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Visiting Lighthouses Near a Maine Bed and Breakfast

September 14th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

We’re quickly approaching a really exciting day of the year – Open Lighthouse Day – which means that visitors to our Maine Bed and Breakfast have the opportunity to venture inside some of the incredible gems that speckle the Maine coastline.  While we are extremely fortunate that, starting during summer 2011, the Friends of Wood Island Lighthousebanded together to offer tours of the facility.  Their volunteer effort has truly been remarkable, as the group has offered six plus tours a week during the warm weather, including a boat ride (because it really is on Wood Island!), guided walk through a bird sanctuary, and a tour of the lighthouse and

You’ll find Wood Island Lighthouse just off the coast of Biddeford pool, not far from the Maine Stay!

tower.  That said, reservations have sometimes been a little tough to come by, because this donation-suggested activity is both amazing and budget friendly!  So if you didn’t get the chance to visit during the summer, you can take advantage of Open Lighthouse Day this Saturday to get your fill.

Not only will Wood Island Light be open to the public, but two lighthouses outside of Portland will also open their doors for exploration.  Less than thirty miles from our Maine Bed and Breakfast, you’ll encounter two more lighthouses, the Portland Head Lighthouse and the Portland Breakwater Lighthouse.  Unlike Wood Island, both of these are land based (no boats required!), but that surely won’t reduce the fun factor.  At the Portland Breakwater light, also known as “Bug Light,” you’ll be able to explore the light tower.  It’s on the small side, but if you’d like to make an adventure out of it, you could consider taking one of the Casco Bay cruises, which will give you an up-close and personal view, without having to climb any stairs!  Portland Head Light, one of the more iconic lighthouses in Maine, will open its keepers’ house and light tower to the public and, of course, Maine Bed and Breakfast guests.  Just make sure you can handle at least 85 steps  beforehand, because it’s a requirement for participation.  But if more organized fun isn’t exactly your thing, consider asking someone at the front desk for suggestions or self guided trips to see some other lighthouses in the area.  But no matter what, you’re sure to catch some of the infectious energy and good spirits up and down the coast because of Open Lighthouse Day 2012.

This Week in Kennebunkport Maine

September 11th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

The trend to cool mornings and late evenings in Kennebunkport Maine has been well received, as it means breaking out some lightweight sweaters and jackets while meandering through town, but the events’ calendar is still heatin’ up in the area.  So in addition to some of your tried-and-true favorites, consider checking out some of these great events happening not far from our Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfast this week!

  • The Art Guild of the Kennebunks is sponsoring a demo event on Thursday evening (starting at 7) of fiber arts at the River
    Kennebunkport Maine lighthouse

    Don’t miss out on Open LIghthouse Day!

    Tree Center for the Arts.  Always a blast, the RTA events are a must-do, even if you just wander in before dinner – with their super convenient location (with great proximity to Ryan’s Corner House, Pedro’s, Grissini, and On the Marsh) and no admission fee, there’s not reason to not give it a go!

  • If outdoor activities are more your thing, try kayaking on the Little River Estuary at Laudholm Farm/the Wells Reserve.  With a guide for the small group for three whole hours, who could ask for more?
  • On Friday, check out the antique car show just up the road in Old Orchard Beach or head out to West Kennebunk for some beefed-up stargazing at Starfest.  Presented by the Astronomical Society of Northern New England, this daytime and nighttime events is sure to be a hit.
  • Open lighthouse day is Saturday, and the opportunity to check out lots of area lighthouses up close and personal is always a great experience, and with incredible weather in the forecast, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this when visiting in Kennebunkport Maine this weekend!

But, as usual, this is just a smattering of some of my favorites things happening soon, so don’t fret!  There’s tons to do in Kennebunkport, and if you need any kind of guidance, the Maine Stay Inn and staff is always ready to help!

How About a Maine Lighthouse Tour?

July 5th, 2011 by avadmin

At our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, we get asked often about taking a Maine Lighthouse Tour, and have always suggested that visitors go see the majestic structures that grace (and protect) our coastline.  But now you can actually enjoy a tour!  Just a few minutes out Route 9 lies the city of Biddeford, a former mill town.  But a quaint district, called

Biddeford Pool Maine

A view of Biddeford Pool

Biddeford Pool, neighbors Goose Rocks Beach and is home to an adorable Maine Lighthouse.  It’s even reportedly the smallest in Maine!  This summer, what could be more fun than taking your family on a boat ride to Wood Island, followed by a lighthouse tour?
So after breakfast at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, head off to Biddeford Pool and catch a boat to Wood Island Light.  Since 2004, volunteers have made it possible for visitors to enjoy the opportunity to tour a Maine Lighthouse, and summer 2011 is no exception.  So take advantage of the ability to visit this picturesque lighthouse and learn about its vibrant history.  Since the last keeper left their post at Wood Island Light station in 1986, there have been limited opportunities to visit this historic station.  But now you can enjoy tours at 10 and 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday (though additional tours will be available at 1 and 2 p.m. on August 6).
Before our high tech world, these powerful lights and their keepers were the only way for boats to be safely guided into or out of harbors, especially those treacherously flanked by rocks like those along the Maine coastline. While this tour is geared for visitors of all ages, children are sure to get a kick out of such an old-fashioned technology.  It seems unfathomable that not long ago our waters were navigated by just these beams of light, but for a kiddo, it will be mind-boggling!  Not only will you enjoy two lovely boat ride, but you will have a chance to tour the two-story keeper’s house connected to a 42 –foot stone tower.  Learn a bit about Maine seafaring history and enjoy the great outdoors while exploring the 32-acre island in Saco Bay at the mouth of the Saco River.  Plus, because the island is uninhabited by humans, it has become home to a multitude of avian creatures.  In fact, it is now a bird sanctuary, primed for watching and exploring during your trip to the island. Best of all, this Maine Lighthouse Tour does not come with a required entrance fee, although a donation of $10 per person is highly encouraged, as the lighthouse needs substantial restoration. Reservations are required.  Call 207 286 3229 Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week you wish to visit.