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5 Reasons to Choose a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast This Summer

May 23rd, 2012 by Judi Hauer

I hate to admit it, but I am a teeny bit biased – I just love BnBs, so staying at a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast for a summer vacation would seem like a natural choice, but it turns out that there are plenty of folks who have only stayed in big hotels.  For them, choosing to visit a B&B would stretch their comfort zone.  But as I enjoyed a leisurely jog through town today, I passed the only big hotels in town, and it got me thinking about why choosing a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, like the Maine Stay Inn, is the logical choice for a summertime (or anytime) getaway.  By the time I got back, I had pared my list down to five main reasons (and not in any particular order):

  • Location, location, location!  The fact is, that because B&Bs are smaller than hotels, you’ll get much closer to “the action”  -
    Kennebunkport harbor

    Just a block from the harbor!

    in Kennebunkport you’d be able to walk to shops, galleries, restaurants, and the waterfront from a bed and breakfast, but not if you chose one of the few area hotels.

  • Top-notch service.  Years ago, a Kennebunkport bed and breakfast might have been just that, but not today!  Innkeepers and staff members are dedicated to providing visitors with the best service possible, without being overbearing.  Not to worry, there won’t be any grannies pounding on your door, reminding you to leave room for the holy ghost here!
  • The food!  At a big hotel in town, you’re lucky to find a continental style smattering of cold muffins or pastries that you can pretty much guarantee haven’t been baked fresh, but at the Maine Stay Inn, gourmet breakfast will greet you daily!  Honestly, what could be better than waking up to the smell of freshly baking breads or rolls?  Plus, close proximity to great restaurants means that you’ll have easy access for the meals we don’t serve.
  • Peace and quiet… shhhh!  Let’s keep this our little secret, but despite being just a few short blocks from the heart of downtown, the Maine Stay sits on nearly two acres of land, which means that the grounds are nice and quiet.  Perfect for relaxing, reading, or socializing with your family!
  • Unique accommodations.  Who wants to have the same experience as the guy at the end of the breakfast table?  Not me, that’s for sure!  So with 17 different rooms, suites, and cottages, you can be sure to have something to fit your style and the experience (and price) you are looking for!

So this summer, the choice is clear – try a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast for your summer vacation!

Kennebunkport Hotels to Host Garden Party

May 7th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Kennebunkport hotels garden party Kennebunkport festival 2012

Garden Party joins Kennebunkport Festival 2012 itinerary!

For many, the Kennebunkport Festival serves as the area’s official kick-off to summer, and this year instead of sponsoring an event, several small Kennebunkport hotels and inns have teamed up to host a progressive Garden Party.  Much like a “round robin” or progressive dinner, guests of the Historic Inns of Kennebunkport can enjoy a chauffeured tour of each of the unique gardens and lush lawns, and in a limo, no less!  Yes, a limo!  But while most of the inns are within close proximity, but a few require hopping in a car or on a bike, and these Kennebunkport hotels know that after a glass of wine or two, that might not be such a good idea.  So instead, we’re making sure you end up at your destination safely!

Because this great event will be held on the afternoon of June 9, 2012 (from about 3 to 6 for all of you planners out there), the gardens should be rich with flowers and foliage and temperatures ideal for lounging about.  Some of the inns will be serving complimentary wines and nibbles, while others, like the Maine Stay, will 0ffer a tea-tasting.  With warm and iced varieties of different blends and tea time treats (and not just our famous cookies!), the assortment will be ideal for a summer afternoon.  So mingle with visitors and innkeepers alike while resting up for an evening of Kennebunkport Festival activities at each of the participating Kennebunkport hotels and inns – it’s sure to be fun and worry-free!

A Taste of Summer In Kennebunkport Maine

March 18th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Kennebunkport Maine gets ready for summer

Summer, Spring, or Winter?

After a day like today, it’s hard to believe that summer isn’t already here and that spring is, in fact, just on its way to Kennebunkport Maine.  By the time we finished serving breakfast it was already well into the 50s, and more than a few guests of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast donned on shorts for a midday walk.  Granted, it was still a little too chilly for that in my book, but by lunchtime, I was definitely regretting the choice to wear corduroy pants today and had to shed layers all the way down to a tank top!  The bright sunshine and still air made it feel even warmer than it actually was, but Mother Nature was definitely giving us a taste of what’s to come, which inspired me to think back on what some of my favorite summer activities are in Kennebunkport Maine.  Now, it’s still a teeny bit to cool for a few of my faves – and by that I mean eating lobster on the beach (thanks to cold, wet sand), swimming in the ocean (ummm, it is still Maine in March), and taking a nap on the beach.  But it’s absolutely ideal for exploring the outdoors (while staying dry, of course!), so this afternoon I decided to wander down to Laudholm Farm.  While it is technically known as the Wells Reserve, that just sounds a little too formal for this incredible parcel of protected land.  Just a few minutes down the road from Kennebunkport Maine, Laudholm Farm offer trails through a variety of terrain and vistas like you can’t imagine.  Today, however, I explored some unfamiliar turf, but still ended up along the beach just as the sun was beginning to set.  Images like the one here just reminded me so much of summer in Kennebunkport Maine that I couldn’t help but share – enjoy and get inspired!

