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Watching the Superbowl in Kennebunkport

January 28th, 2014 by Judi Hauer

The Peace Hat in Maine (With Sea Dog Blueberry Ale)

There are lots of places to grab a locally brewed beer and watch the big game in Kennebunkport Maine!

Although many visitors to Kennebunkport ME are bummed that the New England Patriots won’t be strutting their stuff during this weekend’s Superbowl game, I know that won’t squelch their passion for watching the big game. You can be sure that there will be lots of viewing parties across town this Sunday, and while some will choose to watch from the comfort of their own rooms or sitting by the fire in the living room of the main house, there are tons of Kennebunkport restaurants to watch with a gang.  Every year Federal Jack’s BrewPub draws a big crowd for Superbowl Sunday, and this year certainly won’t be an exception, because of its large number of big screen televisions, beer brewed on site, and extensive munchies on the menu. Now Fed’s might take the cake for the number of televisions and largest bar, but Alisson’s Restaurant is the closest spot to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  So even though Fed’s is certainly within easy walking distance, folks planning to indulge in game-time noshing (think fried goodies like chicken tenders, potato skins, and wings galore) that they’ll wash down with a few brewskis might choose Alisson’s instead… or even hop from one to the other during a commercial break (not that anyone would want to miss those!).  But these big guys aren’t the only Kennebunkport restaurants to catch the game.  Both Pedro’s and The Ramp have great bars for watching sports on television, but the food offerings here, while less characteristic of your neighbor’s Superbowl party, are truly excellent.  Plus, who wouldn’t want a great margarita while watching this great match up?  So don’t stress because Kennebunkport Maine has  tons of great spots to watch the Superbowl this Sunday!

Getting Ready for New Year’s Eve in Kennebunkport!

December 30th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

02582 Drop

Looking forward to watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop from Kennebunkport

After a bit of relaxation time over the Christmas holiday, we’ve returned with renewed vigor to start preparing to ring in the new year in Kennebunkport.  While some people choose to enjoy dinners out, many guests decide to enjoy the festivities right inside the Maine Stay Inn with our annual New Year’s Eve party.  What started years ago as a way for innkeepers, staff, local friends, and of course any guests in a low key evening, has become so much more and I am just bubbling with anticipation for tomorrow night!  No, you won’t find a formal, sit-down dinner here – just loads and loads of fresh and delicious noshes to keep everyone chugging well past midnight.  And while the celebration always starts as a laid back evening, we always undoubtedly transition into an assortment of fun group games.  It might not seem possible, but the merriment has almost caused us to miss the ball dropping two years in a row!  This year, I’m setting an alarm clock!  Not everyone lasts until the clock strikes 12, but I am always impressed with the crowd that gathers just in time to watch that Swarovski crystal globe light up.  Now we keep with beverages comin’ with the non-alcoholic variety, but anyone and everyone is welcome to bring their favorite adult beverage to toast the New Year.  Otherwise they’ll be clinking glasses with sparkling apple cider with me – because I’ve got to make sure that New Year’s day brunch goes off without a hitch!  So let the countdown to 2014 begin, because we in Kennebunkport are eagerly awaiting our New Year’s Eve party!

Christmas Prelude 2013 is Coming to Kennebunkport!

November 8th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

kennebunkport tree.

It’s hard to believe, but Christmas Prelude 2013 is well on its way to Kennebunkport!  In fact, it’s less than 30 days away now!  And even though Christmas decorations showed up in the stores promptly on November 1, I can’t quite wrap my head around it being “the Holidays” while there are still leaves on some of the trees.  But the weather is getting much cooler, and the air is getting that crisp, late fall feeling, which means… winter’s not far behind!  So get ready for getting in the holiday spirit with a trip to the nation’s second best Christmas festival, Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport Maine!  All of us at the Maine Stay Inn feel so lucky to get to experience this incredible event each year from our location just a few short blocks from the heart of the action.  We’re looking forward to Christmas Prelude 2013 and can’t wait to celebrate with you in Kennebunkport!

Greater Kennebunks Restaurant Week is Coming!

September 20th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

We're welcoming Greater Kennebunks Restaurant Week to town!

We’re welcoming Greater Kennebunks Restaurant Week to town!

