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Kennebunkport Beaches Welcome Spring

March 21st, 2014 by Judi Hauer

The Water Is Wide

The Kennebunkport Beaches are calling!

While Old Man Winter has hung around a bit longer this year than most New Englanders would like, spring is officially here and today was perfect for enjoying a walk along the Kennebunkport Beaches!  Yes, it may have been a bit breezy, but the sunshine definitely said that Mother Nature has us right on the cusp of true springtime.  And boy was that sunshine a reminder of just how lovely the beaches are in Kennebunkport! While the water might be a little bit too chilly for swimming right about now, it certainly got me thinking about how clear and refreshing the water is on a warm summer day.  Fortunately for those visiting Kennebunkport, there is miles of pristine coastline and soft sandy beaches not far from the Maine Stay Inn.  So whether walking, swimming, or just relaxing is what you’ve got in mind for your Maine summer vacation, there are almost infinite options.  And since all of us are intimately familiar with the area, we’re more than happy to help you select a spot that exactly suits your needs.  And we have a few special spots up our sleeves that always make for an incredible day at the beach!  But if you are like me, and a day at the beach isn’t complete without some delicious nibbles, not to worry – there are quite a few great spots in town where you can pick up prepared gourmet snacks to bring with you to the Kennebunkport beaches.  So when you’re on your way, consider stopping at Cape Porpoise Kitchen, Old Salt’s Pantry, or Market Day, where you’ll find delicious and nutritious noshes to sustain you during even the most vigorous of seaside adventures.  No matter how you choose to spend time in town, you are sure to enjoy the beautiful Kennebunkport Beaches that wrap along the Maine coastline!

Must-Do Things for Your Kennebunkport Maine Vacation

September 7th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is what visitors should do and see during their Kennebunkport Maine vacation, and honestly, it’s a hard question to answer, because it really depends on what you like to do!  I mean, many people come to Kennebunkport to enjoy the plethora of great shops with unique assortments that you just can’t find in many places.  But I am not really a shopper, so chances are that won’t be at the tippity-top of my must-do list.  Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly enjoy having such high quality stores within a short walk from the Maine Stay Inn, because if I need a new pair of shoes or a special gift, I never have to go very far to find the perfect thing!  Now, I for one really like to play outside, no matter the weather or the season – so give me a great hike, bike, or run any day.  But I definitely know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so I’ve made my must-do list for Kennebunkport Maine with that in mind.  So here goes!

A traditional lobster dinner is not to be missed!

A traditional lobster dinner is not to be missed!

  • Check out the beach.  While much of Maine is known for its craggy rocky coast, Kennebunkport is lucky to have long stretches of pristine sand as well.  Because the seascape changes so rapidly, I think you should visit the coast every day, and since I love to be outside, I am always in favor of a brisk walk.  Fortunately for those who aren’t so nature loving, there are beautiful benches along the wide sidewalks by Kennebunk beach. That means enjoying the water without having to get sandy or messy!
  • See the Bush Compound.  It might sound hokey, but it’s one thing you have to do.  And not just because it’s a Presidential retreat, but because their property is one of the most stunning pieces of land in Kennebunkport Maine.  The way the water crashes on the rocks of their peninsula and the sea gets calm as it comes into the inlet is just breathtaking.  Do it – you won’t regret it.
  • Visit Cape Porpoise.  This quaint fishing village sits in the eastern end of town and is still home to a working fish pier.  During the afternoon, you’re sure to find all the lobster boats moored in the harbor and a pile of traps on the dock – just perfect for a great photo session.
  • Have a lobster dinner.  Assuming you’re not allergic to shellfish, that is!  And while I think that you’ll get the classic lobster shack experience at Nunan’s Lobster Hut, the truth is that no Kennebunkport restaurant is going to steer you wrong.
  • Stroll through Dock Square, whether its for shopping, dining, walking or just people watching.  The iconic center of town is just a short stroll from the Maine Stay and is not to be missed!

These are just a few of the items that top my list of things to do in town, and it’s certainly not complete.  There are millions of ways to spend the days during your Kennebunkport Maine Vacation, and we at the Maine Stay Inn are more than happy to make suggestions based on what you like to do – we’re your travel agent and concierge all in one!

