mostly because it is quite the endeavor to prepare for Christmas Prelude!) and watching the area transform into a winter wonderland never gets old!

Pull up a chair and snuggle by the fire this Thanksgiving!
Raise a toast by the fire this Thanksgiving!

This year we are probably still going to be raking leaves as we hang the wreaths, because the fall foliage lasted so late into October, but the temps are dropping and the frost has been so thick on a few mornings that we thought there had been a dusting of snow! But the holiday season is quickly approaching and it is time start planning your first getaway of the holiday season with a Thanksgiving trip to Kennebunkport.

Just like we did all those years ago, you’ll enjoy the area’s historic homes decked out in holiday finest, breathtaking ocean views, and charming shops where you can get a head start on your holiday shopping. During the peaceful season, you can curl up by the fire in the evening or try your hand at a puzzle or game of checkers – old fashioned fun is a hallmark of the season… and a stay at our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast.

Best of all, you can tuck into an amazing Thanksgiving supper without any of the hassle, because there are lots of excellent area restaurants serving up Thanksgiving dinner this year. Others might choose to spend the day with friends or family and then join innkeepers and guests in the evening for a light supper at the inn before turning in for the night. We’re looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving in Kennebunkport Maine and hope to celebrate with you!

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