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Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast Digs Out From Wintry Blast

March 2nd, 2012 by Judi Hauer

A mild February lured us into believing that springtime was just around the corner (and it may indeed be!), but a surprise winter storm has left this Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast digging out from under nearly a foot of snow!  It started slowly, with a few lonely flakes falling throughout the day on Wednesday, and even by dinnertime, the accumulation was hardly noticeable.  But by

Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast Digs Out From Wintry Blast

That's one mountain of snow!

the time breakfast rolled around, shovels were definitely needed, so Walter spent the morning dusting off cars and making sure that our visitors could get to their vehicles with ease.  Instead of tapering off in the afternoon as we typically see in Kennebunkport Maine, the snowfall grew steadier and the wind picked up steam.  It was one blustery day, which made afternoon teatime around the living room fire at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast especially welcome.  Even at nightfall, the snow had yet to let up.

But this morning, skies were clearing (though not yet blue – something achieved this afternoon) and we all woke up to nearly 12 inches of fresh powder!  It was such a treat! We really haven’t seen too much of the white stuff this winter, and as happy as that makes some people, it really hasn’t seemed like winter yet.  All the shoveling and clearing and sweeping today certainly made it really feel like a Maine winter, though.  It took most of the day, but this Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast is finally cleaned up – shuffling the cars, waiting for the plow, cleaning off the cars, snow-blowing the walkways, and shoveling the steps of the main house and the cottages.  Any amount of snow can be a challenge to get under control so that staff and visitors can safely and easily come and go, but a foot – that takes diligence!  Finally, though, we can sit back and enjoy the beauty of the fresh snow.

A Kennebunkport Maine Vacation in the Winter

January 28th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Upon my return to Kennebunkport, ME, after an innkeeping conference, I began to ponder why so many people have the wrong idea about a wintertime Maine vacation.  I can’t tell you how many times I was asked what I do in the winter, as though Kennebunkport is some kind of arctic tundra where all forms of life hibernate with the cold temperatures.  Granted, the conference was held in the South, where the definition of “cold” hovers around the mid 50s.  But honestly, there are just far too many

Kennebunkport Maine Vacation in the winter

See, it's just as pretty in the snow!

misconceptions about Maine in the winter (namely that we actually require chains on our tires – definitely NOT true – and that life comes to a grinding halt once the mercury drops below freezing – umm… even less true), so I have decided to share with you a list of my five favorite things to do in the winter.

  • Play with the horses!  Okay, maybe not actually play with them, but certainly enjoy their presence.  Rockin’ Horse Stables conducts regular horse-drawn sleigh rides in the winter, complete with warm blankets and cocoa.  If there’s not quite enough of the white stuff, though, you’ll likely see the carriage being pulled through the historic district surrounding our Kennebunkport Me Bed and Breakfast.  Don’t you worry, though, if it was actually dangerously cold, they wouldn’t risk the horses’ health.  (Or yours.  But I won’t venture to guess who they’re more worried about!)
  • Eat.  One of the best things about a Maine Vacation (or, in my case, living here) is there there is always amazing food.  Whether you indulge in a five-star, five-diamond feast or just a delicious bowl of chowder, this town’s got you covered, no matter the season!
  • Retail therapy – many people choose a wintertime getaway to Kennebunkport Maine because they’re in need of some serious relaxation.  And what better way is there to de-stress than with some shopping?  Although the shops do tend to keep less predictable (but not necessarily shorter) hours, they are ready and waiting for you and your plastic (or paper, they won’t discriminate!)
  • Explore!  Kennebunkport is home to miles of trails and paths just begging for some love.  But I know there are plenty of folks who aren’t as apt to brave the chilly air, so area museums and art centers are a great substitution.
  • Hit the beach!  Now, I don’t necessarily recommend donning your bikini or swim trunks, but the ocean is certainly no less beautiful now than it is during your Maine vacation in the summer.  The surf is even more striking, so grab your camera (and your mittens!) and head to the beach.

