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Kennebunkport Nominated for Happiest Seaside Town in America

January 14th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

Vote for Kennebunkport as America's Happiest Seaside Town!

Vote for Kennebunkport as America’s Happiest Seaside Town!

Area natives, local residents (otherwise known as “transplants” like me!) and visitors alike have known for ages that Kennebunkport is a truly incredible place, one that really takes you back in time.  Yes, this quaint little village is the kind of place where kids still play outside, ride bikes along the beach, and people leave their doors open and the keys in their cars.  Strangers smile and wave as though you’re an old friend they encountered along tree lined streets and walking paths by the ocean.  It’s such a happy place and that’s why we all love it (and the gorgeous beaches, the cute shops, the amazing restaurants, and the great galleries certainly don’t hurt either!).  But this week, Coastal Living Magazine nominated Kennebunkport, Maine as one of the happiest seaside towns in America.  It’s such an honor!  The list of nominees from all around the nation is quite the collection, so even being nominated says a tremendous amount about this charming town.  Now the fun begins – collecting enough votes to win, because we all know that Kennebunkport really is the happiest place in the country!  So we need some help – between now and February 28 you can cast your vote here (and hopefully many of them) in support of Kennebunkport as America’s Happiest Seaside Town!

A Girlfriends’ Getaway to a Maine Bed and Breakfast

July 30th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

This summer we have had the privilege of hosting a variety of girlfriends getaways, and each time I remember thinking what a great idea it was for them to escape together to a Maine Bed and Breakfast.  I mean, what could be better than getting together as just the girls when someone else is taking care of the details?  Seriously, though, unlike a hotel, the innkeepers and staff at a B&B are totally dedicated to helping your getaway go perfectly smoothly.  I like to think of us as your personal concierge – we’ll help you

boats at maine bed and breakfast

Enjoy a peaceful escape or a rockin’ retreat at a Maine Bed and Breakfast!

figure out what to do, where to eat, and how to celebrate – but only if you want it!  There certainly are plenty of folks who are happy as clams (fried, of course!) to iron our their own details and simply count on us for some awesome afternoon cookies and a hearty breakfast to fend off any lingering “effects” from an evening of celebrating with the gals.  And that’s fine with us!  We just want all of our visitors to be happy and comfortable during their stay.

But as I prepare to spend an upcoming weekend with my girlfriends, I have been reflecting on how much easier it would be if we were staying at a Maine Bed and Breakfast instead!  Trying to coordinate schedules and transportation, dining and activities amongst a dozen women is proving to be quite a challenge, and since no one actually knows the area we’re visiting, it makes me wonder why we didn’t choose a Bed and Breakfast after all!  Seriously, though, we’re figuring out meals and dining spots for three meals a day when, instead, we could just let an innkeeper take control of a meal or two.  How about everyone consulting their favorite review site, Google Maps, and travel blogs just to find a place for dinner?  I think next time I’ll leave it to a pro and let an innkeeper help figure it out.  Plus, the fact that the Maine Stay Inn offers rooms with to two beds or even two bedrooms means that everyone will get a great night’s sleep.  And no one enjoys a group of crabby ladies!  So the next time you’re looking to run away for the night the some friends, look nor further than our Maine Bed and Breakfast – see you soon!

Picking a Maine Bed and Breakfast

July 23rd, 2012 by Judi Hauer

It sometimes seems like there are a gazillion inns in the great state of Maine, so selecting a Maine Bed and Breakfast for your vacation or quick getaway can be a daunting process.  Sure there are lots of travel blogs, review websites, and B&B listing sites, but where’s a person to start the search?  I decided to put on my traveler’s hat and figure out where to go!

Romantic Maine Bed and Breakfast

There’s no denying our 1860 roots!

First, it’s important to decide on what kind of setting you are looking for.  If you’re looking for mountains and cliffs, the Maine Stay Inn is probably not going to make the list for that particular visit.  And if you’re looking for rustic, we’re probably not going to meet you this time.  Beaches for fun in the sun?  Or a quintessential New England village?  We’ve got that covered!

Second, you’ve got to set the tone.  Sometimes your traveling companion(s) set the mood.  I mean, if you’re on a mother-daughter getaway, you’re probably not too concerned about having mood lighting or an oversized whirlpool tub.  And having two beds is usually not on the top of the list when you’re planning a romantic weekend.  Occasionally, though, there’s some overlap, and that’s when you’ve got to use you best judgement and dig a little deeper to find the perfect spot to meet everyone’s needs!  I mean, at our Maine Bed and Breakfast, we are fortunate to have rooms that work great for families and some indulgently romantic suites, but we also have rooms that offer some additional flexibility to travelers seeking to check off more than one box.