Upcoming Events in Kennebunkport Maine

August 20th, 2011 by avadmin

August is a busy month in everyone’s lives, and the calendar of events in Kennebunkport Maine is no exception!  So in between catching some rays at the beach, dining at our amazing restaurants, and checking out the new products in the adorable shops that Kennebunkport is famous for, here is a peek at some of the things that aren’t to be missed:

  • Philip H. Mathews Memorial Lobster Bake on Sunday, August 20. What’s better than a summer lobster dinner
    Kennebunkport Maine Lobster

    Lobster's on the Menu at the memorial lobster bake!

    with fireworks and dancing?

  •  Enjoy a “Life Between the Tides” walk at the beautiful Laudholm Trust in Wells (10 am, free admission) on Monday morning.
  • Tuesday also brings fantastic activities, starting with a 5k run through Kennebunk and Arundel.  The Run for the Fallen starts at 9 am and honors all the soldiers lost since 9/11.  If running’s not your cup of tea, learn about horses at the Nonantum Resort, as Blixx horses Lexxie and Fritz interact with the audience.  Itching to explore the Kennebunkport Maine coastline?  Don’t miss out on kayaking the Little River Estuary through Laudholm Trust (reservations required).
  • On Wednesday, head south to Ogunquit for adventures in the arts – gallery tours, exhibits, and workshops.  Or head north for a horticultural walk at Scarborough Marsh or Music in the Park in Biddeford.
  • Thursday brings another awesome guided walk through Laudholm Trust, as well as a celebration of its 25th anniversary.  The 38th Annual Sidewalk Art Show and Sale commences in Ogunquit with over 70 artists – not to be missed!

But like I said, this is just a peek – it’s up to you to decide what to do on your vacation to Kennebunkport Maine!

Kennebunkport Sunset Picnic Locations

August 17th, 2011 by avadmin

On an evening jog through Kennebunkport Maine, I took in the glorious views of a stunning coastal sunset, which made me think about the ideal spots for a scenic picnic.  Whether you choose to indulge in a glass of wine or a lobster feast, there are a plethora of incredible destinations while catching the sunset.

A view of St. Ann's

Since Kennebunkport is known for its coastline, many of the best spots are, naturally, along the water.  Recently I discovered Silas Perkins Park, a small piece of land preserved along the Kennebunk River.  Just steps from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, this park offers benches and picnic tables, making the park ideal for a meal or just enjoying the scenery.  Although it provides a great view of the water and elegant boats moored in the marinas,

Parson's Beach Kennebunkport Maine

Summer sunset over Parson's Beach

looking towards Dock Square will afford you a spectacular sunset view over the water (just pick your spot carefully, because craning your neck to the right for long periods of time is not too fun).  A little further along Ocean Avenue lies St. Ann’s Episcopal Church, a stunning stone edifice with spectacular gardens to match.  This property, open to the public from sunrise to sunset (perfect for this situation!), also sits on what is arguably the most incredible piece of property in Kennebunkport Maine.  Sticking out into the Atlantic, it provides views up the river, over to Kennebunk Beach, and out to sea.  Only “w0w” will suffice.  Looking to linger longer?  The jetty along Colony Beach offers the next best view, but leaves a bit to be desired in terms of comfort an accessibility.  That said, the rocks do make excellent natural seats for those uncomfortable sitting cross-legged on the ground.
Another personal favorite setting for a summertime picnic is Parson’s Beach, a private stretch of sands (open to the public through the generosity of the land owners) adjacent to the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge.  While it mostly faces east (can you say perfect for sunrise?), the view across the dunes and inlets is out of this world – and worth the five or six minute drive.  But if you are merely meandering through downtown Kennebunkport Maine, and looking for a spot to enjoy the view before dinner, the Kennebunk-Kennebunkport bridge is a great pick.  Solitude and serenity it does not have, but for convenience and camera-ready-ness, it tops the charts.  Bon Appetite!

