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Enjoying Outdoor Dining in Kennebunkport

July 2nd, 2012 by Judi Hauer

This evening I received a welcome surprise – a visit from some of my oldest friends – which meant that we just had to pick a dinner locale with outdoor dining in Kennebunkport.  Today graced us with incredible weather that, while on the warm side, meant that sitting outside for dinner was absolutely perfect – no sweaters required.  But on the stroll downtown from our Kennebunkport Bed

row boats in Kennebunkport

You’ll enjoy seeing row boats like these when you experience outdoor dining in Kennebunkport’s Tia’s Topside

and Breakfast, I realized just how lucky we are to have such a great assortment of spots to enjoy a meal in the open air.

Closest to the inn, you’ll find the Arundel Wharf Restaurant with an assortment of indoor, tented, and outdoor dining options.  Its varied and well executed menu mirrors the seating arrangements and the location just can’t be beat!  But if you find yourself desiring a bird’s eye view of the marinas, you could check out Federal Jack’s, the local brew pub.  With a dining room on the second floor and impressive deck space, it is a great option for outdoor dining in Kennebunkport or just enjoying a beer in the open air.  Tia’s Topside also offers deck dining, but instead of checking out the swanky yachts in town, you can enjoy a view of the quiet inlet which is now home to a few gently bobbing row boats.

But if you’re looking for something a little more upscale, you can check out the patio at One Dock.  View?  Not so much, but the food is definitely something to write home about!  But it is still outside, and who can beat summertime in New England?  One big perk, though, is that it is perfect for people watching, which is something I really enjoy, and the light veil of potted plants and trellises is perfect for concealing my gawking.  But since there is live music here nearly every night of the summer, it’s sometimes not the spot for a romantic outdoor dining experience in Kennebunkport.  For that, I recommend heading to Old Vines Wine Bar, whose new patio is just calling my name!  And it’s location next to the lush gardens of florist Fleurant definitely helps counteract the traffic noise from its location on Route 35.  Plus, after a glass of wine or two, it’s sure not to phase you at all!  It’s funny to think that this list doesn’t even cover all of the Kennebunkport Maine Restaurants with outdoor dining, and these are just the few within walking distance of the Maine Stay Inn, but it’s true, so get out there and start eating!

A Visit to Perkins Cove in Ogunquit

May 19th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

A view of Perkins Cove Ogunquit ME

A view from MC Perkins Cove

Perkins Cove is a part of Ogunquit, Maine, that is often visited by guests of the Maine Stay Inn, and although it’s just 13 miles south of here, it’s a part of the Southern Maine coastline that I had never seen before.  So on a gorgeous evening recently, we decided to check it out.  Separated by just a few miles, Kennebunkport and Ogunquit feel light years apart.  Frankly, the approach to Ogunquit is anything but scenic, with strip motels, mini-golf courses, and countless nicknack shops lining the road, but as you turn off Route 1 onto Shore Road, the scene begins to change.  The establishments get smaller and a bit more charming, and private homes begin to crop up.  We continued past the entrance to the Marginal Way (a great spot for a coastal walk, if you ask me) and found ourselves on a cul-de-sac filled with shops and restaurants.  Even in mid-May, the place was teeming with people and cars hunting for parking (especially the very limited free spots), but we scored one just around the corner from the restaurant we had chosen for the evening.  MC Perkins Cove is owned by the folk who also own Arrows Restaurant, regularly listed as one of the top 50 restaurants in America, and boasts a much less formal ambience.  The facade is unimpressive – a narrow cape with weathered grey shingles – and the decor is kept understated so patrons won’t be distracted by the view.  It’s situated on a craggy outcropping, and the oversized, undraped windows allow for panoramic views, with Kennebunkport visible in the distance.  Once inside, the hustle and bustle outside faded away.

