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Getting Ready for New Year’s Eve in Kennebunkport!

December 30th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

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Looking forward to watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop from Kennebunkport

After a bit of relaxation time over the Christmas holiday, we’ve returned with renewed vigor to start preparing to ring in the new year in Kennebunkport.  While some people choose to enjoy dinners out, many guests decide to enjoy the festivities right inside the Maine Stay Inn with our annual New Year’s Eve party.  What started years ago as a way for innkeepers, staff, local friends, and of course any guests in a low key evening, has become so much more and I am just bubbling with anticipation for tomorrow night!  No, you won’t find a formal, sit-down dinner here – just loads and loads of fresh and delicious noshes to keep everyone chugging well past midnight.  And while the celebration always starts as a laid back evening, we always undoubtedly transition into an assortment of fun group games.  It might not seem possible, but the merriment has almost caused us to miss the ball dropping two years in a row!  This year, I’m setting an alarm clock!  Not everyone lasts until the clock strikes 12, but I am always impressed with the crowd that gathers just in time to watch that Swarovski crystal globe light up.  Now we keep with beverages comin’ with the non-alcoholic variety, but anyone and everyone is welcome to bring their favorite adult beverage to toast the New Year.  Otherwise they’ll be clinking glasses with sparkling apple cider with me – because I’ve got to make sure that New Year’s day brunch goes off without a hitch!  So let the countdown to 2014 begin, because we in Kennebunkport are eagerly awaiting our New Year’s Eve party!

Celebrating Anniversaries at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

November 24th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

Enjoy a gourmet breakfast delivered to your door or in the company of others in our main dining room!

Enjoy a gourmet breakfast delivered to your door or in the company of others in our main dining room!

Anniversaries are a very special event in each of our lives, and today we had the pleasure of sharing a very special one at our Maine bed and breakfast, as innkeepers Judi and Walter celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.  But no matter the number of years, it is always a treat to witness the caring and affection shared by couples who treat each other to a little bit of luxury during this special getaway.  Although, I have to admit, when it comes to anniversaries, we don’t usually see too much of the love-birds, because they often enjoy the opportunity to have breakfast delivered to the door in some of our suites!  So while Judi and Walter were still up early, buzzing about the Maine Stay, they had the opportunity to share their special day with some wonderful visitors, some of whom were even celebrating anniversaries of their own.  And fortunately for visitors and residents alike, there are almost limitless possibilities for enjoying a romantic dinner in the Kennebunkport area.  Whether you want an intimate candle-lit dinner overlooking the water or a five star dining experience with servers in bow ties and cumber buns, the area around our Maine bed and breakfast has it all, which means that you can enjoy a romantic meal before heading back to the inn.  And with many rooms and suites offering king sized beds, gas fireplaces, whirlpool tubs, and cozy sofas for snuggling, you can indulge in a little bit of rest, relaxation, and pampering during your anniversary getaway.  Now, everyone visiting our Maine bed and breakfast will enjoy afternoon tea and freshly baked cookies and gourmet breakfast, but when folks are celebrating an anniversary, we try to add a little extra surprise to make their stay extra memorable, so the next time you have a special event to celebrate, treat your special someone to a Kennebunkport getaway!

Kennebunkport Luxury Hotels Are Perfect for Destination Weddings

September 17th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

It seems like everyone I know is tying the knot – some for the first time, others are remarrying, and some are celebrating anniversaries with vow renewals – and with destinations weddings on the rise, Kennebunkport luxury hotels are stepping up to the plate.  In fact, we are excited to be hosting a small wedding this weekend at the Maine Stay!  We are all really stoked, because not only are we expecting a fantastic fall weekend, but the bride

Let's cut the cake in Kennebunkport!

Let’s cut the cake in Kennebunkport!

and groom are quite possibly the sweetest couple ever.  The truth is, though, that every wedding, celebrating the love between two great people, is something that deserves much fanfare, but for a lot of people, the idea of a party with hundreds of people just isn’t appealing.  And fortunately, destination weddings for smaller groups have become a great alternative way to celebrate their big day.  Because Kennebunkport luxury hotels tend to be more intimate than those in cosmopolitan areas, we’ve become a great place to make those special memories.  But just like with a traditional wedding, brides and grooms planning destination weddings have lots to think about – not the least of which is where to have their ceremony and reception.  Some couples choose to have both in the same spot, while others do a little moving locations.  And for those who want to exchange their vows right on the water, there’s tons of coastline that is perfect for just that purpose!  Others go for a more traditional church service, and Kennebunkport offers tons of denominations (and architectural styles) to choose from, while even more opt to take advantage of the great backyard at the Maine Stay Inn.  And this weekend, the happy couple will be tying the knot right on the beach and return to the inn for their outdoor reception.  But best of all, because they’ve pared down their guest list to just their closest friends and family members, everyone will be around to enjoy a delicious breakfast the next morning!  In my mind, that’s one of the best parts of having a small destination wedding – your guests can enjoy the whole experience with you.  And since a gourmet breakfast is always included, you won’t even have to think about organizing a farewell brunch!  So if you’re thinking about having your wedding at one of the Kennebunkport luxury hotels, just let us know what is most important to you for your special day.