A Lazy Day – Getting Takeout in Kennebunkport

August 15th, 2011 by avadmin

In a town like Kennebunkport Maine that is full of incredible restaurants and food shoppes, it is hard to imagine feeling so relaxed or slothful that only takeout or delivery will do.  But Saturday was one of those days!  Victoria (a fantastic

Kennebunkport Maine Beaches

Lunch without ever leaving your spot!

member of the staff at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, as well as a friend) and I prepared to close up for the evening while we waited to greet the last few arriving guests.  A light rain was just beginning and the sky grew dark, so together we were dreaming about our ultimate comfort foods. Suddenly we looked to each other and knew we just had to have some!  Deciding to indulge, we turned to Lower Village Takeout, because we certainly couldn’t leave the inn and abandon our guests.
So a half hour later, a bag of thick french fries, a buffalo chicken pizza, and two greek salads showed up at our front desk.  “Which room?” the delivery guy asked.  “Uhhh… Here is fine!”  We snatched the bag and tore into it.  We were not disappointed.  The small pizza had just the right proportion of cheese and sauce, with plenty of kick from the buffalo sauce, which was offset by the container of ranch dressing, conveniently provided.  The fries were good, but exactly as expected.  I’ve got to give them credit, though, because they arrived hot – something that’s hard to do with fries!  But the icing on our takeout “cake” was the non-authentic Greek salad we had both been craving.  With oodles of iceberg lettuce, slices of hothouse tomatoes, sliced olives, and, of course, feta, it was exactly what I wanted.  The only better thing I could have imagined was eating it on the beach.  Oh, wait!  Now you can!  Yup, Lower Village Takeout delivers to the beach!  So the next time you don’t want to give up your parking spot or drag the kids away from their sandcastles, you can order and soda, subs, and salads will be on their way to you without ever leaving your beach towel!  Somehow I think a day at the beach in Kennebunkport Maine just got better.

Celebrate National Goat Cheese Month in Kennebunkport

August 12th, 2011 by avadmin

Did you know that August is National Goat Cheese Month?  I sure didn’t!  But as usual, I can’t think of a better place to celebrate than in Kennebunkport Maine.  Some of our favorite restaurants offer fantastic dishes featuring goat cheese, as do some popular entrees at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  One of my favorite things about summertime is the plethora of fresh, juicy berries, something that we feature regularly on the morning menu.  And conveniently,

Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast meal

Our Strawberry Goat Cheese Bruschetta with Fresh Thyme

strawberries go great with goat cheese!  So later this week, in honor of National Goat Cheese Month, we will be serving broiled strawberry goat cheese bruschetta.  As we typically do, we’ll serve this delightful breakfast with a lightly oiled baby arugula salad, giving you a little extra bite and nutritional punch!
But there are plenty of other opportunities to get your goat cheese fix in Kennebunkport Maine, not the least of which are the amazing restaurants in town.  For all you goat cheese fanatics out there, here’s a peek into some menu items that might be up your alley, but are surely in the spirit of the month!  In case you didn’t get your fill of strawberries and goat cheese at breakfast, you can indulge (without the guilt, of course) in a strawberry goat cheese salad at Federal Jack’s Brew Pub, which comes dressed in a basil vinaigrette and sprinkled with sunflower seeds for extra crunch.  Top it with some grilled chicken to make it a balanced meal.  Just down the street, Alisson’s Restaurant does their take, adding blueberries (for authentic Maine flavor) and slivered almonds, but take a sweeter approach with a strawberry dressing. As long as you don’t mind a quick drive (the view is more than worth it, I promise), a trip to Pier 77 and the Ramp for an out-of-this-world spinach salad topped with softened goat cheese is a must.  No matter the month, this is my go-to order and it is always fabulous!  If a salad just won’t cut the mustard, the traditional bruschetta or four cheese pizza in Grissini‘s Grotto might just hit the spot.  Looking for a romantic setting?  How about On the Marsh Bistro and their Tagliatelle pasta with, what else, but delicious goat cheese!  But if nothing but straight up cheese will do, head to Old Vines Wine Bar for a glass of wine and the finest aged bucheron.  No matter what you choose, Kennebunkport Maine is clearly the perfect place to celebrate National Goat Cheese Month this August.

A Kennebunkport Getaway Before School Starts

August 7th, 2011 by avadmin

It’s hard to believe that, while August has just barely begun, many people are facing the dreaded “back-to-school,” so instead of squandering summer, it’s time for a vacation to Kennebunkport Maine!  To make your summertime getaway

Kennebunkport Maine Beach

Now who could pass this up?

even sweeter, we’ve decided to offer 15% off stays from August 28 through September 2 when staying for two nights or more. That means that a fantastic escape could start at just $194 per night!  As always, we’ll include gourmet breakfast daily, afternoon tea and freshly baked snacks, and everything you need for a trip to the beach.  Plus, what better time is there to enjoy breakfast served on our wraparound porch?  It’s the perfect spot to watch Kennebunkport Maine wake up with a steaming mug of coffee or tea (or cocoa, if that’s your preference!).
Whether you’re taking the opportunity to reconnect with your other half, relax with the whole family, or just unwind after a whirlwind summer, Kennebunkport is the perfect destination!  The beaches are begging for sandcastles, seaside naps, and frolicking, and our scenic streets are ideal for meandering.  But, best of all, this quaint New England village is sure to bring you back to a simpler time. A visit to the Seashore Trolley Museum, with its antique and vintage trains and trolleys (yes, you can even ride the rails on these beautifully preserved trams), is a must for old-fashioned fun.  Nothing, however, revives yesteryear quite like the horse-drawn carriage rides through the historic district, home to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  As you clip-clop past beautifully preserved historic mansions you’ll learn about the rich past of the area and some of the quirky characters that made Kennebunkport Maine such a unique place!  So to de-stress before the school year begins, there’s no better destination than the Maine Stay Inn – don’t miss out!

