A Halloween Storm Batters the Maine Coast

A pre-Halloween storm battered much of New England, grounding flights and bringing down trees all around the region, leaving many in the dark – literally – and Kennebunkport was no exception. Nearly one third of the state of Maine lost power in the storm, and the Maine Coast fared the worst. Kennebunkport is a stunning location benefitting from the miles of Atlantic coastline, but that means that superstorms bring high surf and higher winds to the region.

Fortunately, thanks to the hard work of employees at Central Maine Power, electrical

Sunday’s storm rolled in and left a huge amount of damage in its wake

service was restored this morning! It was certainly a long week without the majority of our power, but we are grateful that we don’t turn the clocks back until Sunday, which meant a little more daylight!

We are so accustomed to seeing the warm glow of lights in the historic homes in the Dock Square area, and this week was like a step back in time. It was an opportunity to envision how Kennebunkport Maine might have appeared a hundred (or so) years ago – because the Historic District of Kennebunkport certainly hasn’t changed much on the outside in a century, but what lies in the walls sure has! And now that power has been restored, you can expect more in the way of blog entries from us at the Maine Stay Inn!

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