The entire menu is built around the “farm to table” concept – with local seasonal products utilized throughout.  My roasted summer squash and zucchini salad was an absolute stand out, with the fresh basil vinaigrette perfectly coating the fresh baby greens, and the Caesar salad followed suit.  Despite being initially turned off by the fact that a helping of veggies would cost you a whopping $8 more, I quickly realized that the generous portion sizes meant that adding to your order was either unnecessary or the ideal way to make sure you’ve got leftovers for lunch.  But everything about the main courses was fantastic!  And the fact that you could choose your own “evil carbo” (read: starch) and your own sauce meant that the small menu had infinite possibilities!

The only disappointment of the evening was that it had to end, as the view eventually faded into darkness.  For that very reason, I will definitely encourage guests of our Kennebunkport hotel to try MC Perkins Cove in Ogunquit for lunch and enjoy a stroll along the Marginal Way.

Great Casual Kennebunkport Restaurants

April 21st, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Today, as I was discussing Kennebunkport restaurants with a new employee, I realized that it might be helpful to share some of the insights.  Fortunately for us, and for all visitors to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, this community is filled with great places to dine, and not all of them call for snazzy outfits or result in astronomical bills.  And even in April, before 100% of restaurants have opened their doors, there are lots of places for a good casual meal.

Quite a few are just a short walk from the Maine Stay, meaning on warm nights light tonight, you’ll be just as content meandering out to dinner as hopping in the car for a meal.  In Dock Square you’ll find Federal Jack’s, a brewpub, which is also home to Kennebunkport Brewing Company. Best known as the largest craft brewery in the state, you’ll enjoy beers tapped directly from the

Pedro's Restaurant sign

Pedro's bright blue sign is hard to miss!

holding tanks to the bar – you can’t get much fresher than that!  But their food is excellent as well, with a large menu sure to please anyone in the family.  And with a large gluten-free menu, even food allergy sufferers will find something satisfying.  Diagonally across the street, you’ll find Ryan’s Corner House, an authentic Irish pub serving up traditional fare like bangers and mash, corned beef and cabbage, and shepherd’s pie.  Though you will find seafood on the menu, it’s great for visitors of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast who are ready for a break from lobster and clam chowder.  Still walking distance from the inn, but located in the heart of Lower Village Kennebunk, you’ll surely stumble across Pedro’s.  This Kennebunkport restaurant is hard to miss with its oversized metal rooster outside and great patio complete with fire pit.  But you’d really be missing out by not trying one of their incredible margaritas with homemade syrups or their authentic Mexican cuisine.  Under the same ownership, you can enjoy a great casual meal at the Ramp at Pier 77.  This vintage style sports bar offers incredible harbor views and great food.  Plus, you might even catch a glimpse of local lobsterers hauling in their catches on the pier.  But whatever you choose for a casual meal, these Kennebunkport restaurants have got just the thing to satisfy your cravings!

Bandaloop Restaurant Reopens in Kennebunkport!

April 18th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

While this week was notable for lots of things in Kennebunkport, the reopening of Bandaloop Restaurant topped the charts of many locals and visitors alike.  Last night marked the restaurant’s reopening after a nearly eight week long hiatus, and with temps

Bandaloop in Kennebunkport

Bandaloop and its red doors

well into the seventies when its signature red doors opened at 5, it felt more like summer than the start of spring!  Despite the fact that no one at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast has given its new menu a test run yet, three couples decided to head over.  And guess what?  There were six glowing reviews this morning around the breakfast table!  Now while that’s not really a surprise, it is always nice to hear that nothing’s been forgotten after a long vacation.  But because we always test out the restaurants in Kennebunkport and the surrounding towns (just to make sure that we are appropriately guiding our guests to place that suit them best), I am now looking forward to my first spring dinner at Bandaloop even more than ever.  However, since we just dove headlong into a living room renovation project, this meal might just have to wait a few more weeks.  Don’t worry, though, this project is being done in stages to avoid disruption of the guest experience.  Yes, we’re all very excited about to have them serving again, but selfishly, I am glad to have another great option for gluten-free dining close by.  Even more important, though, is the fact that the reopening of Bandaloop is a big milestone in terms of restaurant availability in Kennebunkport, because now over 75% of eateries in town are open.  Now, not all are operating at their height of summer hours, so be sure to check with innkeeper or staff at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast just to be safe!