Finally, though, you have to pick a style that works for you – and that doesn’t mean just decor.  Yes, if you adore Victorian architecture and design, staying in a sleek modern place is probably not the best fit.  Or, you might that traditional styles float your boat in the wintertime but that you need something a tad lighter during the  summer months.  So once you figure out what’s going to fit the bill for your next vacation, give us a call and we’ll help you determine if our Maine Bed and Breakfast is the right fit or if we’ll have to wait to catch you next time!

Antiquing in Kennebunkport Maine

June 29th, 2011 by avadmin

The Southern Maine Antique Trail passes by Kennebunkport Maine, as it travels up Route 1 from York to Arundel.  23 amazing antique shops dot this stretch, encompassing less than 30 miles.  But as you turn onto Route 9 heading

Antiquing in Southern Maine

Add Laudholm Farm to your Antiquing Trip!

toward Kennebunkport, the trail takes a detour, and extraordinary shopping opportunities extend into our quaint New England town.  Old House Parts in Kennebunk offers an assortment of particularly unique architectural items, from doors and fireplace mantels to stained glass and claw foot tubs.  Nearby Antiques USA and Arundel Antiques make up for originality in sheer quantity – plus they’re both less than 10 minutes from our Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfast.
Recently, however, we were treated to a phenomenal antique show at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm.  Last Sunday, this stunning property hosted dozens of vendors from across the nation.  And while we didn’t find exactly what we were looking for, the opportunity to browse through their lovely pieces was a great way to spend a summer afternoon!  The barn at Laudholm Farm sits perhaps 4 miles from our Bed and Breakfast in Kennebunkport Maine, and was filled to the brim with fragile glassware, light fixtures, and china from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.  But my favorite item was a worn sign advertising Maine Lobster.  Too bad it would look so out of place in our 1860 Victorian!
Laudholm Farm/Wells Reserve plays host to a variety of incredible craft and antique fairs throughout the season, and they are always top-notch.  So when planning your vacation to Kennebunkport Maine, make sure to take advantage of the amazing programming at Laudholm and the plethora of antique stores in the area.
Maine Lobster sign in Kennebunkport Maine

Kennebunkport Maine Restaurant Supports Local Producers

June 17th, 2011 by avadmin

One lovely summer evening this week, we decided to test out a relatively new restaurant one town over from Kennebunkport Maine, 50 Local.  A visit during opening week in 2010 revealed excellent food, knowledgeable servers, and trendy decor, but teeny portions.  Knowing that it takes time to iron out the kinks, however, we visited again this

Don't pass on the Mussel Frites in Kennebunkport Maine

Don't pass on the Mussle Frites in Kennebunkport Maine

week.  Again, this alternative to downtown Kennebunkport Maine restaurants, greeted us with style – pops of yellow against cool, grey walls, soft lighting, and brushed steel furnishings.  Just as before, a large chalkboard informs patrons of just how “local” their food is.  It’s especially nice to know that your dinner was grown or raised in this very state, not far from Kennebunkport Maine.

The menu looked similar to that from our initial visit, so I approached with skepticism, and, just to be safe, ordered an entree and an appetizer (both parents followed suit).  Once the apps arrived, however, I realized that they had taken large strides – and that I was going to be needing a giant doggie bag.  As you may know from my other Kennebunkport Maine restaurant reviews, I know how to pack the food in.  That said, my order of Mussel Frites was nearly large enough to constitute an entree.  I must admit, however, that I had enjoyed a large pre-dinner snack (which I will certainly forgo next time). But this dish was just as much quality as it was quantity – the mussels were cooked perfectly and the sauce just begged to be finished with a spoon!

The entree portion of risotto was truly delectable.  Edible flower buds decorated a foamy, ethereal mound, filled with greens and white asparagus.  While the steak and Asian soup were both wonderful, the risotto took the cake.  Though we had no room for desert, I remain confident that the choices would have been on par with the rest of the menu.

Serving genuinely local ingredients is one of the few things I am happy to shell out a little more for in a restaurant, and at 50 Local, the return on investment was definitely worth it.  Yep, this restaurant is a keeper!