Hmmm… sounds strangely familiar, doesn’t it?  Last time I checked, those were some of my favorite things to do during the summer too!  So sneak away for a few days (or just a night) and see for yourself why Kennebunkport is a great place to visit in the winter!

Planning a Worry Free Getaway to Kennebunkport Maine

January 11th, 2012 by avadmin

Tonight’s weather forecast for Kennebunkport Maine shows that winter may actually be on its way, as we are expecting a dusting of snow tonight.  And here that means 3-6 inches of the white stuff.  That is enough to make lots of people run for cover or out to the grocery

Snow and Ice won't keep you away from Kennebunkport Maine

Snow and ice is no match for us in Kennebunkport Maine!

store for ample supplies of milk and bread (french toast, anyone?), but not here.  It truly is remarkable – in Kennebunkport Maine a half of a foot of snow is just old hat.  But when we moved here to become innkeepers at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast I was skeptical.  I mean, when I was growing up, if six inches of snow fell at just the right time, school might be cancelled.  And that was still New England!  Honestly, though, traveling in Maine when it is snowy outside is no trouble at all.  No, you really don’t need chains on your tires or a truck with four wheel drive.  You don’t really even need snow tires! The plow drivers and road salters have got you covered.

But once you’re here at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, there’s no need to test the roads unless you want to.  You can walk to countless shops and restaurants, and even a few will deliver.  So when the mood strikes to hunker down and curl up in front of a glowing fire, just go with it!  Don’t stress, however, when the need for fine dining in a luxe atmosphere wins out – you won’t have any trouble.  If you are still worried about the weather in Kennebunkport Maine or at home or find yourself worrying about your babysitter or aging pets (or parents) left behind, we’ve got a solution for you!  Several years ago, we started investigating reasonable trip insurance companies and stumbled upon iTravelInsured, which offers a wide range of policies, from comprehensive we’re-headed-to-a-remote-nation plans to simple cancellation insurance.  We encourage all guests to protect themselves with their trip cancellation plan, because, with options starting at just over $13, you can protect against the unexpected.  Plus, your peace of mind is certainly worth more than that!  So this winter when planning your winter getaway to Kennebunkport Maine, you can rest easy – we’ve got you covered!

A Winter Getaway to Kennebunkport Maine

January 7th, 2012 by avadmin

When most people think of a winter getaway to Kennebunkport Maine, they envision snowy scenes, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and outdoor skating.  And that is usually very typical of this New England Village starting around the holidays.  But this year, things

Winter getaway in Kennebunkport Maine

A scene from last January in Kennebunkport Maine

have been unseasonably warm!  In fact, the first few flakes of the winter (not counting this fall’s freak Halloween storm) fell just yesterday, but today’s temps soaring into the fifties wiped away nearly all traces of white.  Normally at this time of year, we encourage guests to try their hand a snowshoeing or cross country skiing.  Or to take a spin on skates – at the Westbrook or downtown Kennebunk rinks.  For some old fashioned fun, sleigh rides followed by steaming mugs of cocoa have beckoned visitors looking for a taste of days gone by.  So while old man winter will certainly arrive in Kennebunkport Maine, he is taking his sweet time (honestly, no complaints here – I don’t mind not shoveling!), residents and guests of our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast alike are taking to activities not usually enjoyed at this time of year.  Frolicking on the beaches have been a favorite past time, and instead of trekking through snow drifts, people have relished the idea of a stroll along the cliffs of the Marginal Way – with no risk of slipping now!  Since the streets have been so inviting, more shops than ever have kept their doors open (both literally and figuratively), welcoming shoppers for their post-holiday bargains.  But some guests find themselves itching for stronger tastes of winter, heading to Biddeford or Portland for indoor skating sessions.  Occasionally, though, guests find themselves on a hunt for the white stuff and venture out for some downhill skiing or scenic drives to the mountains to get their “fix.”  But no matter the weather, Kennebunkport Maine makes the ideal location for a relaxing winter getaway!