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Fall Foliage in New England

October 24th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

The 2012 Fall foliage in New England has been spectacular, with some truly spectacular colors.  And in Kennebunkport, we have been fortunate to enjoy quite a long foliage season.  While the weather forecasters have just announced that the area has become “past peak,” that certainly doesn’t mean that there aren’t lots of glorious leafy displays to enjoy in the area!  It’s particularly hard to

fall foliage in new england

Check out this gorgeous foliage display! And who said we were past peak?

believe that the weatherman thinks we’ve seen the best of the colors, because the giant maple outside my bedroom window is just beginning to turn yellow.  Fortunately, that means from mid-September through late October we (and visitors to our Maine bed and breakfast) can drink in the iconic displays of fall foliage in New England!

But since there are some trees that have passed their prime or are dropping their crimson leaves, the best opportunity to enjoy brightly colored leaves are in areas where there are oodles of trees.  One of the best spots for glimpsing these great hues is the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust.  With a variety of sites throughout town, you’re sure to find a favorite.  One of ours is the main site off of Gravelly Brook Road, which offers scenic paths leading to charming fields.  So grab your walking shoes and a camera, because this is a spot just waiting to explore!  Another glorious spot is one we’ve talked about often, because we just love it so much!  Just over the border in Wells, you’ll find the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm.  With seven miles of trails in a variety of terrain, you’ll even have the opportunity to enjoy the late fall foliage while walking a deserted beach!  But one of my favorite spots is the elevated pasture located at the center of this beautiful property.  So enjoy a leisurely hike through the trails, while enjoying the crunch of leaves under your feet and the colorful foliage arching above your head or kick back and relax in one of the sun-filled fields.  Here in Kennebunkport we are enjoying the last of fall foliage in New England and hope you are too!

Fall Fun in Kennebunkport Maine!

October 14th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

There’s no other way to describe autumn in Kennebunkport Maine than simply awesome, and a getaway with fun fall activities is the ideal way to make it even better!  What could be better than apple picking and corn mazes, or hayrides and pumpkin patches?  Since we are very big fans of utilizing local ingredients and seasonal produce, you’ll surely enjoy some classically New England fall fare while visiting the Maine Stay Inn.  Ever had pumpkin and sage “home fries”?  They’re such a treat, and we’ll even share the

pumpkin picking in Kennebunkport Maine

Don’t forget to pick up some pumpkins!

recipe if you’d like.  So get pickin’ so you can bring some Maine flavor home with you!

Not far from Kennebunkport Maine, you’ll find Spiller Farm, where you can pick your very own pumpkins – for painting, carving, or  (my personal favorite) eating!  It’s just over the border in the town of Wells, and is a great spot at any season (berries and veggies in the warmer weather and pumpkins and a few varieties of apples in the fall!).  But for mature orchards, check out Giles’ Family Farm, just up the road in Dayton, ME.

Also in Dayton, you’ll find a fantastic corn maze spanning 6 whole acres at Pumpkin Valley Farm!  In their 11th year, you’ll be sure to have a great time – and it’s fun for the whole family.  But if you are bringing along some pint-sized visitors on your trip to Kennebunkport Maine, you shouldn’t miss out on their giant pumpkin themed bounce-house style jumping pillow.  But a little closer to your home-away-from-home, you can enjoy a horse-drawn hayride at Rockin’ Horse Stables right here in Kennebunkport!  So take advantage of the beautiful fall weather to enjoy some classic autumn activities, and don’t forget to pop in to the main house for afternoon snacks and a cup of tea or mug of coffee to warm you up from those brisk October breezes.

Celebrating Columbus Day Weekend in Kennebunkport

October 4th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Columbus Day Weekend is upon us and with it comes some of incredibly fun fall events to enjoy in Kennebunkport.  The seasonal festivities are already underway, so if you can sneak out of work early, go for it!  Playing hooky from work Friday?  We won’t tell!  But if you find yourself in town during the morning or afternoon hours, don’t forget that you can actually tourthe Wedding Cake

a fall landscape in Kennebunkport

Enjoy a glorious Columbus Day Weekend!

