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Lobster Lunches in Kennebunkport Maine

July 7th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

This afternoon I found myself chatting with guests about where they should enjoy a lobster lunch in Kennebunkport, and realized that there happen to be quite a few fantastic options.  Much to their chagrin, they had learned that Nunan’s Lobster Hut, our go-to for uber-casual fresh lobster, was only open for dinner.  Yes, it’s true!  But when they’re out catching your dinner, you really can’t

lobster boats kennebunkport maine

Enjoy picturesque views like this from Cape Pier Chowder House!

fault them, can you?  I mean, I am certainly willing to wait a few extra hours if it means getting my meal fresh off the boat!

Now since I believe that you can’t truly experience lobster without getting messy, it seems like a casual atmosphere puts a place at the top of my list.  For that very reason, I definitely recommend Cape Pier Chowder House.  Plus, the views are pretty stellar too.  So drink in the sights while you wait on their deck for your meal.  And the fact that it’s situated right on the pier so you  can watch other lobster eaters is just an unexpected bonus!  But if you are looking for just a touch more pampering, try the Arundel Wharf Restaurant, located just a block from the Maine Stay Inn.  And with tented, outdoor, and dining room settings, the whole family is in for a great treat.

But for the ultimate in casual fare, consider picking up an already-cooked (and still warm!) lobster or two from Port Lobster Company.  So pack the paper towels and set up your own seaside picnic or tuck in to the freshest lobsters around in our very own backyard or on our wraparound porch.  And with the ability to simply hose things down when you’re done, there’s no fear about making a mess!  So crack those shells and enjoy some lobster lunches in Kennebunkport Maine.

Lookin’ for Lobster Shacks in Kennebunkport Maine

May 31st, 2012 by Judi Hauer

If there’s one thing I am asked every day, it is where to find the best lobster shacks in Kennebunkport Maine - and luckily for us (and for you) we have three that are just great!  So while I would never attempt to rank them or label one as the “best”, each one has something to make it unique.  Just around the corner from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast is The Clam Shack, which sits on the bridge dividing Kennebunkport from the town of Kennebunk.  It certainly has top scores for convenience, but doesn’t have

A view from Cape Pier, a Kennebunkport lobster shack

A view from Cape Pier

parking, which can be a drawback for many.  Granted, I would definitely suggest walking because a) it’s super close and b) it would take you longer to find a parking spot than it would to hoof it.  Plus, it’s an extra excuse to pile on the butter!

Sometimes, though, a picturesque water view is the top priority, in which case I recommend Cape Pier Chowder House, located at the end of Pier Road in Cape Porpoise.  Known as the original fishing district of Kennebunkport, Cape Pier sits directly adjacent to a working fish pier.  With nearly 360 degree water views, the setting is about as good as they get, more than making up for what they lack in decor.  Yes, there are only about three tables (and a dozen large picnic tables), and the menu is walk-up-and-take-a-number style.  But the food is fresh, the portions are large, and you can’t beat the sights.

When it comes to straight up lobster, no one has more experience than the folks at Nunan’s Lobster Hut.  They’ve been doing it for generations, and that means laying and pulling the traps themselves as well.  The only downside to Nunan’s is that they’re not open for lunch, but when being unavailable means making sure you’ve got the freshest lobsters on your plate this evening, I think I can keep my disappointment in check.  But no matter your mood, you’re sure to find the perfect lobster shack for your needs not far from the Maine Stay Inn.

Enjoying a Waterfront Lunch in Kennebunkport Maine

September 2nd, 2011 by avadmin

Sometimes it is hard to believe that in the seaside village of Kennebunkport Maine, there are only a handful of waterfront restaurants.  But for many, sitting on the water and enjoying a good meal is an absolute must – a deal breaker even! As usual, we’ve got you covered, no matter what style restaurant strikes your fancy.

Kennebunkport Maine marina image

A calm day at the marina in Kennebunkport Maine

Looking for casual?  Federal Jack’s sits just a short walk from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast and in close proximity to the beach (a perfect midway stop to or from).  Perched on the second floor, directly above the Kennebunkport Brewing Company and towering over the marina, Fed’s offers great views of the calm river flows and the gorgeous boats moored there.  In the warmer weather, patrons can choose to eat on the porch, which allows even better views of the water.  A short drive (or bike ride) outside of town will bring you to the working pier in Cape Porpoise.  Situated on what is perhaps the most ideal piece of property for a restaurant, Cape Pier Chowder House serves the basics.  Though items like hot dogs and grilled salmon grace the menu, steamed lobster and fried fish keep guests coming back for more.  Make sure you’re prepared for super casual, as this dig is “take-a-number” style, with picnic benches on a deck over the water that they would prefer for you to bus yourself.
If that doesn’t sound quite your speed, the Arundel Wharf Restaurant maintains the more casual atmosphere paired with a more extensive (and varied) menu.  The view again is of the river, but looks out upon the Franciscan Monastery, providing a tranquil scene, which sharply contrasts the shiny yachts and motor boats in the the nearby marinas. The Ramp at Pier 77 offers truly unique views of the Cape Porpoise Harbor, as the water laps the side of the building just a few feet below your seat.  Because their kitchen services Pier 77 above, a more upscale dining spot, the food quality is excellent.  Though not quite “fine dining,” as tables lack linens and servers take on casual dress and attitude, Pier 77 offers high quality meals and stellar sights.  The private dining room on the second floor (great for private functions or larger groups) has a gorgeous views of Goat Island Lighthouse.
For fine dining, however, you have two excellent options.  Stripers Restaurant overlooks the mouth of the Kennebunk River as it meets the Atlantic, and while its menu features standbys like burgers and lobster rolls, you have the option of more fanciful creations.  The Cape Arundel Inn, new to lunch service this year, sits high above the crashing surf and overlooks the Bush property.  Though I have yet to personally enjoy their midday service, I have the utmost confidence that lunch is every bit as delectable and indulgent as dinner.  Plus, during the day you won’t have to worry about chasing the light or losing your view!
So no matter where you spend your day in Kennebunkport Maine or what sort of dining you are looking to do, you are sure to find the idea waterfront location for lunch!  Bon Appetit!