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Charity Benefit at our Maine Bed and Breakfast

April 18th, 2014 by Judi Hauer

Patriot’s Day is not just a regional holiday, but also the start of a feel-good period for our Maine Bed and Breakfast, when we offer guests the opportunity to stay for half price – in exchange for a small donation to Habitat for Humanity.  The Maine Stay Inn and other inns across the state open their doors and slash rates to support Maine based chapters of Habitat for Humanity.  So from April 21 until May 23, you can visit Kennebunkport Maine on Sundays through Thursday evenings and indulge in a stay in one of our most luxurious and romantic suites!  IMG_1389_2And with springtime finally here, it is definitely time to enjoy this beautiful season in Southern Maine.  

Now, as with any crazy good deal, there’s a catch, but this is a good one!  In exchange for getting such a dramatically reduced rate at a Maine Bed and Breakfast, you’ll need to make a donation to Habitat for Humanity.  While $35 is required, visitors are welcome to contribute as much as they’d like to local Maine chapters, especially because every last dollar goes directly toward building homes for needy families within the state of Maine.  In its 11th year, the “Hospitality for Habitat” program organized by the Maine Innkeepers’ Association ensures that not only will you enjoy a budget-friendly getaway to a participating Maine Bed and Breakfast (but, hopefully, we’ll get to see you at the Maine Stay!) in the next month, but you can feel great about “paying it forward” and helping out others in need!recently completed winter projects or stick with your favorite staple, but no matter which you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy a bit of pampering during your stay.  Have you been hankering for a great shower, like the one in Deluxe Fireplace Suite 12 (yes, it has six different heads/jets)?  Or looking forward to reading a book in bed while admiring a glowing fire – try Captain Walker’s Suite 16! As always, you’ll enjoy gourmet breakfast (whether you choose to stay one night or several), afternoon tea and freshly baked goodies, and as much help and guidance as you desire to make your May-cation absolutely perfect.  So this year, not only can you enjoy a relaxing getaway with incredible savings to our Maine bed and breakfast, but you’ll also be helping a great cause and needy families across the state!


April Vacations to Kennebunkport Maine

April 9th, 2014 by Judi Hauer

Back Alley Kennebunkport Maine

The perfect backdrop for some shopping in Kennebunkport Maine!

While this winter was especially long in New England, April is finally feeling like spring in Kennebunkport Maine, with lots of suns and seasonable temps on the forecast! Now, it doesn’t quite feel like summer vacation or time to take a plunge in the ocean, it really is lovely for exploring the seashore or heading out for a scenic bike ride.  And with April vacations weeks coming up and Patriot’s Day looming, there are all kinds of reasons to head to Kennebunkport Maine for a “spring break.”  So ditch the classic ideas of palm trees and teeny bikinis, and have a grown-up spring break in Kennebunkport this year!  Don’t worry, though, because if the surf is really calling your name, we’ve always got lots of beach towels to dry you off!

In addition to the shopping and dining opportunities that exist all year long in Kennebunkport Maine and surrounding communities, there are oodles of great outdoor activities to occupy your visit this April.  But without any foliage to block the sun’s rays (yet… they are coming!), don’t forget to pack some sunblock!  This beautiful spring weather brings visitors out to enjoy walks and picnics along the Kennebunk beaches.  Plus, it’s just a two minute drive from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  Others are dusting off the hiking boots and really getting in touch with nature, at  the Wells Reserve/Laudholm Farm, Kennebunkport Conservation Trust properties, and the Kennebunk Land Trust trails.  But some visitors might just be content to relax with a book on the wraparound porch at the Maine Stay Inn, in close proximity for yummy beverages and freshly baked cookies!  So whether you’re on va-cay or just looking to play some hooky, Kennebunkport Maine is calling your name to come play this April!

Spring Vacation to a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast

April 17th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

For many school districts throughout New England, this week marks April Vacation Week, which means that spring has really arrived at our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast.  Now that the vast majority of restaurant that close for portions of the winter have reopened and the shops are transitioning to their springtime window

The tulips are coming!

The tulips are coming!

displays, it really feels like winter is finally coming to an end.  For the first time last night, I heard the crickets on my way home from dinner, and a cacophony of bird calls can be heard each morning – and if I was at all experienced in birding, I would be able to tell you which critters have returned to Kennebunkport, but, alas, that is not one of my strengths.  Fortunately for those who are avid birders or those who are looking to expand their horizons, there are three great nature preserves just minutes from the Maine Stay Inn.  Both the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge and the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm sit just over the border in Wells, while the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust operates a variety of preserved parcels of land throughout town.  So whether you’re looking for birds that are partial to wooded areas or open ocean or anything in between, we’ve got you covered!  And with great walking trails, all three of these preserves are perfect for an active outdoor adventure or just a leisurely springtime stroll.