House instead of just admiring it on the outside.  And with amazing weather in the forecast for tomorrow, hopping aboard one of the local multi-masted sailboats would be a great way to start off a special weekend escape.  Of course, there are always a plethora of activities and events to make your visit to a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast especially enjoyable, but in case you need some extra inspiration, here is a selection of some fun things happening in the area this weekend:

  • Catch a show at the Ogunquit Playhouse!  The Buddy Holly Show is a Rock ‘N Roll musical sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.
  • Looking for music that’s a little more “low key”?  Check out the organ and trumpet duo at Christ Church in downtown Kennebunk.
  • All weekend long you can enjoy the arts scene of Kennebunkport with the Maine Women In the Arts Fall Fine Art Show.  Just around the corner from the Maine Stay Inn, you’ll find it at the Masonic Hall, across the street from our local Post Office.  Keep your eyes peeled for some of the artists whose work graces our walls!
  • Fall Farm Fun Day in Ogunquit brings all of the best things about fall in New England to one place.  Go for a hayride, paint some spooky pumpkins, and even make your own scarecrow!
  • Get in touch with nature at Laudholm Farm at the Wells Reserve as you enjoy a guided walk.  Experience the glorious fall foliage up close and personal and learn something about the miracles of foliage in New England!

All of us are looking forward to a spectacular fall weekend and fall foliage season and can’t wait to share it with you!

Early Fall at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

September 25th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

September and October are prime times for leaf peeping in New England, and there’s no better place to experience all that encompasses foliage season than at a Maine Bed and Breakfast.  Despite some unusually chilly mornings lately, the days have been absolutely ideal for exploring the Maine coastline and taking in the changing of the leaves.  The iconic coves off the Atlantic become the perfect spot to take pictures, soak in some sunshine and just frolic at the water’s edge.  But sometimes you need another spot to explore other than the beach, and any of the staff at the Maine Stay Innis happy to help you figure out where to meander next – that’s part of the fun of visiting a Maine Bed and Breakfast!  But in case you’re feeling a little shy, here are a few of my favorite fall foliage oogling spots!

Maine fall foliage

Thanks to photographer Bob Dennis for this incredible shot off Ocean Avenue!

  • Parson’s Walk along Ocean Avenue.  Where else can you enjoy incredible views of the ocean and amazing architecture, featuring historical “cottages” sandwiched by modern reproductions.  Plus, you can make pit stops along the way at the shops and restaurants scattered between our Maine bed and breakfast and the Bush family compound and stop at St. Ann’s Episcopal church for one of the best nearly 360 degree views of the water.
  • The Kennebunkport Conservation Trust properties are great for hiking, especially at this time of year, when the foliage is beginning to blaze with color.  While these leisurely hikes may have been passed over for beachfront trails during the summer, they are a must-try during the autumn months!
  • Cape Porpoise and Goat Island Light – right here in Kennebunkport lies one of Maine’s smallest lighthouses, just off the pier in Cape Porpoise.  Kill two birds with one stone for this mini-expedition, as you’ll see a scenic harbor and working fish pier, a stunning lighthouse, and the foliage ablaze on and off shore.  What could be better than that?

The Atlantic Ocean, just steps away, is constantly changing the view, and during the autumn months, the leaves on the trees are as well, and it’s so exciting!  Plus, the opportunities to capture some incredible scenes exist at every turn.  So break out your walking shoes and your camera, and we’ll see you in Kennebunkport!

Maine Bed and Breakfast Offers Stunning September Specials!

September 4th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Welcome to Kennebunkport!

Now that Labor Day has passed, our Maine Bed and Breakfast wants to make sure that everyone enjoys a September getaway, because this is a hidden gem in Kennebunkport.  Many people think that summertime ends on Labor Day, but here in Maine, that couldn’t be farther from the truth!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, and I’d gladly shout it from any rooftop, because September is incredible!!!!  And after a hot summer like this one, the water is reaching record high temperatures at the beach.  Plus, if the summertime got away from you before you took that summer vacation, the Maine Stay Inn tries to make it as easy as possible to enjoy a beach vay-cay, by providing parking passes for the Kennebunk beaches, beach towels, chairs and umbrellas!  Yep, that means you don’t have to worry about shlepping any of those things from home.  It gets better, though, because if you want to reconnect with your inner child, we’ve got sand toys, boogie boards, and skim board to make your day on the sand and in the surf that much more fun.

Now you can enjoy all the incredible things about a getaway to Kennebunkport at an even lower price!  Visit our Maine Bed and Breakfast between now and September 20th and enjoy our “September Sizzler” pricing.  That means you can plan a relaxing five day, four night vacation and pay for only three! But if you can’t play hooky from work for four days, you can take advantage of a three night escape and save 50% on your third night.  That’s not all, though, because the Maine Stay is also offering guests the opportunity to stay for just $199 on any night from Sunday to Thursday (and that’s valid on a two night stay too!).  So choose from four rooms (Victorian Charm #15, Four Poster #18, or Cottage Suites 10 or 11) for just $199 plus tax, and you’ll still enjoy our unparalleled hospitality, gourmet breakfast, Summer Vacation Package, and afternoon tea and snacks while sticking to your budget.  Don’t let this amazing deal and this incredible weather pass you by, to start planning your Maine Bed and Breakfast vacation today!