Easter Dinner in Kennebunkport

April 8th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

While the streets of Kennebunkport were pretty quiet today, the dining room of many local restaurants were buzzing with activity.  Many visitors expressed their concern about finding the right spot their family’s Easter dinner, but also for just a burger or some

easter hyacinth

A hyacinth blooms just in time for Easter!

clam chowdah, so we did our best to quell their fears – Kennebunkport restaurants are open for business!  Yes, even on Easter Sunday!  Around the breakfast table this morning, guests and staff shared their plans for today, so I decided to share those plans with you.  And while some were indeed gearing up to hit the road and whip up their own Easter feast, others were letting someone else do the cooking, whether another family member or a restaurant chef.

Some of the “big winners” were the Cape Arundel Inn, Pier 77, and One Dock at the Kennebunkport Inn, but much to everyone’s surprise, Federal Jack’s Brew Pub also popped up on quite a few itineraries.  As usual, a fair number opted to indulge in an exquisite meal while drinking in an unspoiled view of the crashing surf at the Cape Arundel.  Perched atop a rocky slope, their airy dining room makes sure that every table has a view of the sea.  Others chose to go for a more peaceful view from the dining room at Pier 77, where the sheltered waters of Cape Porpoise Harbor reflect the sky (although cloudy today) and the picturesque lobster boats gently bobbing on the surface.  And quite a few more, myself included, decided to forgo the views in lieu of testing out the waters at the newly redesigned One Dock.  After the magnificent meal in the fresh, nautical dining room, a short stroll through Dock Square and up Ocean Avenue was all that I needed!  Its laid-back atmosphere was much needed after a busy morning to make sure all the staff of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast could get home for dinner with their families, and the delightful (and indulgent) meal was just what the doctor ordered.

The surprise of the day, however, was that quite a few visitors decided that an elegant Easter dinner was not in their cards, and headed to Federal Jack’s for a burger and fries or fish n’ chips!  But that just goes to show you that Kennebunkport has something for everyone – even on Easter!

The Reawakening of Kennebunkport Restaurants

April 4th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Early April is a very exciting time in Kennebunkport, with the weather warming, the days lengthening, and restaurants reopening.  And while a good many are open all year long, a few are indeed seasonal – some because their proprietors need a good long rest after a busy season, and others because they are situated in “charming” buildings that just can’t handle a rough Maine winter (not

Kennebunkport restaurants opening in the spring

Kennebunkport restaurants all around the harbor are opening their doors!

that we had one this year!).  Yes, believe it or not, quite a few of these old structures weren’t erected in a way that would allow for efficient heating or for water pipes not to freeze and burst.  Now, though, we are nearing the end of frost danger and certainly  (knock on wood) long stretches of arctic blasts, and these Kennebunkport Restaurants are coming back to life!  And a few more always take their vacation time in March, just in time to avoid the mud season (and maple syruping – their loss!).

Just around the corner from the Maine Stay, One Dock (located at the Kennebunkport Inn) opened last weekend.  And while I have yet to venture over (hello there, renovations that are right down to the wire), I am confident that their menu will be as good as ever.  Plus with a redecorated dining room, the dining experience is sure to be enhanced.  Always a favorite, Mabel’s Lobster Claw is reopening tomorrow – no doubt that the Bush family won’t be too far behind.  And Hurricane Restaurant in the heart of Dock Square (with unquestionably the best location of any Kennebunkport Restaurant) will round out the week with their reopening on Friday.  More favorites will follow suit shortly, so stay tuned for updates!

