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Baby Make Three – Traveling with Kids in Kennebunkport Maine

July 23rd, 2013 by Judi Hauer

With entertainment and social media buzzing about the Royal Baby, it got me thinking about couples traveling with their infants or kids in Kennebunkport Maine.  Now, it’s true that many parents choose Kennebunkport as a destination for a quick getaway without their little ones, because of its easy access and proximity to major metropolitan areas in the northeast (that means that in the event of an emergency, moms won’t be too far away).

Kid sized adirondack chairs welcome kids to the backyard

Kid sized adirondack chairs welcome kids to the backyard

But there are lots of families that aren’t quite ready to leave their kiddos behind, and at the Maine Stay Inn, we believe they deserve a relaxing romantic getaway too!  So while the main house isn’t set up to accommodate families with young children, our cottage suites offer an ideal setup – plus, they are generally larger, which is a necessity for families.  And since breakfast will be delivered to your door (Breakfast in bed for no charge?  Yes, please!), parents won’t even have to worry about those “indoor voices” lectures, getting their little ones out of their jammies, or their table manners.

Many first time parents, especially those traveling for the first time with their kids, don’t have the essentials to make travel safe and comfortable for their little one.  Fortunately, we’re prepared for you!  No, you’re not going to have to squeeze a whole family into one bed, because we have sturdy cribs that meet the new federal guidelines for crib safety and can even outfit them with bumpers, sheets and blankets.  For bigger kids, we have many rooms that have Tempurpedic sleeper sofas, and without a bar, kids (and adults too) are sure to enjoy a restful night in Kennebunkport Maine.  Some parents worry that a bed and breakfast won’t welcome their families because many have a strict “no kids” policy, but that sure isn’t the case here!  In fact, we even keep a supply of backyard and sand toys just for their entertainment.  The truth is, though, that we want everyone to have the best possible experience during their vacation, so we’ve set things up so that they are the most respectful of families, as well as those who are looking for a break from theirs.  So if William and Kate (or any parents) decide to tote Baby Cambridge to Kennebunkport Maine for a relaxing vacation, they’re sure to be welcomed with open arms.

A Beautiful Election Day in Kennebunkport

November 7th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Boy, has Mother Nature been kind to us in Kennebunkport today!  Although it was a pretty chilly morning, we awoke to bright, cloudless skies and sun pouring into our kitchen windows.  You do know this isn’t going to be a political blog entry, right, folks?  So anyhow, after breakfast we each headed out to do our civic duty on this, the first Tuesday of November, and cast our votes in state and national elections.  But even when you’re an innkeeper, you need to play a little hooky now and again, so a quick trip to the beach seemed like just what the doctor ordered!  And the Kennebunkport beaches sure did not disappoint.  We took a moment to

kennebunkport maine

What a beautiful day in Kennebunkport!

appreciate just how gorgeous the Maine coastline was and how lucky we are to get to share our favorite spots with visitors to the area.  But, because it was election day, we also took a second to note that despite being associated with one famous Presidential family, we’ve never had to wrangle with voting hassles, since the Bush family typically migrates south around the middle of October.  Now, you may or may not know that before moving to Kennebunkport, we lived in Belmont, MA, home to presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.  After talking with friends from our old home, we were really counting our blessings, because apparently the lines to vote were unfathomable and the traffic horrendous.  Just another reason we’re so happy to be at the Maine Stay Inn!  Now, most people don’t have the opportunity to hit the beach on their way to the polls, but when you’re ready for your salt air fix, we’ve got you covered.  No matter what happens in tonight’s races, we are so fortunate to have enjoyed another spectacular day in Kennebunkport and look forward to sharing this incredible area with you!

Kennebunkport Nominated for “Prettiest Painted Places”

September 19th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Thanks to a national competition to find the “Prettiest Painted Places in America,” people across the country are discovering what Maine residents have long known: The Pine Tree State has some of the most beautiful towns and neighborhoods to be found anywhere.  Sponsored by the Paint Quality Institute, whose mission is to educate the public aboutquality paints and coatings, the “Prettiest Painted Places” competition has drawn two entries from Maine: Kennebunkport and Ogunquit.

