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Maine Bed and Breakfasts Prepare for "Walk to Bethlehem"

December 7th, 2011 by avadmin

In preparation for this weekend’s celebration of Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport, the innkeepers of several Maine Bed and Breakfasts, including the Maine Stay, did a trial run of the “Walk to Bethlehem” yesterday.  We’re all so excited!  But what, you might ask, is this walk?  Well, think back to that very first Christmas story… Joseph and Mary, very much with child, search tirelessly for a

Christmas Prelude Hat Parade in Kennebunkport Maine

This year's "Walk to Bethlehem" might not be as hilarious as last weekend's Crazy Hat Parade, it is sure to be a blast!

place to rest their heads and bring baby Jesus into the world.  But inn after inn is full, and they find themselves repeatedly turned away, until a generous innkeeper makes room for them in his stable.  Apparently re-enactments of this famous search are performed in many cultures around the globe each Christmas, so we thought, what better place to conduct such a search than in Kennebunkport Maine with its multitude of excellent B&Bs?!  The planning began just about a year ago, and will culminated in the first annual “Walk to Bethlehem” among Maine Bed and Breakfasts.

Get ready, because 4:00 on Saturday is quickly approaching!  Visitors and locals alike are encouraged to gather at the Captain Jefferds Inn, the first stop on our festive journey.  Caroling will be interspersed with short Bible readings and commentary from a local pastor, and the brief walks between our Maine Bed and Breakfasts will be lighted by luminaries.  But the best part is sure to be the amateur acting by the innkeepers and staff (though, we must mention that Joseph will be played by a very generous – and good spirited – volunteer).  I, for one, am ready for some great laughs!  The procession, led by Mary on horseback, will continue throughout the Kennebunkport Maine historic district and commence at the Captain Lord Mansion barn (seriously, could we have planned any better?!).  In celebration of baby Jesus’s speedy birth (I think we have allocated all of about 30 seconds), we hope you will join us for more singing, cups of cocoa, and oodles of homemade Christmas cookies!  It’s time to get in the holiday spirit!

Christmas Prelude is Underway in Kennebunkport Maine

December 3rd, 2011 by avadmin

Kennebunkport Maine is alive with the activities of Christmas Prelude, and tonight is no exception! Now that the tree has been lit with its signature lobster topper, town looks particularly festive.  That

Christmas Prelude Tree Topper in Kennebunkport Maine

The signature lobster-topped tree in downtown Kennebunkport Maine

said, this time of year is always especially cheerful, with Christmas trees lining the downtown area, light posts wrapped in garlands, and historic homes (including our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast) sparkling with their Christmas lights.  In 2010, over 9,000 people lined the streets to celebrate the 29th anniversary of Christmas Prelude, and while the total for 2011 hasn’t been tallied yet, estimates are that the 30th year was an even bigger hit!

This afternoon’s activities featured a multitude of craft fairs, shopping extravaganzas, art shows, and, of course, the signature Crazy Hat Parade.  We strolled leisurely from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast downtown, feeling sorry for the lines of traffic unknowingly driving (or attempting to drive) through Dock Square, as the streets were barricaded for over an hour for this annual event. On the bright side though, they got front row seat to this fantastic event!  Crowds lined the street (akin to a miniature version of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade) while several hundred enthusiastic folks donned on the most ridiculous costumes and hats you could imagine.  Laughter and cheering followed each group, and children were rewarded for their patience and cooperation with candy canes!  For a full recap of images, check out our Facebook album dedicated to Christmas Prelude 2011.

The incredible array of activities continue well into the evening and throughout tomorrow, but if you didn’t make it this weekend there is still some availability to join us next weekend for Prelude Round 2!  Tonight many will enjoy the candlelit caroling at the Franciscan Monastery, festive dinners at our fantastic area restaurants, dancing in Cape Porpoise, and live music.  Now, we’re off for lobster dinner at the Washington Hose Fire Station for an old fashioned lobster bake!  Hope to see you there!

Kennebunkport Maine Celebrates Small Business Saturday

November 26th, 2011 by avadmin

Kennebunkport Maine Shopping in Dock Square

Dock Square - Perfect for holiday shopping in Kennebunkport Maine

The small boutiques, galleries, and antique shops that line the streets in Kennebunkport Maine are perfect for filling Christmas stockings and completing wish-lists, but they also make the ideal location for participating in Small Business Saturday.  Now, this charming New England village might not have any big box stores for your Black Friday sprees (although all your faves are at your fingertips just up the road in Biddeford), but it does have countless opportunities for one-of-a-kind gifts.  Next year, when planning your Thanksgiving getaway, don’t despair – you can still indulge in your Black Friday traditions when visiting Kennebunkport Maine. Every year at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast we have a visitor or two who head off (no matter the time or weather) in order to score big deals for their Christmas lists, but every year they return to stroll our scenic streets.  And with the innovation of Small Business Saturday, Kennebunkport can fulfill any shopper’s needs for the holiday season.  So here’s just a smattering of the incredible small businesses in town sure to have just the thing you’re looking for:

  • For classic women’s wear, check out Carla’s Boutique, known for their high and and even higher quality apparel. If you’re in need of something a little trendier, try Benoits – but be forewarned, their jewelry is so fabulous you might not be able to leave empty handed!  American Sailor will satisfy the whole family’s need for seaside prep, while Zen and Company caters to those looking for Bohemian chic.
  • Abacus and Complements both offer unique and hand-crafted options for jewelry and home accessories – no cookie cutter gifts here!
  • Port Shoes offers comfortable footwear ideal for exploring Kennebunkport Maine, but with personality and style.  Plus, it’s the only spot in town to find the North Face products (check that off your list!).
  • Living room need a boost?  Check out Minka Home or Spaces for modern accessories with spunk.
  • Unique gifts for kiddos and adults alike are easily found at DayTrip Jr. and DayTrip Society.
So next year when planning your holiday shopping adventures, Kennebunkport Maine should top your list!  Happy Holidays!