Are They Ready? Bringing Children to a Maine Bed and Breakfast

June 16th, 2011 by avadmin

At our Maine Bed and Breakfast, our adult guests are often surprised to find that we welcome families with small children in our Cottage Suites.  Their initial shock usually gives way to more bewilderment – that they weren’t aware

Kid Friendly Bed and Breakfast adirondack chairs

We've even got mini Adirondack chairs for our mini-guests!

that kiddos were around.  Yep, they couldn’t even hear them!  Generally this leads to a conversation whether our littlest guests are usually this good (yes) or how parents decide that their kids are ready for the Maine Bed and Breakfast experience.
Since I am not a parent, I don’t know exactly how the thought process goes, but after countless conversations with guests, as well as those who decide their children aren’t ready, I feel as though I can make a decent guess.  The number one deciding factor seems to be whether they can sleep through the night.  If they can’t, parents just don’t subject others to their plight.  The second most common thing I have observed is that the kids who visit a Maine Bed and Breakfast don’t tend to have screeching meltdowns.  That’s not to say they don’t have meltdowns at all, but they just tend to be more tearful and subdued than anything else.  I suppose the overall trend is that our pint-sized visitors are mature and well-behaved.  Now I suppose that could be attributed to the parenting styles adopted by BnB goers or to the nature of the child – take your pick! (But I like to thank the parents!)
The question I ask parents who are contemplating bringing children along is really the deciding factor: can they create their own fun and entertainment or do they need incredible amounts of external stimulation?  If your biggest concern is where they closest miniature golf or amusement park lies, then your little ones likely aren’t ready (give ‘em a tad bit longer). Now, Kennebunkport Maine is known for its glorious beaches and great dining, so if the kids are fans then you should be in the clear.
Families with children under 12 will enjoy breakfast delivered to their door or the back yard bistro sets.  For child-less guests that means peace and serenity at the table (though probably not when Walter’s serving), and for families, that means no “inside voices” lectures or getting everyone out of jammies and set for the day.  Speaking of breakfast, don’t let gourmet breakfast be a turn-off when traveling with kids – at our Maine Bed and Breakfast, we always stock kid-friendly cereals and are happy to deliver any available side dishes they might like (or like to try).
So if your kiddos fit the bill, then bring them on up – it’s time to experience a Maine Bed and Breakfast!

Wildlife Classes at The Rachel Carson Reserve in Wells Maine

June 14th, 2011 by avadmin

Piping Plover endangered species

See the Piping Plover at the Rachel Carson Reserve

Every Saturday and Sunday now through Mid-August at 10:00 enjoy a 1-hour program offered at the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.

The refuge, a short drive from the Maine Stay Inn, provides a perfect activity for just after our delicious breakfast offerings. Rachel Carson, a renowned marine biologist, author, and environmentalist writes brilliantly, making clear about her strong belief in the importance of reserves. She says, “Wild creatures, like men, must have a place to live. As civilization creates cities, builds highways,and drains marshes, it takes away, little by little, the land that is suitable for wildlife. And as their space for living dwindles, the wildlife populations themselves decline. Refuges resist this trend by saving some areas from encroachment, and by preserving in them, or restoring where necessary, the conditions that wild things need in order to live.”

The weekly programs are all slightly different as they are adjusted based on the size, interests, and ages of the participants. Perhaps you will learn about our endangered bird, the Piping plover. The Piping Plover is sometimes difficult to spot as it blends in with the colors of our beaches, but the guides will be able to teach you how to spot them. Perhaps you will learn about our rare and beautiful endangered plant, the Pink Lady’s Slipper. An expert Rachel Carson staff member will lead the walk and the talks on the trails throughout.  The Wells Reserve, a special spot where the public can enjoy a safe haven for wildlife for free.  An hour at the reserve may give children and adults a completely new appreciation of Maine’s unique wildlife species.

The Kennebunkport Festival Draws to a Close

June 5th, 2011 by avadmin

The Kennebunkport Festival has brought much excitement to Kennebunkport Maine during the past five days, as food, wine, and fine art have filled this quaint New England community.  Held the week following Memorial Day, the

Kennebunkport Festival Art Show

Don't miss out on the amazing artwork around town during the Kennebunkport Festival!

Kennebunkport Festival is a wonderful way to kick off summer, and enjoy some of the things that make the area particularly unique as a vacation destination.

Some of the most popular events include the Art of Dining dinners held at some of the stunning private residences that dot the area, the chic After Parties, the Grand Tasting, and Brews and Tunes.  The Art of Dining dinners are hosted by incredible chefs, creating custom meals inspired by renowned area artists.  There’s plenty of opportunity to peep at these gorgeous homes, as well as admire the phenomenal artwork present for the evening (but I must admit that the oogling peaks my interest most!).

No matter where you choose to dine, you can take advantage of the rockin’ parties each night at some of the chicest spots in town.  Some of the hotspots this year were Bandaloop Restaurant and Stripers.  With signature cocktails, light apps and great music, the After Party is a great way to spend the evening in Kennebunkport Maine.

A gorgeous afternoon in Kennebunkport Maine

A spectacular afternoon!

