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Getting Ready for New Year’s Eve in Kennebunkport!

December 30th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

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Looking forward to watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop from Kennebunkport

After a bit of relaxation time over the Christmas holiday, we’ve returned with renewed vigor to start preparing to ring in the new year in Kennebunkport.  While some people choose to enjoy dinners out, many guests decide to enjoy the festivities right inside the Maine Stay Inn with our annual New Year’s Eve party.  What started years ago as a way for innkeepers, staff, local friends, and of course any guests in a low key evening, has become so much more and I am just bubbling with anticipation for tomorrow night!  No, you won’t find a formal, sit-down dinner here – just loads and loads of fresh and delicious noshes to keep everyone chugging well past midnight.  And while the celebration always starts as a laid back evening, we always undoubtedly transition into an assortment of fun group games.  It might not seem possible, but the merriment has almost caused us to miss the ball dropping two years in a row!  This year, I’m setting an alarm clock!  Not everyone lasts until the clock strikes 12, but I am always impressed with the crowd that gathers just in time to watch that Swarovski crystal globe light up.  Now we keep with beverages comin’ with the non-alcoholic variety, but anyone and everyone is welcome to bring their favorite adult beverage to toast the New Year.  Otherwise they’ll be clinking glasses with sparkling apple cider with me – because I’ve got to make sure that New Year’s day brunch goes off without a hitch!  So let the countdown to 2014 begin, because we in Kennebunkport are eagerly awaiting our New Year’s Eve party!

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Kennebunkport

January 6th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

As many of you know, New Year’s is a big deal at the Maine Stay Inn, and this year was no exception!  It’s a great opportunity for visitors to enjoy a winter wonderland in Kennebunkport and have the option to be as relaxed or as social as they want.  Plus, getting to celebrate with friends, both new and old, is always a great experience.  Many of our regular New Year’s Eve guests

new year's eve in kennebunkport

We lit up Kennebunkport with our fun New Year’s Eve celebration!

decided to forgo a fancy dinner out and chose to enjoy lunch around town, before returning to the inn for an evening of fun, food, and firework watching (on television, of course!).  Because we know that dining out on New Year’s Eve can sometimes be more of a to-do than folks are in the mood for, at our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast, we offer hearty foods throughout the evening.  Finger foods, appetizers, munchies, and some heartier dishes mean that many people enjoyed their “dinner” at the inn, while others just popped in for a nibble before or after their evening reservations.  And while we couldn’t wait until midnight to break out an assortment of delectable desserts, we certainly noshed on more as the clock hit 12!  In fact, we almost missed the dropping of the ball, because we were all enjoying the hysterical old-school games we played throughout the evening.

On New Year’s Day, we served (and delivered to quite a few cottage suites) a four-course brunch.  Yes, I do mean a real brunch!  We started serving around 11 am, but many guests lingered into the early afternoon, enjoying a leisurely meal and a chance to socialize with other visitors.  But for folks who prefer to enjoy an intimate meal with their partner, they can always choose breakfast delivered to the Cottage Suites or Deluxe Fireplace Suite 12 in the main house.  All of us could not have asked for a more wonderful group of new and old friends to start the new year with in Kennebunkport, and hope that all of you had the opportunity to ring in a happy and healthy 2013 with special people in your lives.

Ringing in 2013 at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

December 17th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

So I may have spent a large part of this afternoon baking Christmas cookies and singing (off-key, of course) to some rather iconic songs, but I have been thinking about how excited I am to celebrate New Year’s at our Maine Bed and Breakfast!  Every year we have had an amazing time ringing in the new year with visitors and friends spending the holiday in Kennebunkport, and we hope this year will be no exception.  Every year we’ve tweaked our plan to make it the most fun night of the year.  Last year we just loved

New Year's Eve at Maine Bed and Breakfast

Ring in 2013 with a Bed and Breakfast Getaway!

having great finger foods (both hot and cold) and other delicious nibbles available all evening long, so we’re going to continue that again this year.  So get your appetite on, because whether you’re planning on going out to eat at one of the excellent Kennebunkport restaurants celebrating in style or have a late lunch and just want to nosh at the inn, they’ll be plenty of food for you!  And in addition to watching the ball drop and the great New Year’s Eve coverage, we’ll have great group games and fun activities for those looking for something a little lower key.

