A Cinco De Mayo Celebration on the Maine Coast

The fifth of May might have been a little drizzly and cool, but inside area restaurants, things were heating up for Cinco de May0! While Kennebunkport, Maine might only be home to one phenomenal Mexican restaurant, eateries all over town were inspired by our southern neighbor for specials and inventive drinks on Friday night.

Although my personal favorite way to start off Cinco de Mayo is with a festive breakfast like huevos rancheros, it turns out that not everyone is as much of a fan of black beans in the morning as I am, so we nixed the huevos and burritos this year – but I’d be happy to bring them back next year if visitors request! But that sure didn’t mean that the celebrations were cut short!

Live music and great food at Pedro’s for Cinco de Mayo!

Earlier this week, we visited Pedro’s, our local Mexican restaurant, and they were getting geared up for the festivities, and adding new decorations to their awesome spot. Plus, we had to test out a few of their favorite varieties to make sure we knew what to recommend on Cinco de Mayo! There’s no question – they whip up the best margaritas north of the border (and I don’t just mean the Maine border!). Their house made syrups really make the difference, but

Let the Corona’s flow – don’t forget the lime!

Pedro’s takes the cake when it comes to creative beverages like Grand Grapefruit (get your citrus kick with lime, Grand Marnier, and fresh squeezed grapefruit), Margarita en Fuego (chili infused tequila and homemade sour mix), or my favorite – the Strawberry Hibiscus Margarita. And their tacos? Out of this… country!

Personally, I am partial to their fish version (don’t worry, they don’t have to be spicy if that’s not your thing), but everything on the menu is stellar. Since the owners lived in Mexico for a while, the cuisine is authentic – something we appreciate in town all year round, but especially on Cinco de Mayo! And while it was a little too wet to enjoy margs by their fire pit, there are plenty of more nights for that soon to come!

And while Pedro’s was the place to be in Kennebunkport Maine on Friday night, the margaritas were flowing all over town! Bandaloop Restaurant it just a stone’s throw from our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast, their hand-crafted cocktails are not to be missed in any celebration of Cinco de Mayo! Federal Jack’s Brew Pub was also a hot spot on Friday night, and despite their incredible selection of home-brewed beers, I have a sneaking feeling that Coronas might have been topping the list for Cinco de Mayo!

But no matter where visitors and locals celebrated Cinco de Mayo, there’s no question that there are lots of options for every celebration right here in Kennebunkport!

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