Fireworks on the Fourth in Kennebunkport Maine

July 3rd, 2013 by Judi Hauer

Check out the fireworks from the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport Maine jetties!

Check out the fireworks from the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport Maine jetties!

It’s hard to believe that July Fourth is upon us, but that means that we will get to enjoy fireworks commemorating Independence Day in Kennebunkport Maine!  There aren’t too many small towns in New England (or anywhere in the country, for that matter) that are lucky enough to enjoy fireworks displays as large or involved as ours, and boy, are we ever lucky!  And considering our seaside location and undulating coastline, there are lots of great spots to enjoy the show.  While I think the best way enjoy the Fourth festivities are found on foot, any of the viewing spots are also accessible by car – as long as you’re willing to wait a little while to get your buggy back to the Maine Stay Inn.  Since the fireworks are shot off from Narragansett Point between Gooch’s and Middle beaches, the Kennebunk beaches are a great place to watch the Kennebunkport Maine fireworks.  Plus, you’ll get the full experience because you’ll even smell the gunpowder (one of my favorite aspects to a July Fourth fireworks display)!  But if you’d rather stay a little farther away, you can pick a spot on the jetty overlooking Gooch’s Beach.  Any of the peaceful outcroppings of rock along Ocean Avenue are also great locations to watch the fireworks, but my absolute favorite spot is the jetty popping out from Colony beach.  Just about a half mile from our Kennebunkport Maine bed and breakfast, it gives you a chance for a leisurely after dinner stroll before the show.  Best of all, you can stop at the ice cream window of Mabel’s Lobster Claw for a delicious treat on your way!  But one of my favorite things about watching the fireworks in town is that you’ll also see the York and Ogunquit firework shows in the distance – it’s like getting three shows in one.  Wishing everyone in Kennebunkport Maine and across the country a happy fourth of July!

Kennebunkport Hotels and B&Bs Gear Up for July 4th!

July 1st, 2013 by Judi Hauer

Our flag will be flying high on July 4th!

Our flag will be flying high on July 4th!

Summer is in the air and all around town you can feel the excitement gearing up for July 4th, and the Kennebunkport hotels and bed and breakfasts are certainly no exception!  To show our patriotism and our sense of celebration, everyone is encouraged to dress their best in red, white, and blue this Thursday.  And with our flags out and flying proudly, we’re excited to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day!  Plus, since it falls on a Thursday, that means that most folks will be enjoying a long weekend, and will be just that much more relaxed when visiting Kennebunkport.  We’re also looking forward to taking our red, white, and blue theme a bit farther – right into the kitchen!  And unlike the Kennebunkport hotels, the Maine Stay Inn will be serving its gourmet breakfast with an infusion of patriotic colors, but I am not about to spoil the surprise by leaking hints about the menu – you’ll just have to wait for updates on that!  But if you’re really itching for some inspiration, you can check out our Facebook page on the morning of the 4th to see a snapshot of this year’s tasty treats.

Now, what would the fourth of July be without incredible fireworks?  Well, I’m not sure I’d want to know, and fortunately for us and for visitors to Kennebunkport, there is always a fantastic show right off the Kennebunk beaches.  And with a viewing spot on Colony beach (named for its location just across the street from the Kennebunkport hotels property) or out on the jetty, you can enjoy the sights, while simultaneously catching a glimpse of the Ogunquit and York fireworks in the distance.  Obviously I know which ones I prefer!  I have to admit, though, the reason that I am partial to this spot.  Yes, it’s a just a short walk from the Maine Stay, which means that you don’t have to fight the post-show gridlock (basically the only time we see traffic in this town!), but it’s perfectly situated so you can grab a cup or cone of your favorite ice cream at Mabel’s ice cream window before staking claim on your viewing spot.  Mmmm!  No matter where you choose to view the fireworks in town this weekend, it’s clear that at the Kennebunkport hotels and B&Bs are getting excited for July 4th!

Happy Father’s Day from Kennebunkport Maine!

June 16th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

A special Father's Day surprise for Walter!

A special Father’s Day surprise for Walter!

