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The First Day of Summer in Kennebunkport Maine

June 21st, 2011 by avadmin

Parsons beach Kennebunkport Maine

Beautiful in Bloom!

The summer solstice in Kennebunkport Maine was met with spectacular weather, which just begged for a visit to the beach.  Parson’s Beach is a personal favorite, particularly in the evening.  Yes, the beach is especially lovely, but its shortage of parking means that desertion is practically guaranteed.  The beach roses (Rosa rugosa) are in full bloom and emanate a deliciously soft odor that I have associated with summer for as long as I can remember.  A short, sandy path through the flowering bushes leads down to the water, which, even on the first day of summer, was barely sprinkled with people.  During my evening walk, I passed perhaps a half dozen people, all of whom left by the time the sun set over the dunes.  In all honesty, Parson’s Beach is probably the most romantic spot in all of Kennebunkport Maine. Fellas, that hint’s for you!
As the light began to fade and the sun set behind my back, the air remained warm on my face. I returned to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast still enjoying the colors of the evening sky.  Yes, summer has officially arrived in Kennebunkport Maine!

Sunset in Kennebunkport Maine

Summer Sunset over the Beach Grass

Best Places to Eat Lobster in Kennebunkport Maine

May 6th, 2011 by avadmin

Kennebunkport Maine is a quintessential Maine town, and when I think of Maine, I think of two things – lobster and blueberries.  But since nobody makes gluten-free blueberry pie, I’ll have to tackle lobsters (not that I mind, of course!). At age two, my parents decided to expose me to this New England treat and let me share my mother’s dinner.

Kennebunkport Maine Lobster Tree

Kennebunkport Maine gets creative with traps!

Unfortunately for her, I ate the whole thing.  That started me on the road to becoming a crustacean connoisseur.

Frankly, it’s pretty convenient that I find myself in Kennebunkport Maine – it keeps my appetite well satiated. Particularly at this time of year, the options for lobster abound.  So whatever atmosphere you fancy, I’ve got the spot for you.  Rather, Kennebunkport Maine has the lobster restaurant for you!

While not my preferred way to consume these crustaceans, many guests at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast really want to experience incredible lobster in a fine dining atmosphere.  I suppose since somebody else will be laundering the table linens, go ahead and make a mess!  So if this is on your bucket list, we should make dinner reservations for you at the Cape Arundel Inn.  Here, get your lobster lazy-man style and enjoy the succulent meat while overlooking the Atlantic.

Another oft-requested item is lobster pot pie, and while I wouldn’t choose that variation (and not just because it isn’t gluten-free), the Kennebunk Inn is know for its lobster pie.  In fact, it was recently featured on the Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.”  I must say, however, it sure wins bonus points for creative presentation, as a portion of claw is served poking out of puff pastry.

But for a purist like myself, lobster is best served by a shack.  Mabel’s Lobster Claw, a long-term staple in Kennebunkport Maine, is a more refined shack.  The menu offers a fair amount for non-seafood eaters and servers really do serve you, right at the table!  Unfortunately, you’ll pay for the ability to have options, so Mabel’s certainly isn’t a buget-traveler’s pick.  Nunan’s Lobster Hut, however, will bring you the cheapest and best around.  Granted, if you don’t eat seafood, the pickings are rather slim.  That said, the Nunan family has been lobstering in town for generations, and they know how to cook a lobster.  If you’re not in the mood to sit inside, take a trip down to our local fish market and ask them to cook yours for an instant picnic.  We’ll even supply the crackers!  Honestly, though, Kennebunkport Maine does lobster, so you really can’t go wrong.

A Maine Bed and Breakfast Summer Vacation

May 5th, 2011 by avadmin

It’s not too often that someone’s perfect summertime vacation  is the same when they’re three as when they’re 23, but for me, that’s the case – hands down, I would pick a Maine Bed and Breakfast!  For as long as I can remember, my parents have taken me to BnBs, but from the time I tasted my first lobster, I have had an affinity for Maine. When I

A Kennebunkport Maine Sunset

A Summer Sunset

visited Kennebunkport Maine at age 15, I knew I had found my perfect vacation spot – and obviously I would choose an inn or B&B.  Now a local, I’ll give you 10 tips for what I would do during my perfect summer getaway to a Maine Bed and Breakfast:

10. Eat lots of lobster.  Lots.  Some people express that they become “lobster-ed out.” Personally, I don’t get it.  I could eat lobster every day, but if you do, there are oodles of other options fresh from the sea – don’t miss ‘em. But when you choose indulge, don’t crack into one at a fancy Kennebunkport Maine restaurant.  Do it right and have it cooked at the local fish market or go to one of our lobster shacks.

9. Catch a sunset from the bridge joining Kennebunk and Kennebunkport Maine.  It’s stunning, and it’s incredibly close to a passel of great spots for dinner or dessert!

8. Go for a bike ride.  The area around our Maine Bed and Breakfast is packed with incredible historic homes, featuring amazing architecture, as well as glimpses of the Maine coastline.  Fill your lungs with fresh salt air while you work up an appetite (more lobster anyone?), and enjoy some of the things that make Kennebunkport a quintessential New England town.