A Beach Picnic in Kennebunkport

August 7th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

Because the beaches in Kennebunkport are so beautiful, one of my favorite things to do is to pack a delicious meal and enjoy a beach picnic!  And for that very reason, I often recommend the idea to folks visiting the area.  Often, though, it’s they who request location suggestions or places to pick up tasty treats.  My go to spot for a beach picnic in Kennebunkport is the glorious stretch of sand along Gooch’s beach.  Speckled with benches along the path bordering the sand, it’s a spot that allows easy parking and comfortable lap dining, but with wide stretches of sand, you can also definitely find a comfy spot to lounge (or share a romantic cuddle).  Plus, since the Maine

Who could resist a view like this during a sunset picnic on the beach?

Who could resist a view like this during a sunset picnic on the beach?

Stay Inn provides complimentary parking passes, this is a great spot that’s easy on the wallet.

But since there are so many lovely beaches just a hop, skip, and a jump away, most people are more concerned about where to find the provisions for their picnic.  A personal favorite is just a few minutes drive from the inn, in the heart of Cape Porpoise.  Cape Porpoise Kitchen is know for its upscale prepared foods, including salads and sandwiches.  They also stock a superior assortment of wines, crackers, and cheeses – all a must to complete your perfect picnic.  If you’re looking for something that’s en route to the beach, you can stop at Downeast Wine Imports for a bottle of your favorite variety and hit up Market Day, another spot known for its prepared foods – just keep in mind that their frozen selection is pretty robust, so if they’re out of what your craving, you just might have to head back to the inn to heat it up.

Sometimes, though, you’re just looking for some simple snacks, and Bennett’s store has just the thing – chips, soda, and sandwiches on hoagie rolls… and ice cream to top it off!  Just at the corner of Sea Road and Route 9, it’s the perfect stop at the last second or a quick lunchtime break from the sand.  No matter what you choose or where you choose to enjoy it, a beach picnic in Kennebunkport is always a relaxing way to spend and afternoon or evening!

Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport Open for Visitors

July 18th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

After many years of litigation between homeowners in Goose Rocks Beach and the Town of Kennebunkport, visitors this summer are likely to see few changes during their trip out to Goose Rocks.  For those who don’t know, Goose Rocks Beach is the northeastern part of Kennebunkport that lies on the Biddeford line along the Atlantic Ocean.  Named after a crest of rocks that look like geese floating on the water when exposed during low

Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport is great for a long walk!

Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport is great for a long walk!

tide, this area is primarily residential with a long stretch of sandy beaches.  And for years the homeowners along the beach have contended that they, and not the town or the public, own the beach.  But it appears that the legal battle has drawn to a close, bringing compromise from both parties.  The great news is that the beach is still open to the public, with reminders to be respectful of the area and the private property adjoining the beach.  However, this year, you’re likely to see a police presence to remind folks that certain homeowners do have rights to 25 feet of sand in front of their homes (although that shrinks to just 10 if the high water mark falls within their 25 feet).  That means that if the owners are inclined, they or the police may ask loungers to move to a different area – but chances are that respectful and quiet visitors are not likely to bring much attention.  If you want to read the complete list of restrictions, click here. That said, I like Goose Rocks Beach best for a long walk, and none of these restrictions apply to walkers or those just passing through these questionable zones.  One important reminder, though, is that you’ll require special parking stickers that can only be obtained at Kennebunkport Town Offices (just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Maine Stay Inn) on Elm Street, the Kennebunkport Police Station (on your way out to GRB), or the Goose Rocks General Store if you’ve forgotten to pick one up on your way.

But if you don’t want to worry about restrictions, we’ve got plenty of parking passes for the Kennebunk Beaches (just about a mile from the inn), which offers much more in the way of parking spots and convenience!  Or we could recommend other favorites, like Colony Beach, which is just a short walk from the Maine Stay, or the Wells Reserve, where you’ll find a great nature walk before hitting the sands.  But no matter whether you choose Goose Rocks Beach or one of the other great beaches in the area, you’ll find gorgeous sand and sparkling surf waiting for you in Kennebunkport this summer!

Summer’s Heating Up in Kennebunkport Maine

July 6th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

A mini heat wave arrived in Kennebunkport Maine just in time for the July 4th holiday weekend, and while temps in the low 90s are a bit unusual in this neck of the woods, everyone seems to be enjoying a chance to hit the beach!  Fortunately, there’s lots of coastline to enjoy in southern Maine, and you don’t have to venture far from the Maine Stay Inn to find a spot that’s right for you.  In fact, we’re located just a block from the harbor! And that means we are treated to a fantastic afternoon breeze off the water every afternoon.  So after a day at the beach, you can put your feet up, relax in a hammock or just hang out on the front porch watching the horse drawn carriage go by and be cool as a cucumber!  Plus, we’ve always got refreshing cool beverages (like our signature fresh mint iced tea) each afternoon and some sweet freshly baked treats to give you that afternoon pick-me-up we all need.

