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Baby Make Three – Traveling with Kids in Kennebunkport Maine

July 23rd, 2013 by Judi Hauer

With entertainment and social media buzzing about the Royal Baby, it got me thinking about couples traveling with their infants or kids in Kennebunkport Maine.  Now, it’s true that many parents choose Kennebunkport as a destination for a quick getaway without their little ones, because of its easy access and proximity to major metropolitan areas in the northeast (that means that in the event of an emergency, moms won’t be too far away).

Kid sized adirondack chairs welcome kids to the backyard

Kid sized adirondack chairs welcome kids to the backyard

But there are lots of families that aren’t quite ready to leave their kiddos behind, and at the Maine Stay Inn, we believe they deserve a relaxing romantic getaway too!  So while the main house isn’t set up to accommodate families with young children, our cottage suites offer an ideal setup – plus, they are generally larger, which is a necessity for families.  And since breakfast will be delivered to your door (Breakfast in bed for no charge?  Yes, please!), parents won’t even have to worry about those “indoor voices” lectures, getting their little ones out of their jammies, or their table manners.

Many first time parents, especially those traveling for the first time with their kids, don’t have the essentials to make travel safe and comfortable for their little one.  Fortunately, we’re prepared for you!  No, you’re not going to have to squeeze a whole family into one bed, because we have sturdy cribs that meet the new federal guidelines for crib safety and can even outfit them with bumpers, sheets and blankets.  For bigger kids, we have many rooms that have Tempurpedic sleeper sofas, and without a bar, kids (and adults too) are sure to enjoy a restful night in Kennebunkport Maine.  Some parents worry that a bed and breakfast won’t welcome their families because many have a strict “no kids” policy, but that sure isn’t the case here!  In fact, we even keep a supply of backyard and sand toys just for their entertainment.  The truth is, though, that we want everyone to have the best possible experience during their vacation, so we’ve set things up so that they are the most respectful of families, as well as those who are looking for a break from theirs.  So if William and Kate (or any parents) decide to tote Baby Cambridge to Kennebunkport Maine for a relaxing vacation, they’re sure to be welcomed with open arms.

Spending Father’s Day at a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast

June 16th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

I don’t know about you, but there are only a few things that my dad cares about on Father’s Day – good food, good beer, and good golf – and fortunately all three are things you can find in and around our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  And while I feel like I harp on it a lot while blogging, there is such great food in Kennebunkport!  Whether you’re looking for an elegant steak dinner or

Father's Day in Kennebunkport

A beautiful Father's Day weekend in Kennebunkport!

just a great burger, you’re certain to find a fantastic meal for every taste and every budget very nearby.  When it comes to beer, however, there are two places in particular that bear mentioning.  Federal Jack’s pumps house-made beers up from the Kennebunkport Brewing Company, located directly beneath them (along with other brands in bottles, cans, and kegs), and serves as the largest craft brewery in Maine.  But if imports are more his thing, Ryan’s Corner House is a great spot to check out for an assortment of brews served at an awesome bar with quite a variety of great Irish blends.  Plus, since both are walking distance to the Maine Stay Inn, he can imbibe without worrying about finding a DD!

Unfortunately, this year my dad didn’t get a chance to hit any balls, because, instead, he helped me clean and move to my new house!  But we still got in some quality father-daughter time, right?  Since Father’s Day isn’t quite here yet, I am holding out hope that he might be able to sneak in a round at one of the great area courses.  Both Webhannet Golf Course and the Cape Arundel Golf Course offer 18 holes and incredible views and even take reservations for non-members (though not more than a week in advance)! But if the kiddos are tagging along for this Father’s Day getaway, you might consider the par-3 course, called Hillcreast, or even one of the cute mini-golf courses in Wells like Wonder Mountain.  But no matter what Dad likes, he is sure to enjoy an escape to a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast!

Morning Meal at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast

October 3rd, 2011 by avadmin

Because we try to offer as much flexibility to guests of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast  as possible, there is sometimes a little confusion about how we handle your first meal of the day.  So let’s take a few moments to get the facts straight!

  • Timing  Providing all our guests with a relaxing and enjoyable dining
    Kennebunkport bed and breakfast dining room

    The stained glass in our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast dining room

    experience is incredibly important, so we stagger seatings to give everyone a chance to enjoy a meal without being hurried.  In the dining room of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, we typically offer two seatings (8:30 and 9:30), but occasionally just have one around 9 – we’ll let you know in advance. Those staying in our Cottage Suites (with the exception of #1) all have private breakfast rooms, and thus have the option of having their breakfasts delivered to their door.  It’s the same meal served inside, but just wrapped up in a wicker basket and brought to you!  Delivery times are around 9 and around 10.  If those options don’t suit your schedule, we can always provide a cold breakfast (in the dining room or delivered) for you to eat at your leisure – think homemade granola, fruit, juice, etc.  For the non-morning people among you, fruit, juice, granola, and the baked good of the day (if applicable) is available in the dining room until 10:30.  But for any of these options, we need to know before the office closes at night so we can be ready for you!