Kennebunkport Maine And Its Wacky Weather

November 20th, 2011 by avadmin

We all know that the weather in Kennebunkport Maine and all of New England is entirely unpredictable, but this year it seems especially fickle.  Today, it hit 60 degrees, but exactly one year ago today it was a paltry 26 degrees!  But on Halloween, New England was walloped with an unprecedented October snowstorm, requiring plowing of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast multiple times.  After that, who would have thought that you would need, or even want, your short-sleeved clothing and flip-flops out again?  Not us!

Fall in Kennebunkport Maine

Wreaths and Pumpkins!

But here in Kennebunkport Maine, we are clinging dearly to these lovely, mild days so characteristic of the early fall.  In fact, we haven’t even been able to part with our decorative pumpkins or flowering mums.  Even our newly blooming roses are really confused, but they certainly are beautiful.  With a colder stretch expected later in the week, we wonder how many more of the buds will actually bloom before winter sets in.  No matter what the roses might indicate, the reality is that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and our famous Christmas Prelude a mere 12 days away.  Despite clinging on to autumn, our Christmas decorations are going up – and looking slightly ridiculous surrounded by flowers and pumpkin.

Even still, plans for Thanksgiving evening refreshments and Christmas cookies are in the works.  And since these 60 degree days surely won’t last forever, we are eagerly awaiting the installation of our exterior winter mudroom – not only will it help keep the snow from being tracked inside the house, but those nor’easter winds will stay right where they belong – outside.  So when visitors return after the new “Walk to Bethlehem” or the “Pooch Parade” during the second weekend of Christmas Prelude, they can lounge in the living room, enjoying a glowing fire without being disturbed by a breeze through the front door! But no matter what time of year you decide to visit Kennebunkport Maine, make sure to prepare for whatever Mother Nature might throw our way.  No matter what the weather forecast has in store, though, the natural beauty of this area is irrepressible.

Top 10: November in Kennebunkport Maine

November 12th, 2011 by avadmin

The leaves are finally falling here in Kennebunkport Maine (although many are remarkably still near their peak), and the town is settling in to its even more relaxed rhythm.  But an evening run along the beach a few nights ago got me thinking about why November in Maine is so spectacular.  Granted, I am a little partial – my very first visit to Kennebunkport was at Thanksgiving, so this season brings back so many wonderful memories.  That said, the late fall is incredible!  So here are my top ten reasons to visit town this month:

November Sunset in Kennebunkport Maine

A November Sunset in Kennebunkport Maine

10.  Decorations – whether you choose to visit near the beginning and witness spooky Halloween decor or fun celebrations of the autumn harvest (think houses decked out with pumpkins, gourds, hay bales, and cornstalks) or instead arrive as Kennebunkport Maine prepares for its annual Christmas Prelude festival, it is sure to be beautiful.  Honestly, I am astounded each day as I drive through the community by the lengths locals go to “get in the spirit” this time of year.  Strolls through the historic districts of Kennebunkport and Kennebunk alike are sure to amaze you.  Plus, at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, we’ve got self-guided tours to steer you in the right direction!

9.  The beaches – yes, at this time of year they’re quiet.  Perfect for drinking in unobstructed views of the sea.  With no sand castle obstacles at your feet, you could walk for hours without any interruption.  Leave your cell in the car and you’re certain to enjoy a true escape!

8.  Snuggling by a roaring fire!  Honestly, what could be better than cuddling with your special someone on a chilly night?  One you don’t have to stoke yourself!  So pour yourself a mug of cocoa, slip into a cozy robe, and let the relaxation begin.

7.  Thanksgiving – okay, I’ve got to put in a plug for one of my favorite holidays.  No only is everyone getting into the holiday spirit, their visits are drama free – yep, no family squabbles here!  Not in the mood for cooking a turkey with all the fixings? Let one of our Kennebunkport restaurants do it for you, or just join us for light refreshments (and fabulous company) in the evening.

6.  Fall foods – everyone seems to have hopped aboard the local food train, and we’re simply stoked!  So in addition to Maine staples gracing your plates, you’re sure to find some delectable fall faves – pumpkin, cranberry, yams and more.  And breakfast at the Maine Stay is no exception – seasonal recipes, here we come!

5.  Dinner when you want it.  This quieter season means tables are to be had (with and even without reservations) at the choicest of dining times.  So what’s for dinner?

4.  Crunching through the fallen leaves.  Enough said.

3.  Early sunrises – that means plenty of time for a sunrise hike or a brisk morning run before tucking into one of our hearty morning meals.  And what could beat a sunrise over the Atlantic?

2.  Shopping -  bargains, deals, and steals, oh my!  There are savings to be had at all the boutiques in Dock Square and Lower Village, as well as at the famous Kittery and Freeport Outlets, so get all of your holiday shopping done during one trip and at unbeatable prices.

1.  The deals!  November 1 marked the start of our “Peaceful Season,” which means you’ll get the same great accommodations, wonderful food, and special treatment you’ve come to expect at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, but at low, low prices – don’t miss out!