7. Explore Kennebunkport’s art galleries and community art center.  The area’s connection to the artistic community is one of the things that sets Kennebunkport apart from other resort towns, so don’t miss out!

6. Play a game of bocce ball in the backyard of our Maine Bed and Breakfast.  Not your cup of tea?  How about volleyball?  If you’re looking for some extra relaxation, the hammock or reclining lounge chairs and a good book might beckon.

5. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride.  No, they’re not just reserved for fairy tales and the royal wedding.  There is

This so says "Summer in Maine"!

something so relaxing about the clip-clop of horse hooves and the swish of their tails.  So turn off your smartphone and step back in time – plus you’ll get a chance to hear the history of the area, but only if you want to!

4. Check out some lighthouses.  I can’t figure out exactly why they are so captivating, but they are!  You can’t go inside very many, but I could stare at them for hours.  Something about the history behind the buildings and the fact that they still stand, despite centuries of assault by the sea, makes them magical.

3. Choose to have breakfast on the porch.  It’s the perfect opportunity to savor gourmet breakfast in the sea air and watch this sleepy New England town as it wakes up.

2. Enjoy our phenomenal beaches!  Most of the Maine coast features rocks and cliffs that aren’t exactly foot-friendly, but Kennebunkport Maine offers miles of soft, sandy shoreline.  Parson’s beach, just over the bridge in Kennebunk, is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.  Please don’t miss it.  Since there is only parking for a handful of cars, hit this spot by bike or at off-peak hours, like the early morning or in the late afternoon.

1. Choose to stay in a Maine Bed and Breakfast!  You’ll get much more bang for your buck, and the whole staff will dedicate themselves toward making sure your vacation is absolutely perfect.

Granted, these are just my favorite things to do on vacation in Kennebunkport Maine, and I don’t claim that these things are going to make the perfect vacation for you.  Now it’s your turn to visit this incredible area and compile your list.  And please share!


Top 10 Best Things about Summer in Kennebunkport Maine

April 23rd, 2011 by avadmin

On an unseasonably cool day like today, I sit in our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast (while I wait for guests to

Kennebunkport Maine beaches

Stunning beaches aren't the only reason to visit Kennebunkport this summer!

check-in, of course!) and daydream about the amazingness of summer in Kennebunkport Maine. And not just for the return of green leaves and sunshine. So here’s today’s list of the top 10 things I can’t wait to enjoy this summer in Kennebunkport Maine:

  1. Impatiens at the Maine Stay –  At our Kennebunkport Inn, Walter’s impatiens are one of the first signals of summer. While these signature white and coral orbs have hung on our wraparound porch for at least 40 years, they never lose their intrigue – plus, you just want to get outside and take a peek!
  2. Afternoon Naps in the hammock –  ‘Nuff said.  Seriously, what is better than an outdoor snooze, with the afternoon breeze gently rocking you to sleep?
  3. The Horse-drawn Carriage –  One of the most common questions I get asked by someone making a reservation at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast is if it is going to be noisy (reminder: we are on Maine Street, not Main Street!).  Ummm, no.  But in the summertime, the most common thing you’ll here is the clip-clop of the horse-drawn carriage doing loops of the historic district.  It’s such a soothing sound that takes you back in time!
  4. Music on the Patio at One Dock –  Every night in the summertime, One Dock Restaurant (part of the Kennebunkport Inn) offers live music, much of it performed outside, so as you stroll through Kennebunkport Maine, jazz music, acoustic guitar, and lovely vocals waft through the air.  It’s the perfect accompaniment to … #5!

    Kennebunkport Maine bridge sunset

    A Summer Sunset on the Kennebunkport Maine Bridge

  5. Warm Sunsets –  While the Pacific coastline might claim the best sunsets in the nation, those in Kennebunkport Maine will give any venue a run for it’s money.  But my favorite spot is just steps from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast – the Dock Square Bridge!
  6. Volleyball in the backyard –  The feel of grass under your feet and good, honest fun with friends, family, and other guests is one of my favorite things about summer at the Maine Stay.
  7. Outdoor dinners –  Grab a lobster to go from Port Lobster or delicious soups and sandwiches from Cape Porpoise Kitchen to enjoy in our spacious back yard, or choose one of the many Kennebunkport restaurants with open-air eating areas.  Nothing says “summer” better than that!
  8. Barefoot walks our GORGEOUS beaches –  Kennebunkport Maine is known for its phenomenal coastline, so kick off your shoes and dig your toes into our plentiful (and beautiful) stretches of sand!
  9. Lobster at Nunan’s –  This old-fashioned Lobster Hut screams summer in New England.  A lobster there, and you’ll never go anywhere else.
  10. Breakfast on the Porch –  Honestly, this is the best part!  Enjoying a gourmet morning meal at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast doesn’t get any better than when it’s savored in the fresh sea air.

So when planning your Summer Vacation, make it in Kennebunkport Maine – a quintessential New England Village that’s perfect for exploring or just relaxing!