  • Food allergies Our family has been managing food allergies for well over a decade, as our daughter, Johanna, has Celiac Disease.  Yes, that means providing gluten-free meals is our specialty!  We are happy to work around nearly any allergy, but need to know a week in advance so that we can plan adequately.  It is, however, important to remember that, as with most dining establishments, our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast is not entirely allergen free (flours, nuts, oils, etc. are on the premise), so while we take every precaution to ensure they aren’t in your food, we can never guarantee that cross-contamination cannot occur.
  • Other dietary restrictions Guests often visit our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast who don’t have food allergies but require other dietary modifications, which we are more than happy to accommodate, as long as they provide ample warning.  Because we plan our menus a week in advance, we request that you give us at least 7 days notice (but preferably when booking) of your special needs.  While we can’t guarantee that you will be served the same meal as everyone else, we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t leave hungry!
  • Families We absolutely love to have families visit our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, but unfortunately accommodations in the main house are not appropriate for little ones under 12.  Fortunately, the Cottage Suites offer ample options that function much better for families!  And because they have breakfast rooms, breakfast will be delivered to their door (or in nice weather to dining sets in the backyard).  This works best for everyone, because kiddos can eat in their jammies or swimsuits and no one has to worry about “indoor voices,” navigating the not-so-kid-friendly dining room furniture, or behaving in the dining room.
  • Menu The menu at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast changes daily, providing guests with a mix of sweet and savory entrees.  It is our goal to ensure that everyone starts their day off right with a hearty, balanced meal.  So that means you’re not going to have muffins or pastries served with your pancakes - think fruit, protein (eggs or meat or both), complex carbs, and sometimes some veggies too!  While we wish that our 1860 Victorian had a palatial kitchen that allowed us to cook to order, the fact is that it doesn’t.  The main house was actually built without a kitchen!  So since our 7′ x 7′ doesn’t really lend itself to ordering off a menu, it is extremely important that you let us know about your needs in advance!


A Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast for the Whole Family

August 23rd, 2011 by avadmin

Taking time out of everyday life to spend with loved ones is so important, and more often people are choosing to do double duty by enjoying a relaxing vacation with friends and family – and there’s no better place than our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast!  Whether you’re planning an all-out family reunion, a quick weekend getaway, or just a multi-generational vacation, the Maine Stay has accommodations to suit your needs.  Depending on your personal situation,

Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast for families

Cottage Suite 6 was great for our family trip to the Maine Stay!

there might be many rooms or suites that would work well, so here are some of our most popular configurations for families:

  • Family Cottage Suite 6: This two bedroom suite offers a queen bed in one room and two twin beds in a separate room.  The extremely comfortable sofa bed can be made up in the private living room, making this suite ideal for families of up to five.  The full eat-in kitchen and private bath round out the suite.  Sometimes, though, grandma and grandpa need a little space of their own, and Cottage Suite 7, while not adjoining, but next door, is a great option.
  • Smaller families often choose a Classic Cottage Suite (#10 or 11), each with two double beds.  Sometimes two families of four take both and choose to open the connecting doors.  This setup is also great for a girlfriends getaway to Kennebunkport Maine – yay for sleepovers!
  • When everyone in the family is twelve plus, the two suites in the main house also work beautifully.  Both the Captain Walker’s Suite and the Deluxe Fireplace Suite can accommodate up to 4 people, through the use of their Tempurpedic sleeper sofas.  Each has its own perk – #16 has a mahogany king sized bed, while #12 offers an additional seating area and easy access to a spare half bath (in addition to the private bath with jacuzzi).
  • Other times two bathrooms are a must (hello, teenage girls!), so families choose adjoining suites in our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  Contemporary cottage suites 8 and 9 each have king beds (although #9 also offers a sofa bed), which is a little comfier for taller folks, and can still sleep a total of six.  If the main house is more your style, the Deluxe Fireplace Suite and the Garden Room connect through a hallway (with a spare half bath – always good when families are around!), thus accommodating up to six people.  Two bathrooms and a private deck – what could be better for a family shindig?

The options don’t end there (especially as we are continually upgrading the property), but boring a reader is never a good thing.  So when planning your next family vacation or get-together, don’t discount a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast. We’re set up perfectly for hosting your loved ones – just ask!

A Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast for the Whole Family

July 10th, 2011 by avadmin

On this beautiful summer day, I looked out the office window in our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast to find three generations of a family enjoying the sunshine.  Fortunately, this is not a rarity.  Whether families choose to vacation

Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast room for families

Enjoy each other's company over breakfast in your private cottage suite!

in one suite or enjoy their own private quarters, the Maine Stay Inn is the ideal spot for multiple generations looking to spend quality time together!  Of course, spending a day at the beach is a perfect activity for groups with members of different ages and interests, especially the easily navigable ones that Kennebunkport Maine is so proud of.  The littlest ones are content to splash in the waves or build sandcastles, while the more mature often opt for long walks or lounging with a good book.  But best of all, I love to see families playing in the surf together or joining forces to build an incredible sandcastle.
The family excursions don’t stop at the beach, however.  One often enjoyed activity is the Intown Trolley tour, which rolls through town, ringing its bells for waving onlookers, pointing out scenic vistas and historic points of interest (usually for us more mature folks) while the kiddos itch for a chance to ring the bell on this classic trolley.  In a similar vein, the Seashore Trolley Museum offers a peek at transportation history and the chance to ride on antique rail cars. It’s difficult to describe what a gem this local museum is, but head over on a Thursday night for ice cream sundaes and no questions will remain in your mind!

A family enjoying volleyball at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast

A friendly volleyball match

Don’t feel like leaving our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast?  How about a friendly game of volleyball?  Try your hand at bocce, perfect for even the littlest in your clan.  I must admit, I have seen some heated rounds gracing our backyard!   But the best games of all are those invented by creative young minds, content to play freely in our expansive backyard (a bit of a rarity in Kennebunkport Maine), watched by their families relaxing in nearby lounge chairs outside their family cottage or joining in the fun.  And since July is Family Reunion Month, it may be time to consider planning your next family vacation (multiple generations or not) to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast – perfect for the whole family!