From the moment you cross into Kennebunkport, you know it’s America’s Prettiest Painted Place!

Over the next few weeks, the two Maine communities will vie with nearly 200 nominees from other states for regional and national honors, as judges with expertise in color selection, exterior painting, and home improvement review the entries, conduct additional
research and make selected site visits. Finalists will be announced in late September, and the nation’s 12 “Prettiest Painted Places” will be revealed in mid-October.

The Paint Quality Institute has conducted its competition twice before, most recently in 2000. Its purpose is to vividly show how an attractive paint color scheme can greatly enhance the “curb appeal” of any structure’s exterior. “We feel there is no better way to demonstrate the importance of exterior paint color than to focus on these beautiful real-world communities that take so much pride in their appearance,” said Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert at the Paint Quality Institute. “The places involved in our competition are a tremendous inspiration to us all, and by giving them recognition, we hope to instill in the public a better appreciation for the role exterior paint can play in protecting and enhancing the appearance of any home or building,” she said.

A wide variety of “places” have been entered in the competition — big city neighborhoods, tiny rural towns, historical districts, “Main Streets” and communities with exterior mural programs. Nominees range from well-known places, such as Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Napa, California to hidden gems like Vashon-Maury Island, Washington and Bell Buckle, Tennessee. In case you’re curious, the names and locations of all of the nominees are posted on the Paint Quality Institute website at blog.paintquality.com.

So while we know that Kennebunkport (thanks to historic buildings like the Maine Stay Inn, that have been lovingly restored over the years) certainly is a prettier place than Ogunquit, it will be lots of fun to see where the judges place us!  And while there’s no voting, you can rest assured that we have submitted lots of fantastic photography of Kennebunkport to showcase its architectural richness.  Keep your fingers crossed that this panel thinks Kennebunkport is as beautiful as you and I know it is!

The Kennebunkport Festival Draws to a Close

June 5th, 2011 by avadmin

The Kennebunkport Festival has brought much excitement to Kennebunkport Maine during the past five days, as food, wine, and fine art have filled this quaint New England community.  Held the week following Memorial Day, the

Kennebunkport Festival Art Show

Don't miss out on the amazing artwork around town during the Kennebunkport Festival!

Kennebunkport Festival is a wonderful way to kick off summer, and enjoy some of the things that make the area particularly unique as a vacation destination.

Some of the most popular events include the Art of Dining dinners held at some of the stunning private residences that dot the area, the chic After Parties, the Grand Tasting, and Brews and Tunes.  The Art of Dining dinners are hosted by incredible chefs, creating custom meals inspired by renowned area artists.  There’s plenty of opportunity to peep at these gorgeous homes, as well as admire the phenomenal artwork present for the evening (but I must admit that the oogling peaks my interest most!).

No matter where you choose to dine, you can take advantage of the rockin’ parties each night at some of the chicest spots in town.  Some of the hotspots this year were Bandaloop Restaurant and Stripers.  With signature cocktails, light apps and great music, the After Party is a great way to spend the evening in Kennebunkport Maine.

A gorgeous afternoon in Kennebunkport Maine

A spectacular afternoon!

On a gorgeous early summer afternoon, guests and residents alike visited the Colony Hotel, situated about a mile outside of downtown, to view an incredible display of artwork.  While there, many chose not to miss out on the Grand Tasting, with samples from over 60 restaurants and wineries.  Held on their poolside patio, it was the ideal venue for this event.  Casual mingling and noshing was the perfect way to spend an afternoon.  Back in Dock Square, hundreds headed to the marina for three hours of live music.  While burgers and beers were available (hence the name “Brews and Tunes”), many just enjoyed the perfect spring afternoon.

At our Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfast, we’re already looking forward to next year’s Kennebunkport Festival, which is sure to be better than ever.