Father’s Day weekend brought lots of sunshine to Kennebunkport Maine, which was a great way for Mother Nature to honor dads everywhere, and we were excited to host some incredible dads this weekend.  Because the weather was so incredible, most decided to spend lots of time outside, except, of course, when the Sox and Bruins were playing!  While some dads decided to hit the beach for some fun in the sun (and quite a few forgot their sunscreen!), others decided to do some different things, and heading out for a bike ride was one of this weekend’s top activities.  Some folks decided to rent bikes and cruise through town and along the beach, while others bought their own and headed out to explore the Eastern Trail, which stretches from Kittery to Portland.  Although, I must admit, none were up to traverse that whole distance this weekend!  The Schooner Eleanor hosted quite a few proud fathers this weekend on a glorious and peaceful sail around the Kennebunkport Maine coastline.  And while golfing is typically a big draw on Father’s Day Weekend, it seems like this year many were just happy to relax in the backyard with their families.  Yes, the hammocks got a workout this weekend!  Now, I have to mention that while my dad and I spent lots of quality time together working on the gardens at the Maine Stay Inn, I somehow managed to pull off a special little surprise – a raised garden bed just for Walter’s tomatoes!  Some of you might remember that Walter’s tomato plants are like his babies, but a few years ago, after sneaking plants into almost every flower bed and planter throughout the property, he failed to produce a single red tomato.  So since we never want that to happen again, it’s time that his plants have their very own turf!  And while I really enjoyed spending some quality time with dear old Dad (and still managed to pull off a little surprise), it was just as much fun watching fathers spend time with their families here in Kennebunkport Maine.  It was clear to me that newbie and veteran dads alike enjoyed the chance to kick back and enjoy their families without any of the worries or stresses that come with everyday life, and we were honored to treat some dads to breakfast in bed (it’s not just for moms, you know!) and delicious treats in the afternoon and just help make their weekend extra special.  So Happy Father’s Day, Dads, from all of us in Kennebunkport Maine!

Celebrating Memorial Day Weekend in Kennebunkport Maine!

May 22nd, 2013 by Judi Hauer

It’s hard to believe that Memorial Day Weekend is finally here, and that means that summer has arrived in Kennebunkport Maine!  We have spent the past few weeks refurbishing the front porch, and now that the tables and chairs and lounging furniture is out, we’re ready to celebrate.  So this Memorial Day Weekend, you can enjoy our gourmet breakfast on the wraparound porch, relax with some fresh iced

Welcome to Kennebunkport!

Welcome to Kennebunkport!

tea, or simply sit back and watch the horse drawn carriages pass by.  And Kennebunkport Maine is certainly a great place to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation – I mean, what could be better than the soothing sound of the ocean?  But many also enjoy Memorial Day Weekend as a time to get out and about, take part in fun outdoor activities, and indulge in lots of yummy food.  Guess what?  Kennebunkport’s got everything you need!  It’s a great time to consider renting bikes or kayaks and to enjoy a different view of town or check out one of the countless nature preserves in the area.  And while most shops, galleries, and restaurants have been open for ages, the last few doors are finally wide open.  That means it’s prime retail therapy time!  But you do have to take a break from whatever your daily activities entail, and there’s no better way than with a frosty treat.  Fortunately for Kennebunkport Maine, there are more than a few ice cream/frozen yogurt shops within easy walking distance of the Maine Stay Inn.  Last spring a great new Artisan Ice Cream shop, Rococo, emerged with its gourmet twist on an old fashioned favorite, while just down the street, Yo Goody’s offers a stunning array of yogurt options.  But traditionalists, don’t despair – there are great options for your favorite flavors of that cool, creamy confection.  And with restaurants abounding you’ll find something for every appetite, but if you can’t enjoy a holiday weekend without firing up the grill, you’re welcome to bring your favorite ingredients and fire ‘em up in the back yard.  Now, no Memorial Day weekend would be complete without a parade, and we certainly won’t let you down – just make sure not to miss it on Monday!  Whatever you prefer to complete your Memorial Day Weekend, you’re sure to find it in Kennebunkport Maine!

Easter Sunday in Kennebunkport

March 29th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

Hippity-hoppity-hippity-hoppity Easter’s on its way… to Kennebunkport! Easter Sunday really is right around the corner, and all corners of town are gearing up to celebrate.  Although Kennebunkport might be a quaint little town with just over 3,000 people, there are a surprising number of churches that are open for Easter services (and even more that open once the weather gets warmer).  Here are a selection of congregations – I hope I didn’t miss too many!