April Vacation Week in Kennebunkport Maine

April 16th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

beach in kennebunkport maine

A great day for the beach in Kennebunkport Maine!

While it’s only Patriot’s Day and April Vacation week, it feels like summertime has arrived in Kennebunkport Maine, with temps spiking into the 80s today.  And with more of the same expected tomorrow and incredible, but not quite so hot, weather continuing this week, it really feels more like summer vacation is upon us!  And looking around town and our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, only two things seem to give it away that it’s really only April – the water is still super cold and there aren’t any leaves on the trees yet.  So while not too many are going for a swim, there are lots of great summer-like things to do around town this week.  Don’t worry, though, because if the surf is calling your name, we’ve still got lots of beach towels to dry you off!

In addition to the shopping and dining opportunities that exist all year long in Kennebunkport Maine and surrounding communities, there are oodles of great outdoor activities to occupy your visit this week.  But without any foliage to block the sun’s strong rays, be sure to remember lots of sunblock – sunburns hurt just as much now as they might in a few more months!  (And yes, that lesson was learned the hard way…)  This week many visitors are enjoying walks and picnics along the Kennebunk beaches, which tops the charts for length and convenience.  Plus, it’s just a two minute drive from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  Others seem to be hankering to dust off the hiking boots and really get in touch with nature, so Wells Reserve/Laudholm Farm is attracting lots of attention.  And with its ever-popular beach trail, you can get your fill of sand, sun, and streams all in one place.  But many visitors to Kennebunkport Maine are just celebrating this glorious stretch by relaxing in our very own backyard, enjoying our just-power washed assortment of comfy lawn furniture.  So whether you’re on va-cay or just looking to play some hooky, Kennebunkport’s calling your name – come play!

Signs Spring Has Arrived in Kennebunkport Maine

March 27th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

It’s official – Spring has arrived in Kennebunkport Maine!  Yes, it has now been springtime for a whole week and life around our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfastis showing signs that the annual reawakening is well underway.  Admittedly, the summer-like temps we experienced last week certainly helped expedite the process, but summer is definitely a-comin’!  Over the last few days,

magnolia blossoms in kennebunkport maine

Soon we'll be seeing blossoms like these in Kennebunkport Maine!

though, I have really noticed a few things around town that scream “Spring is here!”

While Kennebunkport Maine might not be quite as far along in its foliage progression (no, the Magnolias are not quite ready for their splendorous display yet, but I’ll keep you posted!), we are definitely seeing buds on all the trees.  The bright yellows of the Forsythia is starting to poke out and breathe some much needed color into our landscapes.  Even the birdies are celebrating, and many more species have begun their trek north, meaning that there’s so much more to see at the wonderful reserves near Kennebunkport Maine.  Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge in particular is teeming with fauna (and the flora’s not far behind), so grab your specs and head out to catch sight of some favorites without many leaves blocking your view!  Of course, Wells Reserve and the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust lands are both great opportunities to do some bird watching or just to enjoy their wonderful songs during a brisk (or meandering) walk.  And while you’re out and about, you can take note that lots of our favorite spring flowers are beginning to poke through the ground, with daffodils and hyacinths making an early debut this year!

But for us, the biggest signal that springtime is here in Kennebunkport Maine, is the preparation for opening the four cottage suites closed for the winter.  Yes, we’ve even turned the water back on in Contemporary Cottage Suites 8 and 9, and while they’re not quite ready for visitors to enjoy, they are getting close.  So take advantage of this early spring to make sure you don’t miss out on a visit to a Kennebunkport Inn!

A Taste of Summer In Kennebunkport Maine

March 18th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Kennebunkport Maine gets ready for summer

Summer, Spring, or Winter?

After a day like today, it’s hard to believe that summer isn’t already here and that spring is, in fact, just on its way to Kennebunkport Maine.  By the time we finished serving breakfast it was already well into the 50s, and more than a few guests of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast donned on shorts for a midday walk.  Granted, it was still a little too chilly for that in my book, but by lunchtime, I was definitely regretting the choice to wear corduroy pants today and had to shed layers all the way down to a tank top!  The bright sunshine and still air made it feel even warmer than it actually was, but Mother Nature was definitely giving us a taste of what’s to come, which inspired me to think back on what some of my favorite summer activities are in Kennebunkport Maine.  Now, it’s still a teeny bit to cool for a few of my faves – and by that I mean eating lobster on the beach (thanks to cold, wet sand), swimming in the ocean (ummm, it is still Maine in March), and taking a nap on the beach.  But it’s absolutely ideal for exploring the outdoors (while staying dry, of course!), so this afternoon I decided to wander down to Laudholm Farm.  While it is technically known as the Wells Reserve, that just sounds a little too formal for this incredible parcel of protected land.  Just a few minutes down the road from Kennebunkport Maine, Laudholm Farm offer trails through a variety of terrain and vistas like you can’t imagine.  Today, however, I explored some unfamiliar turf, but still ended up along the beach just as the sun was beginning to set.  Images like the one here just reminded me so much of summer in Kennebunkport Maine that I couldn’t help but share – enjoy and get inspired!

