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Spending Valentine’s Weekend at a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast

February 15th, 2014 by Judi Hauer

lobster bouy in snow.

Kennebunkport sure is beautiful in the snow!

Valentine’s Weekend is always a special time in town with “February is For Lovers”, but two recent snow storms have made spending this weekend at a Kennebunkport bed and breakfast even more special!  Sometimes I worry about sounding like a broken record, but it seems like there are still lots of people who are entirely unaware that Kennebunkport Maine is really a year round destination.  Sure, there are some shops and restaurants that close their doors during the winter months, but they are certainly in the minority – and we sure are happy about that!  Unlike many other coastal vacation destinations in New England, Kennebunkport doesn’t roll up its streets when the weather turns chilly, which means that  visitors to our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast have lots of options for dining, shopping, and exploring, and Valentine’s Weekend is no exception.  So tonight, after heading out to a romantic dinner (or a casual meal spent watching the Olympics), visitors headed back to the inn as light snow fell slowly around them.  And with plenty of snow on the ground, but very clear roads, the town looks absolutely stunning – perfect for setting the mood for a romantic weekend.  And fortunately we’ve got lots of gas fireplaces for couples to snuggle around and loads of rooms and suites with whirlpool tubs to enjoy a long soak.  But possibly best of all, when guests wake up to a fresh blanket of snow in the morning, they can have gourmet breakfast delivered to their very own Cottage Suites.  How does breakfast in bed sound to top off a romantic Valentine’s Weekend getaway?  And tomorrow, you can expect lots of cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and horse drawn sleigh rides through the countryside will certainly be on the agenda.  So while it’s been a snowy winter here in New England, and that means a truly beautiful setting for your Kennebunkport bed and breakfast getaway this Valentine’s Weekend!

February for Lovers is Coming to Kennebunkport!

January 29th, 2014 by Judi Hauer

♡ Happy Valentines Day from Maine! ♡

Valentine’s Day’s coming to Kennebunkport!

Can you believe that the end of January is already here and that February for lovers is about to begin in Kennebunkport?! Well I sure can’t!  Now if only I had a Valentine…. :)  But that won’t hold me back from enjoying such a wonderful love-filled time in the area.  And all of us in Kennebunkport know that it’s just not enough to celebrate love for one another for a single day, so you can enjoy the Valentine’s Day spirit all month long in town.  While there aren’t millions of organized events that make February for Lovers a thing, all of the shops and businesses in town, including the Maine Stay Inn band together to bring the spirit of romance alive for the entire month of February.  So it’s time to get crackin’ and plan your special getaway to Kennebunkport next month and show your special someone just how much you really care for them!  And if you need inspiration for romantic gestures, special dinners, or intimate activities just for two, all of us at the Maine Stay are happy to help plan as many or few details as you’d like.  It’s time to make sure that next month includes a romantic getaway for the record books, so don’t miss out on February for Lovers and an entire month of Valentine’s Days in Kennebunkport!

Romantic Getaways to Maine Bed and Breakfasts

February 13th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is upon us and that means it is the perfect time for planning romantic getaways, and what better place than to Maine bed and breakfasts?!  With the landscape rejuvenated by the recent snowfall, the scene is set for an idyllic wintertime escape, so this Valentine’s Day, skip the flowers and chocolate and trade up to something extra special for the one you love and plan a getaway to take advantage of the incredible beauty of the season.  For many people, the idea of Maine bed and breakfasts conjures up images of doilies and lace, fake flowers and teddy bears, which doesn’t exactly scream “romance.”  But the truth is that the B&Bs of today offer amenities that are perfect for setting the mood, so it’s time to banish the idea of creaky beds and and nosy neighbors!  Here are some of the things visitors enjoy during their romantic getaways:

  • Say bye-bye to those kitchy patterns, because the Maine Stay Inn offers modern, contemporary, and transitional decor, as
    Dessert by the fire?  Yes, please!

    Dessert by the fire? Yes, please!

    well as updated and simplified decor that brings the main house’s Victorian identity into the 21st century!  And along with it comes technology to match, with flat screen televisions and iPad/iPod docking stations.

  • What could be better than snuggling up with your special someone in front of a glowing fire?  Only one that you don’t have to stoke yourself!  So take advantage of the ambience of the warm gas fireplaces in most rooms and suites.  But if your chosen spot doesn’t offer a gas one, we’ve got electric fireplaces for that very purpose.  Not to mention the fact that every visitor is always welcome to enjoy the warmth of the living room fire!
  • No more shared bathrooms like Maine bed and breakfasts of the olden days, my friends, because every room and suite at the Maine Stay offers private baths, many with those features that set the scene for your romantic getaways.  Yes, you’ll find showers built for two and even double whirlpool tubs!
  • But romantic getaways wouldn’t be complete without breakfast in bed, and guess what?  You can even find that in our cottage suites and deluxe fireplace suite 12 in the main house.