High tide at the Wells Reserve!

High tide at the Wells Reserve!

This week I have been casually surveying visitors to find out where there favorite spots are to beat the heat in Kennebunkport Maine, and here’s what I’ve found:

  • Laudholm Farm at the Wells Reserve seems to be a favorite for those looking for peace and quite, as well as those looking to enjoy the ocean without baking in the sun.  They’ve got miles of trails that offer sun protection, but you can still hear, feel, smell, and often see the water.  Plus their quiet beach is very private and serene when you’re ready to frolic in the waves!
  • Gooch’s Beach, just over the bridge in Kennebunk, seems to be a walker’s paradise with paved walkways extending for over a mile.
  • Mother’s Beach is especially family-friendly, offering a more enclosed stretch of sand and a playground for the littlest visitors.
  • Colony Beach is the closest to our Kennebunkport Maine bed and breakfast (just about a half mile stroll from the inn) and the favorite of those looking to head out on foot.
  • The walk along Ocean Avenue and the Parsons Walk out by the Bush Family Compound is the top choice for people looking to enjoy the ocean without getting sandy.  You’re able to enjoy the ocean breeze and cooling mist all along this over two mile stretch, but you won’t feel the pressure to go for a dip if that’s not your thing.

But no matter where you spend the day (and many choose to explore multiple spots), you’ll always be happy to return for some R&R back at the Maine Stay. However you choose to spend your summer vacation in Kennebunkport Maine, you’re never far from the relaxing and refreshing Atlantic Ocean!

A Great Summer Day in Kennebunkport!

June 29th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

A gorgeous beach day in Kennebunkport!

A gorgeous beach day in Kennebunkport!

This morning I awoke to a thick fog that was like rain just suspended in mid air, but by the time breakfast was on the table, you could see the sun fighting to emerge from the clouds, and by early afternoon, Kennebunkport was experiencing a truly great summer day!  And what better way to celebrate than to play outdoors?  Well since I couldn’t think of any, I swung through Dock Square to take in the sights and see what others were doing to celebrate the amazing weather.  Sure, there was plenty of shopping and strolling, but there were lots of bikers, kayakers, and runners out and about as well.  Since I still just had to stretch my legs a bit more, I headed out to one of my absolute favorite places (and somewhere that is a must-see during your Maine summer vacation) – the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm.  Less than ten minutes from the Maine Stay Inn sits this special tract of land, a former farm encompassing over 1700 acres that has been converted into a nature and wildlife preserve.  As usual, the parking area was pretty empty, but I knew it wouldn’t stay that way for long, because strategically placed signs let me know that some lucky couple was going to be exchanging vows there that evening.  You could hear the soft musical stylings of a talented musical group and see the white chairs being set up in the field.  It was so picturesque!  And while I may have been inclined to oogle, I was on a mission to hit the beach!  So off I went on a leisurely stroll across the fields and into the woods.  Which brought me to my favorite bit of salt marsh.  Which brought me to the beach.  As usual, it was nothing short of spectacular!  Because of the curve of the shoreline, you can look across the water to Kennebunkport, and see St. Ann’s Church poking out into the Atlantic.  Relaxing to the sound of the waves what just what this gorgeous summer day called for, but as the evening breeze picked up, I decided to make the “hike” back and sneak one last peek at the beautiful wedding being held in the Laudholm Farmhouse tonight.  Yes, it sure was a great summer day in Kennebunkport!

Summer Has Arrived in Kennebunkport Maine!

May 30th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

Thank goodness we decided to install the air conditioning units in our Kennebunkport Maine bed and breakfast this week, because we sure needed them today!  After some passing thunderstorms overnight last night, we all awoke to bright blue skies and warm temps.  And as the day progressed, the thermometer soared into the high 80s, sending folks flocking to the water.  Thank goodness it’s just a stone’s throw away!  But honestly, today was a reminder of just how glorious a Maine Summer Vacation is in Kennebunkport Maine.  So while we provide the beach towels, chairs, umbrellas, and even sand toys, the only decision you have to make is which of the awesome beaches you’re going to visit!  So to help you figure out which ones you want to hit during your visit to Kennebunkport Maine, here’s a recap of our faves:

Each of the Kennebunkport Maine beaches is perfect for your Maine Summer Vacation!

Each of the Kennebunkport Maine beaches is perfect for your Maine Summer Vacation!