Circus Smirkus Returns to Kennebunkport Maine

August 5th, 2011 by avadmin

Two of the most fun-filled days of summer in Kennebunkport Maine are fast approaching, as Circus Smirkus plans to return to Rockin’ Horse Stables on Monday and Tuesday.  While this is a youth performance with all of the acrobatics

Circus Smirkus in Kennebunkport Maine

An aerial silks performance

accomplished by kids aged 6 to 18, it is not intended exclusively for children.  I just bought my tickets and you should too! Especially since all four shows were sold out in 2010, purchasing tickets in advance are key.  But don’t make the mistake that I did for too many years – Circus Smirkus, while run by tykes, is nothing short of incredible.  The entertainment provided by these talented tots flying through the air rivals the big leagues.
Though there won’t be any animals (at least not real ones!), the show is sure to be jam-packed with amazing performances.  Last year’s production included a team of hysterical clowns, incredible (and, in my opinion, death-defying) unicyclists, jugglers, and acrobats.  Just think – tightrope walking, aerial ring, and aerial silks!  These kids

Rockin' Horse Stables in Kennebunkport Maine

The horses feed at Rockin' Horse Stables

fly higher than I would ever dare and all the while suspending themselves upside down from ropes hanging from the top of their enormous tent.  Despite the portions where children from the audience are invited into the ring, this is an activity that is truly fun for the whole family, as kids, parents, and non-parent adults are sure to enjoy every moment of the shows, which earn every penny of their $19 ticket price ($16 for matinees, reduced prices for kids, and lap-seated toddlers are free).  Plus, you’ll have the unique opportunity to explore Rockin’ Horse Stables‘ farm as their horses relax and feed in the fields (these draft horses pull the charming carriages through Kennebunkport Maine, so it is great to see them frolicking in the grass).  If you still need arm-twisting, there’s always freshly spun cotton candy, which is a sure bet in my book!
Circus Smirkus comes to Kennebunkport Maine on Monday, August 8 and Tuesday, August 9, 2011, and will offer two shows each day (1 and 6 p.m.).  Tickets can be purchased online or at various locations in town.  Again, advanced ticket purchases are highly encouraged!

Best Summer Storm Watching In Kennebunkport Maine

July 26th, 2011 by avadmin

Tonight, as a summer thunderstorm rolled through Kennebunkport Maine, I started to think about where the best spots in town are to view these gems of summertime.  Yes, there is sometimes nothing better than a sudden rainstorm

Summer thunderstorm

Watch a Summer Storm in Kennebunkport Maine (Photo courtesy of Flickr user 802)

that brings enormous droplets of water that leave half-dollar splats on your windshield, bringing down the humidity levels that had steadily risen through the afternoon. This evening’s violent squall happened to bring Skittles sized hail to some areas, but our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast (and each of our guests’ and their cars) was fortunately spared.
Walking out of the inn, I noticed several couples enjoying our wraparound porch with pre-dinner cocktails in hand. They picked the ideal place to

Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast wraparound porch

Our porch is just one great spot to watch the storm roll in!

watch the storm roll in!  Granted, I might be a touch biased, but a protected wraparound porch with an Eastern view  - what could be better?  Plus, the warmth and comfort of your room is right there!
But if you are out and about in Kennebunkport Maine, there are plenty of other places that make for ideal storm chasing.  The balcony at Federal Jack’s Brew Pub is another stellar location.  Protected from the elements and high above the water, you’ll see the storm approaching up the Kennebunk River, but will even have time to grab a beer or spirit before the “show” arrives.  Plus, since they serve late, you’ll be sure to leave satiated, no matter how long that summer thunderstorm lasts!  However, if you’ve already eaten or are willing to wait until after Mother Nature’s fireworks, the ultimate viewing spot is Narragansett Point along Kennebunk Beach.  If you could drive up to the very edge, the vista would be perfection.  Unfortunately, you can’t, but you can come pretty darn close with any of the closest parking spots overlooking the Atlantic as the waves crash against the rocks and retaining wall.
So now you’ll have to find your favorite spot to enjoy the fury of a summer evening thunderstorm in Kennebunkport Maine.  Will it be one of my faves or will you blaze your own trail?  Whatever the verdict, I hope you’ll share your findings!