3 Best Places to Enjoy a Sunset Picnic in Kennebunkport

Tonight’s sunset in Kennebunkport Maine was truly spectacular, which got me thinking about the best places in town to enjoy a sunset picnic. Maine is known for its scenic coastline, and Kennebunkport is no exception – but the only thing that would make an oceanfront sunset better would be to enjoy it with a glass of wine, some cheese and crackers, and even a lobster roll!

So look no further, because you are sure to find a spectacular spot on the Kennebunkport

Enjoy a sunset picnic this summer in Kennebunkport Maine

coastline for your sunset picnic! Just a block from the Maine Stay, you will find Silas Perkins Park, a small grassy park on the banks of the Kennebunk River. Just steps from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, you can set up your picnic on any of the benches or picnic tables, but my favorite spot is the warm stone steps leading to the water. And while it’s not technically on the ocean, you’ll hear the water lapping at the shore and see the sun setting along the trees and beautiful boats bobbing in the marinas.

Head a little further out along Ocean Avenue, and you’ll find Colony Beach, a small beach just a half mile from the Maine Stay Inn. Whether you drive or walk, there is usually plenty of space to be found around sunset (although we recommend walking during the daylight hours!). And whether you choose to spread a blanket on the sand or dangle your legs from the rock jetty, there are lots of options for viewing the sunset – and perfect opportunities for Instagram worthy #sunset shots!

A little further along Ocean Avenue lies St. Ann’s Episcopal Church, just around the corner from Colony Beach. It is a stunning stone chapel with beautiful grounds and gardens. While you can’t linger long after your sunset picnic (since its gates open from sunrise to sunset), you are sure to enjoy what is arguably the most beautiful spot in Kennebunkport Maine. Its lawns extend right to the Atlantic surf and the property is surrounded by water on three sides, allowing for plenty of viewing options.

But no matter which spot you choose, you are sure to enjoy every bite of your summer sunset picnic here in Kennebunkport Maine. Enjoy!

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