Now, if you’re anxious for some quiet time with your special someone, that’s a-okay with us!  But, that shouldn’t deter you from popping in to the main house for some great “grub”.  If you’ve been following us on Pinterest, you might be able to guess about some of the things on the menu for this New Year’s Eve, but I am certainly not going to spill the beans on all aspects.  Plus, on New Year’s Day, forgo breakfast in lieu of a multi-course brunch. And if you’re staying in one of the cottage suites can certainly be delivered to your door – brunch in bed?  Yes, please!  And if you just have to leave, you’ll enjoy late check-out too.  So take a break from your Christmas shopping and wrapping (or Hanukkah thank-you note writing) and plan a relaxing New Year’s escape to a Maine Bed and Breakfast to ring in 2013!

Ringing in 2012 at Our Maine Bed and Breakfast

January 2nd, 2012 by avadmin

We have a lot of fun at our Maine Bed and Breakfast, but one of the most fun times (at least for me) is New Year’s Eve, and this year was no exception.  It has taken us a while to work out a menu plan that works well, but this year we seemed to hit the bulls eye!  That said, we’ve got oodles of ideas as to how to make next year even better!  Steaming soup was definitely a welcome addition, especially for those venturing in from the cold, and fun munchy mixes were all gobbled up – a sure sign of a big hit. Though we don’t call our spread a “dinner” there was certainly more than enough food, both in quantity and variety, that many guests chose to stay in instead of heading out to dine at a restaurant.  Honestly, though, our leftovers have kept me full and happy for the last two days!  Quite a few visitors to our Maine Bed and Breakfast did choose to patronize one of the many incredible Kennebunkport restaurants to ring in the New Year.  Some selected establishments with fun and boisterous events, while others went the relaxing, upscale route, but all reported that they had wonderful experiences – and who wouldn’t?  Whether you choose to go out or stay inn (haha, pun fully intended), New Year’s in Kennebunkport Maine is really an event not to be missed.

While only nine of us remained when the ball finally dropped on our little party, a round of “Auld Lang Syne” was sung and glasses clinked, as guests popped the corks on their own bottles of Champagne (don’t forget, the Maine Stay is BYOB).  By that point everyone seemed like long lost friends, after an evening of munching, stories, and great silly games.  But the merriment certainly didn’t stop there, because our New Year’s Day four course brunch lasted into the early afternoon, as guests lingered, enjoying full bellies and the wonderful company.  And a few guests staying in our Cottage Suites opted to have an even more leisurely morning, and chose to have brunch delivered to their door – what a treat!  Needless to say, ringing in 2012 at our Maine Bed and Breakfast certainly lived up to my high expectations, and all of us are already looking forward to next year – happy 2012, everyone!

Preparing for New Year's Eve in Kennebunkport Maine

December 30th, 2011 by avadmin

Kennebunkport Maine New Year's Eve

Who needs fireworks with all the fun at the Maine Stay?

All of us at the Maine Stay have been busy getting ready for a very special New Year’s Eve celebration in Kennebunkport Maine and are more than excited about tomorrow’s festivities.  In fact, much of the staff of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast spent the day in our teeny tiny kitchen, working on concocting nibbles for everyone to enjoy tomorrow night.  Homemade baked chips, dip, and veggies will tempt those starting early on their New Year’s resolutions, while gluten-free Chex mixes (both sweet and savory) will be perfect for noshing while socializing with guests and staff alike.  Wraps and baked roll-ups are the ideal one-handed snack while playing cards or just mingling.  And given the chilly evening temps we’ve experienced lately, anyone strolling in our door will  be certain to warm up quickly with a cup or bowl of steaming soup.  Don’t fret – there will be plenty of freshly baked goods for dipping, meaning no bowl-licking is be required.  Now my inner foodie asks, “What could possibly be more important than what’s on the menu?” I could go on and on talking about the crunchy munchies and fantastic finger foods being served at our Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfast, but what I am really excited for is the company!  So many wonderful guests (both long-term Maine Stay veterans and newbies alike) checked in during the past few days, and I can’t wait to spend tomorrow evening relaxing with all of them.  Plus, we’ve got oodles of great games lined up for old fashioned fun.  Now, while Kennebunkport Maine might not be known for its nightlife, the Maine Stay is certainly getting ready for a long night of fun and food before and after the ball drops.