  • Colony Beach is just about a half mile away, and while it’s a super short drive (although there isn’t oodles of parking), it’s definitely the place to go if you want to stroll to the beach.  Plus, since the Maine Stay Inn is just one block from the harbor, you can drink in the view and the beautiful boats during your walk.  So while it has just a short stretch of sand, Colony Beach also offers a beautiful jetty (hello, sunset viewing) and some of the craggy rocks that many think of when they imagine the Maine coastline.
  • Gooch’s Beach, just over the bridge in Kennebunk, is just a mile away (and an easy walk), but when you’re toting chairs, umbrellas, and coolers, most folks choose to drive.  And since our Kennebunkport Maine bed and breakfast provides parking passes to these beaches, you can park right alongside at no charge!  This super long stretch of sand is ideal for walking, relaxing, and even building sand castles, and since it has life guards on duty, it’s great for swimmers of all ages.
  • If you head a little further down Beach Avenue, you’ll hit Middle Beach, which tends to have the most parking options, and while it has just small sandy areas, it it primarily a rocky stretch, both with craggy rocks and smooth polished pebble regions.  This is my favorite spot for quite reading and reflection.
  • Continue around the bend and you’ll find Mother’s Beach, which is ideal for families.  With a deep sandy beach and bounded on both ends with rocky areas and a playground, it’s a spot that’s full of fun… and easy for parents to keep an eye on their little ones!
  • Looking for a little solitude?  Check out the beach at Laudholm Farm at the Wells Reserve.  While it’s a light “hike” down to the beach, you’ll find a secluded stretch that is sure to recharge the soul.
  • Goose Rocks Beach in the northern part of Kennebunkport Maine also offers a glorious crescent shaped beach.  It’s a great spot for collecting sand dollars and oogling at gorgeous beach houses – and you might even catch a glimpse of the rocks that look like geese on the water!

We’re expecting more of this steamy summer weather for the next few days, which means that you can hit up each of the amazing beaches in the area and still have time to explore the shops and restaurants in town.  The towels and beach chairs are ready, so just bring your sunscreen, because it is official – summer has arrived in Kennebunkport Maine!


A Maine Summer Vacation in Kennebunkport

May 19th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

With Memorial Day Weekend just around the corner, that means that it is summer vacation time, and there’s no better place to enjoy a Maine summer vacation that in Kennebunkport!  Now you may think that I am a little biased towards this charming town, but the truth is that I’m “from away” and have explored just about every coastal vacation area in New England and after all of that travel, there’s a reason I landed in Kennebunkport.  Okay, more than a few reasons… So today I’ve decided to share some of my personal reasons for loving Kennebunkport for a Maine summer vacation.

One of the many great summer scenes in Kennebunkport!

One of the many great summer scenes in Kennebunkport!

  • It’s easy to get to!  No seriously, it’s a mere 86 miles from downtown Boston, and since you can cruise up I-95 on your typical three and four lane highways, the trip is easy-peasy.  Plus, with just two wide toll plazas, even that brief slowdown goes quickly (and it’s even speedier if you’ve got and “EZPass”).  Seriously, though, Kennebunkport has to be one of the most pain-free trips to your summer vacation destination and you’ll have plenty of gas to spare!  And if you’re a car-less urbanite, the Amtrak Downeaster is a fantastic and eco-friendly option!
  • You can go car-free in Kennebunkport!  With great sidewalks leading to fantastic activities and restaurants, you certainly don’t need to have a car in town.  Sure, if you want to do some more exploring, you certainly can bring a vehicle (and we have ample free parking), but many folks choose to explore by scooter or bicycle.  And yes, you can get either of those things within a short walk from the Maine Stay Inn!
  • The food is top notch.  Now many vacation destinations have a bad rap for serving less than stellar cuisine, and when you’re a food lover like me, that just takes the wind out of my sails.  But Kennebunkport is full of eateries that offer delectable cuisine that is sure to rival some of the great culinary havens in the country.
  • Kennebunkport has outdoor activities for everyone!  A lot of people don’t think about a Maine Summer Vacation meaning spending time at the beach, but Kennebunkport is known for its long stretches of soft sand and a few bits of craggy coastline, sure to satisfy everyone’s scenery needs.  But fortunately, if you’re looking for a break from some fun in the sun, there are tons of great trails through acres of concentration land and excellent spots for biking.  And if you’re not one to connect with Mother Nature, you can still enjoy a beautiful seaside setting while taking part in some retail therapy!