Spring into Savings in Kennebunkport Maine

March 15th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Now that we’ve moved our clocks forward and the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to celebrate the spring season with deep discounts in Kennebunkport Maine!  It’s hard to believe that winter is really drawing to a close, and with it the “third night free” promotion running through the end of March.  But in celebration of the fantastic season that we believe everyone should be able to

Enjoy spring flowers in Kennebunkport Maine

It's time to stop and smell the roses (or daisies) in Kennebunkport Maine!

enjoy, we are rolling out our spring 2012 promotion – through the month of April, enjoy a two night stay at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast and receive your third night for just $20.12!  Now, as with any promotion, from shampoo and disposable razors to diamonds and luxury vehicles, your least expensive night will be the night you will enjoy for the steal-worthy price of $20.12.  So this spring, sneak away to Kennebunkport Maine for some rest and relaxation, especially since most people have a three day weekend coming up (hello there, Patriots’ Day)!

But steep savings in Kennebunkport Maine aren’t only to be found at the Maine Stay – restaurants and shops alike are dishing out the discounts left and right, because they want travelers to remember that springtime is a spectacular time to visit coastal Maine, even if the water is a tad bit too cold for swimming.  On Wednesday and Thursday evenings, the Cape Arundel Inn offers diners the chance to enjoy a special midweek menu in addition to or in place of their upscale menu, and while these special menu items carry price tags that come with your run-of-the-mill casual fare, the quality, flavor, and preparation is simply out of this world.  And did I mention the view?  Because that doesn’t change depending on the day of the week!  Shocker, I know.  Likewise, On the Marsh Bistro offers a three course prix fixe menu on Wednesday evenings (this midweek getaway is sounding better and better!), so this spring you can enjoy spectacular views and even better food with a visit to Kennebunkport!  I’d be remiss not to mention 50 Local and its Tapas Tuesdays, when prices are slashed, but quality is not!  And shoppers, don’t fret – there are plenty of steals and deals from Kittery to Freeport and everywhere in between.  So get crackin’ – spring and these great savings only last so long in Kennebunkport Maine!

Spring Skiing From Our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast

March 11th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Despite the unseasonably warm weather we’ve had lately, there’s still plentiful skiing to be had not far from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  Luckily for vistors to Kennebunkport Maine,  there are many wonderful mountain options located close enough for a day (or even half day) ski trip.  Although it may seem like spring is upon us, the New England ski season is far from over, with some of the best conditions yet to be seen during the spring months.

Enjoy spring skiing not far from Kennebunkport!

You're not too far to enjoy some great spring skiing!

With a variety of amenities for families, Cranmore Mountian Resort in nearby North Conway, NH is just an easy drdive away.  After enjoying a hearty breakfast at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, you’ll be on the slopes of Cranmore in under two hours (assuming you don’t stop for some outlet shopping, of course!).  Boasting 39 trails of varied terrain, multiple terrain parks, glades, and three lifts designed for beginners, it’s perfect for the whole family! 

But if you’re up for great skiing, but not putting the miles on your car, consider Shawnee Peak, just an hour and 15 minutes away.  It’s the hidden gem of Maine skiing and offers something for everyone, even the sightseer with the wonderful views Maine’s Lake Region.  Offering the most extensive night skiing in Maine (with  great prices!), you can spend the day relaxing at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, and the night cruising down the slopes!  Plus you can come back to snuggle by the fire with hot chocolate or warm cookies at the Maine Stay.

Any plug for New England skiing would be incomplete without a mention of Sugarloaf, which has arguably the best skiing in the East.  It can be a daunting trek, located  4.5 hours from Boston and 8.5 from New York City, but you’re part-way there once you’ve reached Kennebunkport Maine!  In under three hours you can enjoy 153 trails and glades, plus the only above treeline line lift-serviced skiing in the East at their Brackett Basin.  Even the most daring and skilled skier is sure to be challenged there!

But if you’re schedule’s packed until April, don’t stress! There’s plenty of skiing still to be had – it is Maine after all!  Plus, Sugarloaf is typically open until early May.  Even with spring knocking, it’s not too late to grab a ski trip during your visit to a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, because even if there’s no snow on the ground at home, there’ll be plenty on the slopes!