Celebrating Leap Day in a Maine Bed and Breakfast

February 27th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

I just got so excited to realize that just a few days from now marks my very first Leap Day at our Maine Bed and Breakfast!  Now that might not seem like a big deal to most people, but I think of it as a pretty exciting milestone, especially because not long after will

Leap Day at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

Grab the bar - take a leap! And enjoy Leap Day at a Maine Bed and Breakfast!

we celebrate our fourth anniversary.  Can you believe it!?!  Anyhow, from a very early age (think back to learning your times tables) I have been obsessed with Leap Day.  Around that time I saw this great birthday card with an elderly woman on the front holding a glass of wine or other alcohol, and the inside explained that she had just turned 21.  I thought it was the funniest thing ever.  But ever since, I have looked at Leap Day as a day to enjoy that you might not for another four years.  So this year, consider scooting off to a Maine Bed and Breakfast and treating yourself to a quick getaway.  Plus, playing hookie from work might just be one of your “once every four year” special surprises!  But if I were skipping out of the office, I would definitely add exploring the Eastern Trail to my list of activities.  Reason number 1:  I’ve never done it!  And reason 2:  It didn’t even really exist four years ago (at least not near Kennebunkport Maine).  It’s supposed to be great and with the wonderful weather we’re expecting, the path should be clear and begging for exploring!  Now one of the other things that visitors often enjoy is indulging in a late Valentine’s celebration with an opulent dinner at one of the amazing Kennebunkport restaurants.  Now there are lots of excellent places for dining, but one that stands apart from the crowd for a special experience like Leap Day is the White Barn Inn, located less than a mile from our Maine Bed and Breakfast just over the bridge in Kennebunk.  With a many course dinner experience, it’s one of those things you’re not likely to experience every day of the week.  So this year make Leap Day something special with a Maine Bed and Breakfast vacation in Kennebunkport Maine!

A Presidential Getaway in Kennebunkport, ME

February 18th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Although February 14th has come and gone, many people are keeping the mood alive and taking advantage of the long weekend for Presidents’ Day to do their Valentine’s celebrating, and what better place than Kennebunkport, ME for a truly presidential retreat?  Many people may be surprised, but on my very first visit to Kennebunkport, I had no idea that this was the summer retreat of our 41st and 43rd

Bush Family home in Kennebunkport, ME

What a view! Thank you to one of our very special guests for use of this photo taken during her visit to Kennebunkport, ME

Presidents!  So for those of you who didn’t realize that the Bush Family compound is located just 2 miles from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, you’re not alone.  And for those of you who think you might find another first family here, you’ll find Camelot about three hours to our south – not too far for a day trip!

While the Bush family is not in Kennebunkport, ME at this time of year, their estate still sits pretty atop a rocky peninsula just down the street.  No matter the time of year, it’s a great walk out there for some sightseeing and gawking at the incredible “cottages” that flank our coastline.  And Parson’s Way, a path along our famous Ocean Avenue, boasts some of the prettiest stretches of Maine Coastline around (that’s my opinion, folks).  So it’s time to get in the spirit of Presidents’ Day week by dining in style at some of the Bush family’s favorite digs.  For a casual lunch, the seniors have often been spotted at The Ramp, a Kennebunkport, ME version of a “sports bar” – but it’s excellent, though eclectic, cuisine would lead you to think that description might not be accurate.  Guests have also reported that Barbara enjoys a fun, fresh dinner at Bandaloop, usually with girlfriends in tow – sorry, George, we’ve gotta have girl time!  But most frequently we hear of Presidential sightings at Cape Arundel Inn’s fine dining restaurant, which is no surprise given its location.  The open and airy dining room overlooks the inlet and entire Bush compound, plus it’s just around the corner – they could walk if the secret service let them.  But just like you, the former first family likes to lie low during their visits to Kennebunkport, ME, so this week, kick up your heels and relax at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.

Wining and Dining: Romantic Kennebunkport Maine Restaurants

February 10th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Tis the season to pull out all the stops when it comes to planning your romantic getaway, and Kennebunkport Maine restaurants never fail to impress.  Now, you’ve surely earned bonus points for planning this intimate escape to a Maine Bed and Breakfast, but picking the perfect spot for a special meal is sure to be the hot fudge to your ice cream sundae – it’s a critical team player.  However, over the last few years, I have really come to recognize that everyone has a different take on what makes a romantic evening, so I will try to provide something for everyone (though, Dad, you’re out of luck – pizza and beer while watching CSPAN is not going to make the cut).