On a gorgeous early summer afternoon, guests and residents alike visited the Colony Hotel, situated about a mile outside of downtown, to view an incredible display of artwork.  While there, many chose not to miss out on the Grand Tasting, with samples from over 60 restaurants and wineries.  Held on their poolside patio, it was the ideal venue for this event.  Casual mingling and noshing was the perfect way to spend an afternoon.  Back in Dock Square, hundreds headed to the marina for three hours of live music.  While burgers and beers were available (hence the name “Brews and Tunes”), many just enjoyed the perfect spring afternoon.

At our Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfast, we’re already looking forward to next year’s Kennebunkport Festival, which is sure to be better than ever.

Shoulder Season Special Returns to Kennebunkport!

May 30th, 2011 by avadmin

As Memorial Day Weekend draws to a close, Kennebunkport Maine welcomes an exciting season, and not just

Kennebunkport maine beaches in june

Such peaceful views!

because I can finally wear white!  The Maine Stay has brought back its “Shoulder Season,” known for all the perks of Maine’s glorious summer, but at lower prices.  Because the kids aren’t out of school quite yet, the beaches aren’t packed, which means a quiet stroll for you and your special someone, or an uninterrupted gossip session for you and the girls.

But your favorite things about Kennebunkport Maine are in full force!  That restaurant meal you’ve been craving is ready and waiting, as nearly all restaurants have already gone to their summertime hours.  But because early June has remained a bit of a secret for the area, you’ll be able to get that window table that is in hot demand.  And guess what? The lobster cruises, schooner rides, and sunset sails are all rigged and ready!  In fact, I even prefer June jaunts onto the water, because there are fewer boats on the water, making you feel as though you’ve traveled thousands of miles to some faraway land.  Plus the slightly cooler evening air is prime for snuggling!

And best of all, you’ll receive the same great hospitality and amenities at your Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfast, but with rates starting as low as $169 per night!  Plus, don’t forget that we’ve got you covered – with towels and umbrellas, perfect for your trip to the beach!  To make your beach getaway even better, we’ll include parking passes to the Kennebunk beaches, eliminating any possible hassles before hopping in the ocean!  We all hope you’ll enjoy the month of June as much as we do!

Your First Time… At a Maine Bed and Breakfast!

May 12th, 2011 by avadmin

A lovely young couple checked in this afternoon, looking a little nervous, and they revealed that it was their first time at a Maine Bed and Breakfast.  Actually it was their first time at a Bed and Breakfast at all!  Every time this happens I am shocked, but this is such a common occurrence that I shouldn’t be.  So it got me thinking… What can you expect your first time?  At a BnB, of course…

So while I can really only speak for our Maine Bed and Breakfast, my many, many stays at other B&Bs show me that the Maine Stay is not an anomaly.

Catch a perfect sunset at a maine bed and breakfast

We'll help you find that perfect spot!

  • Warmth.  At our Maine Bed and Breakfast, we’ll great you with a smile and treat you like a friend.  But not in the “we’re long lost friends and I need to catch up on every detail of your life” kind of way.  The goal of any innkeeper is to make you comfortable so that you can really relax.  Honestly, I don’t know a single one who doesn’t care more about the comfort and happiness of their guests than themselves. It’s not fake.  We care. And because we care so much, we need to know how to make you the happiest – so give us a hint if you’re not super social or if you absolutely hate spinach, because we’ll do everything in our power to put you at ease.
  • Advice.  I draw the line at relationships and careers, sorry to disappoint!  Kidding.  I mean advice about your vacation.  At a Maine Bed and Breakfast, the staff will become your personal concierge/travel agent.  It’s our job to know area restaurants inside and out.  We’ll give you tips on things to do in Kennebunkport Maine.  Or secrets about when to catch the best glimpse of incredible sailboats or the perfect beach parking spot.
  • Fun rooms.  They’ll all be different, so pay attention when making your reservation!  (You can ask for a tour if you’re interested, but you never have to.)  Back to the caring point – tell us if you need something.  We want you to be happy, comfortable, and relaxed.  So if a lightbulb burns out – tell us!  Don’t sit in the dark.  But remember, it won’t be exactly like your home – that’s why you left it!
  • Great food.  ‘Nuff said.  But most innkeepers plan way in advance, so if you have allergies or are super picky, tell someone in advance!  At our Maine Bed and Breakfast we are especially skilled with gluten-free diets and need advance notice to provide something yummy and safe for our GF guests.

Hopefully this cleared up some of the mystery of staying in a Maine Bed and Breakfast – and remember that BnBs cater to your needs as a traveler, so tell us what you need!  In all honesty, B&Bs are the best way to travel, so make your reservation today and lose your BnB virginity!