But while the leaves on the trees aren’t quite ready to pop, the tulips are beginning to poke their leaves through the soil and the paper whites are actually starting to bloom!  Now if only the grass in the backyard would turn green soon…  The teeny patch of snow that remains in a shaded corner of the yard tells of one of my favorite parts about spring – the fact that the days are warm and the nights are chilly.  So that means you and explore during the day without the layers we’ve become accustomed to wearing throughout the winter, but at night, a jacket is a welcome accessory.  Even better, though, is returning from dinner to a glowing fire or enjoying a relaxing soak in a whirlpool or soaker tub!  Plus, during the month of April you can stay for two nights and get a third for free, which means even more snuggling by the fire  Everyone at our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast is enjoying the start of spring and hope you are too!

Celebrating Easter at a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast

April 6th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Easter is a joyous time of year, whether for religious reasons or for the rebirth and reawakening of nature during the springtime, but one of the most exciting parts is getting to share the day with people spending their first holiday away from home at a

Kennebunkport's iconic South Church is just around the corner!

Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  I think of it as especially exciting, because my first experience in Kennebunkport was also for a holiday (although mine was Thanksgiving), so it seems natural that they too might fall in love with this community and its spectacular location in coastal Southern Maine.  Maybe they’ll become our neighbors!  But as excited as I get for Easter weekend, visitors are just as nervous about finding place to worship.  Don’t worry, though, we’ve got it covered!

No matter your denomination, you’re sure to find the right place for you to worship on Easter Sunday.  Several congregations sit just around the corner from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  Village Baptist Church lies about half a dozen houses away on Maine Street, and if you walk a few doors further, you’ll hit United Church of Christ’s South Church (rather ironically located on North Street).  Continuing on a little further, you’ll find the First Congregational Church.  Presbyterian visitors might find a home at St. Andrew’s on Route 1 in Kennebunk.  Nearby, you’ll find St. Martha’s, a Catholic congregation.  And offering a spiritual contrast, it’s nearest neighbor is the Unitarian Universalist congregation.  Sometimes, though, guests of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast choose to worship slightly differently than they typically would, with a visit to the Franciscan Monastery.  Though traditional Catholic mass is given, the atmosphere is notably different than many churches, as the facility is run by Lithuanian monks.  However, the grounds are spectacular and especially on a religious holiday when many desire a connection to the blossoming natural world, the 7o riverside acres often call.  But this list is hardly exhaustive, so if I’ve left something out (and you can be sure I have!), anyone at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast is happy to help you find the perfect spot for you to celebrate Easter in the area.

Maine Bed and Breakfasts Prepare to “Spring Forward”

March 9th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Signs of spring are definitely in the air around lots of Maine Bed and Breakfasts, as the snow has been melting, the birds chirping, and the occasional buds poking out of the earth.  And the recent temps have been nothing to sneer at!  Kennebunkport Maine topped out at just about 65 degrees yesterday, which made for absolutely delightful running and walking weather.  But along the coast you definitely needed a jacket, because while it was bright, sunny, and warm, the breeze was unexpectedly strong.  As I

Maine Bed and Breakfasts Prepare to "Spring Forward" the clocks

Don't forget to spring forward your clocks tomorrow!

rounded the corner by the Bush Family estate, I could clearly see the wind whipping the ever present American flag, but the spokes of their windmill were simply a blur from spinning so quickly.  Yep, it was definitely generating some clean power yesterday!

But while the days have slowly begun to lengthen, a marked change will be noted on Sunday, as we “spring forward” the clocks late Saturday night.  Selfishly, since I expect to be a little less alert during the 8:30 breakfast seating on Sunday morning, I am hoping that losing an hour will inspire guests at all Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfasts this weekend to choose a later seating for their morning meal.  But all kidding aside, gaining an hour of daylight during non-sleeping hours is a win-win situation all around.  Just think – they’ll be that much more time to explore Kennebunkport, enjoy walks along the beach, hikes in a nature preserve, or just scenic excursions along coastal Maine!  So in just two days you can expect to get even more enjoyment our of your visit to Maine Bed and Breakfasts, because with an extra hour of sunshine you can do so much more, even if it means relaxing and doing much less!