  • The White Barn Inn is basically the epitome of “wining and dining” in Kennebunkport Maine.  Their wine list is more than extensive and their prix fixe menu offers a wine pairing option.  The atmosphere, while very formal, is certainly intimate
    Lamb Chops at a romantic Kennebunkport Maine restaurant

    Luscious lamb chops at Joshua's!

    with cozy tables, low lights, deep colors, and lots of candles.  But gents, if you aren’t comfortable in a jacket, pass on this one, as they are required.

  • On the Marsh Bistro is an excellent option for visitors looking for romantic Kennebunkport Maine restaurants, but at about half the price of their aforementioned competitor.  The charming dining rooms here overlook the marsh and feature endless nooks for enjoying your evening out with your other half without being distracted by other diners.  If the ocean calls, consider the Cape Arundel Inn, whose vibe is much more airy, but equally as impressive.
  • Joshua’s Restaurant is another wonderful choice, providing some of the freshest cuisine around.  They utilize lots of local and organic ingredients, but the setting in an antique farmhouse with wide plank floors and open hearths make this a no-brainer for romantic dining.
  • Sometimes, though, your evening for two just means a night out with excellent food and an atmosphere conducive for eye-gazing and quiet whispering.  If that’s the case, check out Bandaloop Restaurant and Grissini (where I am particularly fond of the atmosphere in their lower level) – plus, both are just a hop, skip, and a jump from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.
  • Don’t want the night to end?  Consider capping it off with a stop at Old Vines Wine Bar, which offers delectable tapas style dishes and an extensive wine list.  The vibe is amazing and definitely right on the mark when it comes to setting the mood for a romantic getaway.

While any one of these incredible Kennebunkport Maine Restaurants would be ideal for a romantic evening, this list was certainly not exhaustive.  So get out and explore the awesome options in the area and get crackin’ on your Valentine’s getaway plans!

Superbowl Parties in Kennebunkport ME

February 7th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Although there were more than a few forlorn faces gathered in our Kennebunkport ME dining room yesterday morning, the conversation eventually turned to where they all decided to watch the big game.  While many visitors and guests alike congregated at Federal Jack’s BrewPub, there were lots of other excellent choices to keep in mind for next year’s Superbowl.  Now Fed’s might take the cake for the number of televisions and largest bar, but Alisson’s Restaurant is the closest spot to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  With lots of fun menu items that are perfect for game-time noshing (think fried goodies like chicken tenders, potato

Federal Jack's in Kennebunkport ME

A Kennebunkport ME staple for sports-watching!

skins, and wings galore), both Federal Jack’s and Alisson’s are close enough that you can walk home after enjoying a few brewskis or to relocate back to the comfort of your room during commercial breaks without missing a moment of playing time.  Or, if you are anything like me, make it back without missing any of the commercials!  But these big guys aren’t the only Kennebunkport ME restaurants to catch the game.  Both Pedro’s and The Ramp have great bars for watching sports on television, but the food offerings here, while less characteristic of your neighbor’s Superbowl party, are truly excellent.  Plus, who wouldn’t want a great margarita while watching the Patriots (or insert your favorite local team here)? Despite the plethora of viewing venues available, most of our guests chose to lie low, watching the game in the comfort and privacy of their own room, where they cracked open a bottle of wine and noshed on cheese and crackers (talk about a step up from Uncle Stew’s Superbowl Sunday party).  Needless to say, we weren’t exactly overrun with riots like some New England communities and our comfy sitting areas just seemed to win out!  So next year, when the Pats find themselves gunning for glory, don’t fret because our Kennebunkport ME bed and breakfast and the surrounding community offer tons of great spots to watch!