There’s no question about it – Maine bed and breakfasts really are the the spot for your next escape, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to get away!

5 Ways to Add Romance to Your Maine Bed and Breakfast Vacation

August 13th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

For some folks, coming up with ideas to add romance to your Maine vacation is a piece of cake, while for others, it’s as daunting as explaining particle physics.  But no matter which camp you fall into, there is no better place to enjoy a romantic getaway than Kennebunkport Maine, with its assortment of incredible restaurants and breathtaking vistas.  Nevertheless, I am going to share five of my favorite intimate adventures in the area (and get your mind out of the gutter – they’re all totally PG):

romantic picnic in kennebunkport maine

A scenic spot like this one is perfect for a romantic picnic!

  • Have a quiet picnic lunch.  Seriously, what could be more relaxing that picking up a gourmet lunch at one of our favorite markets with high-end prepared foods and layering on a bottle of wine and an assortment of cheese?  Nada, that’s what I think!  And fortunately for us at the Kennebunkport Maine Stay Inn, there are plenty of quiet, tucked-away spots just a stone’s throw from the inn.
  • Choose the perfect room.  Think about a favorite color or whether you (or rather your special someone) likes a fireplace or a whirlpool tub.  Those little details can go a long way in setting the right tone for your Maine vacation.  And consider one of our Cottage Suites, because the option for having breakfast delivered to your door and indulging in breakfast in bed is something you can’t really have at home.  But if you need guidance, the staff of our Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfast is happy to help!
  • Take schooner or sailboat ride.  Kennebunkport is fortunate to have several companies that offer trips on large, multi-masted schooners, and they all provide relaxing cruises along the coastline for small groups.  There’s little worry when it comes to seasickness, because the captains won’t go out if the water is rough.  So sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company while drinking in the views of the Maine coastline.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner at one of Kennebunkport’s many excellent restaurants.  At the Maine Stay, we’re happy to help guide you to a spot with just the right vibe, whether that means dining by candlelight or something fresh and modern.
  • Catch a sunset!  There’s something so romantic about watching the sky light up in the evening right by your partner’s side, and Kennebunkport is known for some pretty spectacular displays.  Dock Square, with its historic facades and waterfront location, is often an ideal backdrop for a beautiful sunset, but there are also plenty of quiet coves along the coast that offer seclusion and a place for lounging (or, if you’re feeling creative, a great spot for a sunset picnic!).

So seize the opportunity to inject a little romantic spirit into your Maine Bed and Breakfast experience, but keep in mind that the staff at the Maine Stay has lots of great ideas (okay, not all of them are original, as plenty of guests have given us some great ones over the years), and they are all happy to share with you.  Happy planning!

Romantic Getaway Ideas to a Maine Bed and Breakfast

February 1st, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means it is time to start planning your romantic getaway, and a Maine Bed and Breakfast is a sure-fire way to score a home run with your other half.  You’ll score big points for planning a special weekend away.

Enjoying a romantic getaway at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

Snuggle by the fire!

If you upgrade to a room or suite with a fireplace or jacuzzi tub, that special someone will surely be delighted.  And if she’s been working long hours or doing double duty at home, I’d venture to guess that the option of sleeping in and having breakfast delivered right to your door would sound really good.  If you think so too, consider choosing one of our Cottage Suites.  It’s a unique attribute of our Maine Bed and Breakfast, and ensures you more space, an added sense of privacy, and our version of room service.  So if you’re hesitant about the idea of staying at your first Maine Bed and Breakfast, don’t stress – the Cottage Suitesare the ideal way to test the waters!

If someone were taking me away for a romantic getaway, it would be even more special if it meant sneaking away for an extra day (yay for playing hookey from work!).  But it doesn’t have to break the bank, because we are offering a Third Night Free special, which means that you can enjoy a three night escape, but only pay the price of two!  And don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone about your bargain find!  Sometimes, though, you can only sneak away for a night, so consider celebrating on Valentine’s Day itself.  Sure, ducking out of work can be a challenge, but the revitalization you’ll feel is unimaginable! Just think – it’ll sure be a short week.

But sometimes, though, you’ve got to pull out a few extra surprises to make your romantic getaway especially memorable.  You could go the more traditional route with flowers, champagne, or lavish dinners.  Instead, you could surprise her by setting the mood with flameless candles, romantic music, and chocolately treats.  Or, you might know something that would mean the world to your partner.  But whatever the request, we’re here to help you make this Valentine’s getaway one for the record books!