  • Literally steps from the Maine Stay Inn lies the Village Baptist Church, and while it’s known for its musicalchurch 1 performances, many people know it as the steeple-less church.  I was certainly curious about the sudden removal of the belfry (have you ever seen that before?  Because I sure haven’t!), and learned that in November 2008, it was determined that the bell tower had grown structurally unsound after a history of improper care.  The original bells were removed, and the church has been working on raising the funds to have a new tower built.  They’re getting close, and it will be a very exciting day when a new steeple goes up and the historic bells ring again!
  • If you continue along Maine Street and onto North Street, you’ll find the First Congregational Church just before you reach a picturesque horse farm (with a Christmas tree farm in its infancy).
  • Just behind the Dock Square parking lot, with lovely views of the inlet, South Congregational Church is home to a United Church of Christ congregation and is one of the most iconic structures in downtown Kennebunkport.
  • Just across the bridge, you can partake in services at the Sea Road Church, an Adventist Christian congregation.  It’s probably one of the few recently constructed churches in the area, but it’s strong, closely knit congregation would indicate otherwise.
  • Those looking for a Catholic mass have two great options in the area.  Some enjoy the unique atmosphere at St. Anthony’s Franciscan Monastery, occupying 70 acres along the river, and outdoor services when the weather permits, while others choose to pop over to St. Martha’s on Route 1 in Kennebunk.
  • You’ll also find the First Church in Kennebunk, a Unitarian Universalist congregation with a community, rather than biblical, focus.

But if you’re not religious or are simply traveling with youngsters, there are two fun Easter egg hunts happening this weekend, one on Saturday at the Messiah Christian Church in Wells, and one on Sunday at Loranger Middle School in Old Orchard Beach.  Whether your celebrating with us in Kennebunkport or  at home, we’re wishing everyone a happy and healthy Easter!

Kennebunkport Festival 2013 is Coming!

March 28th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

Each year during the first week of June, an exciting food, wine, and art festival comes to town and this year is no exception, as we welcome the Kennebunkport Festival 2013!  So for six full days (or as few or many as you would like!) you can indulge in the finest dining prepared by chefs from the most renowned restaurants in the state.  But it

Sunset from the bridge during Kennebunkport Festival 2012

Sunset from the bridge during Kennebunkport Festival 2012

gets even better, because while you can choose from events at local fine dining restaurants or at incredible private residences throughout Kennebunkport that are open exclusively for these events.  More interested in the adult beverages?  There will be cocktail parties at different restaurants each night, a casual event featuring local beers, as well as the Grand Tasting, featuring products from Cellardoor Winery and Nappi Distributors.

There is one thing, though, that sets this event apart from other food and wine festivals, and that is the incorporation of the arts into this celebration that embodies some of the best parts about Kennebunkport.  So while this quaint village offers a plethora of stunning galleries for your year round viewing pleasure, during this week, some of the most talented artists gather their works for viewing all together with phenomenal edible works of art at your fingertips to enhance your viewing pleasure.  Worried about splurging on one of the Art of Dining experience during your first Kennebunkport Festival experience?  Don’t worry!  Because there is plenty to enjoy without committing to an elegant dinner.  Consider the Historic Inns of Kennebunkport‘s Second Annual Garden Parties, any of the luxe cocktail hours, or even Brews and Tunes, a beer tasting with live music from local artists.  But if you still aren’t ready to commit to tickets, you can still enjoy the wonderful weather that graces Kennebunkport during early June, the amazing restaurants, stunning galleries, and other events held throughout town that aren’t part of the official Kennebunkport Festival 2013.  We’re really looking forward to this celebration and hope you are too!

Celebrating Easter and Passover at a Maine Bed and Breakfast!

March 26th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

This is one of the few times of year when two major faiths are celebrating holidays – Passover and Easter – and we think that there’s no better place to enjoy the festivities than at a Maine bed and breakfast!  So not only is Spring really here, but millions of people around the world are celebrating (not to mention enjoying the amazing edible confections!).  And despite the fact that Kennebunkport is a small village, there are churches of all denominations in town and nearby communities, as well as a synagogue just a few miles away in Biddeford, so no matter your faith,

A view of Cape Porpoise Harbor from Pier 77

A view of Cape Porpoise Harbor from Pier 77

there are plenty of opportunities to observe, if you so choose.  If you’re at all like me, though, the thing you look forward to most is enjoying some great meals, and fortunately, most restaurants will be in full force on Easter Sunday.  But if you are looking for something a little more upscale to celebrate, you might consider Pier77, Cape Arundel Inn or One Dock.  All of three offer great views of the water (although One Dock is really more known for its views of town, instead of the bits of the inlet). Not ready to commit to an elegant supper or set reservation time?  Don’t worry!  Great staples like Federal Jack’s and Alisson’s Restaurant are serving just a short stroll from our Maine bed and breakfast.

No matter your religious preferences, many folks have dietary restrictions at some point throughout the year, and we’re happy to accommodate your needs in any way possible.  So if you’re fasting during the day and need breakfast before sunrise or need to head out for early services, we’re happy to deliver a cold breakfast the night before for you to enjoy whenever you like.  And if you can’t eat leavened products, grains, or animal products, we’ll happily oblige, just be sure to give us a little warning, so we can prepare a tasty breakfast that meets your needs.  We want to make your experience at our Maine bed and breakfast a great one, during Passover, Easter, and throughout the year!