Honestly, I could go on and on about why Kennebunkport is ideal for your Maine Summer vacation, but the truth is, it’s great any time of year!  All of the innkeepers and staff at the Maine Stay Inn can’t wait to show you first hand everything that Kennebunkport has to offer – see you soon!

A Day at the Beach in Kennebunkport Maine

August 24th, 2011 by avadmin

Yesterday was another spectacular summer day in Kennebunkport Maine, so I headed to the beach – something that you can take for granted when living in vacationland.  But I soaked up every moment!  With the selection of incredible

Kennebunkport Maine Beaches

The sun setting at Parson's Beach near Kennebunkport Maine

beaches in the area, it can be difficult to select which beach to spend the day at – or perhaps you’ll split the attention between a few.  Gooch’s, Mother’s, and Middle Beaches allow you to easily walk between three very different feeling stretches of coastline, while Colony Beach (closest to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast) sits conveniently near the scenic Blowing Cave and Spouting Rock.  Goose Rocks Beach, while a bit of a drive, is definitely worth it, especially with its iconic rocks poking out of the top of the water.  Laudholm Farm’s protected sands and meandering paths were definitely tempting, but, alas, didn’t win out.  Parson’s Beach, just over the border from Kennebunkport Maine, seemed like the perfect pick – convenience and solitude.
Miraculously, though, I found a parking spot!  During prime beach time!  With parking for less than two dozen cars, privacy is almost guaranteed, but snagging one of those coveted places is pretty darn tough, unless you’ve arrived early or late in the day.  Nevertheless, luck was on my side, and I quickly made my way to a warm, sunny spot on the sand.  Before settling in to my new book, I took a moment to savor the salt air, admire the butterflies gliding through the dune grass, and the gulls dawdling in the rivulets leading to the surf.  Glorious.  As always.
Kennebunkport Maine is honestly spectacular in any season, but the joy of families at the beach in summer is absolutely contagious!  Several bottles of water, ample snacks, a good novel, and oodles of sunscreen allowed me stay on the beach all day, reminding me, once again, of why Maine is perfect for a summer vacation (or anytime vacation)!

Top 10: June in Kennebunkport Maine

June 10th, 2011 by avadmin

Kennebunkport Maine is a wonderful town to visit at any time of year, especially once the weather has warmed.  And with temps reaching into the high 80s this week, June is certainly one of those times!  Granted, I might be a little biased, but there are millions of reasons that Kennebunkport Maine is the ideal spot for a getaway.  Here’s a peek at my top ten:

10. June means lower rates and better deals.  Our Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfast offers incredible reduced rates during the entire month (with the creation of a new “Shoulder Season” starting at just $169 per night), and many area activities and restaurants offer incentives to travelers (and residents) – follow us on Twitter for retweets of the best deals around.

Parson's Beach Kennebunkport Maine

Sunset at Parsons Beach

9.  Cool nights, and I don’t just mean fun!  In June, evenings are generally a little cooler than they are in July and August, which is great, because that means you’ll be very comfortable when snuggling with your special someone in front of your gas fireplace.  Plus, it’s the perfect temperature for shorts and a light sweater – my favorite!

8.  Restaurants are less crowded, which is always a win-win situation.  Smaller crowds mean better service and shorter (or non-existent) waits at your favorite Kennebunkport Maine restaurants.

7.  Parking at Parsons Beach.  With barely a dozen spots to park, we only dare to send summer guests on bikes, early in the morning or near sunset.  But in June, you’ll be able to claim that primo location.

6.  Soft-shell lobsters.  While the restaurants might tell you that hard shell lobsters are the thing to choose, I find that the soft-shell variety tend to have sweeter meat.  Plus they’re easier to break into – no crackers required!

5.  Great flowers.  It might not seem like an important thing, but when all the gardens in Kennebunkport Maine are in bloom, there’s no prettier sight!

4.  Nunan’s Lobster Hut and the Clam Shack are open!  ’Nuff said.

3.  Breakfast on the porch.  There’s nothing more relaxing that dining on our wraparound porch each morning, listening to the birds chirp and the horse-drawn carriage clop by.

Kennebunkport Maine Bridge picture

A beautiful June afternoon!

2.  Peaceful beaches.  There’s ample opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sands that grace Kennebunkport Maine shorelines, and in June there’s little risk of tripping over abandoned  sand toys.

1.  It’s beautiful!  And I mean spectacularly beautiful.  But you will just have to visit and see for yourself, and, of course, create your very own “Tope Ten” list!