For the first time ever, the incredible restaurants of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport are teaming up to present the Greater Kennebunks Restaurant Week, starting this Sunday, September 22, 2013 until the 28th!  While we absolutely love Maine Restaurant Week (and any excuse to try fun new spots), we’re stoked that nearly all of the area restaurants are participating in this inaugural event.  So not only is fall foliage season upon us, but the restaurants are also showing us their true “colors” by whipping up a three course meal for participants this week.  Each restaurant chooses their price point (either $25, $35, or $45), and plans a special menu accordingly.  And how could you ask for more?  I mean most entrees would normally put you darn close to those prices, so how could you possibly turn down a full three courses for such stellar deals?  I certainly know that I couldn’t!  So this week, I better hit the streets and beaches with my running shoes, because I think there’s going to be some hearty eating going on! Fortunately, though, lots of the participating restaurants are within comfortable walking distance from the Maine Stay Inn, so that means I’ve got just one more excuse to dig into dessert this week.  But whether you choose to enjoy the full three courses or opt to select a la carte from each of the Kennebunkport restaurants regular menus, there’s no way to go wrong.  And since so many restaurants are choosing to participate in the first ever Greater Kennebunks Restaurant Week, you’ve got countless options for enjoying some stellar eats at superb prices.  This new event is sure to be a hit, and in anticipation, they’ve set up a great website with information on the participating restaurants and the head chef in each location.  But all of us at the Maine Stay are happy to help make recommendations based on your personal preferences and reserve a table at the restaurant of your choice.  So don’t miss out on Greater Kennebunks Restaurant Week starting this Sunday, September 22!

Kennebunkport Luxury Hotels Are Perfect for Destination Weddings

September 17th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

It seems like everyone I know is tying the knot – some for the first time, others are remarrying, and some are celebrating anniversaries with vow renewals – and with destinations weddings on the rise, Kennebunkport luxury hotels are stepping up to the plate.  In fact, we are excited to be hosting a small wedding this weekend at the Maine Stay!  We are all really stoked, because not only are we expecting a fantastic fall weekend, but the bride

Let's cut the cake in Kennebunkport!

Let’s cut the cake in Kennebunkport!

and groom are quite possibly the sweetest couple ever.  The truth is, though, that every wedding, celebrating the love between two great people, is something that deserves much fanfare, but for a lot of people, the idea of a party with hundreds of people just isn’t appealing.  And fortunately, destination weddings for smaller groups have become a great alternative way to celebrate their big day.  Because Kennebunkport luxury hotels tend to be more intimate than those in cosmopolitan areas, we’ve become a great place to make those special memories.  But just like with a traditional wedding, brides and grooms planning destination weddings have lots to think about – not the least of which is where to have their ceremony and reception.  Some couples choose to have both in the same spot, while others do a little moving locations.  And for those who want to exchange their vows right on the water, there’s tons of coastline that is perfect for just that purpose!  Others go for a more traditional church service, and Kennebunkport offers tons of denominations (and architectural styles) to choose from, while even more opt to take advantage of the great backyard at the Maine Stay Inn.  And this weekend, the happy couple will be tying the knot right on the beach and return to the inn for their outdoor reception.  But best of all, because they’ve pared down their guest list to just their closest friends and family members, everyone will be around to enjoy a delicious breakfast the next morning!  In my mind, that’s one of the best parts of having a small destination wedding – your guests can enjoy the whole experience with you.  And since a gourmet breakfast is always included, you won’t even have to think about organizing a farewell brunch!  So if you’re thinking about having your wedding at one of the Kennebunkport luxury hotels, just let us know what is most important to you for your special day.

The Kennebunkport Festival 2013 is Coming!

May 29th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

Now that the Memorial Day festivities have passed, we are gearing up for The Kennebunkport Festival 2013.  Each year in early June, food and wine enthusiasts from all around the country flock to Kennebunkport for this new celebration of fine food, wine, and art.  In a spectacular setting, of course!  This festival kicks off summer with delectable events sure to appeal to your palate, ranging from intimate dinners in some of the most spectacular private homes in the area to a boisterous bash featuring locally brewed beers and hot new artists

Limo picking up guests for the Garden Party during last year's Kennebunkport Festival

Limo picking up guests for the Garden Party during last year’s Kennebunkport Festival

to the Maine music scene.  The dining scene in Kennebunkport, as with much of coastal Maine, is red hot, with tons of new restaurants opening under the guidance of top notch chefs, and during the Kennebunkport Festival, the best of the best from other areas of the state are visiting town.  But even if you don’t choose to partake in the exclusive private dinners catered by some of the biggest names in food, you can still take advantage of special festival dinners with prix fixe meals at our favorite restaurants in town.  That means that you can get a “taste” of an elite food and wine festival without committing to any of the bigger ticket events.

But whether you choose to partake in any of the organized events or not, guests choosing to stay at the Maine Stay Inn will enjoy our second annual Garden Party with all of the Historic Inns of Kennebunkport.  That means that visitors will enjoy tasty treats and beverages at each of the inns, but those choosing to imbibe at the selected inns (it’s complimentary, of course!) will also enjoy a chauffeured ride from inn to inn.  Safety first!  Last year’s inaugural Garden Party was such a hit, that we’re eagerly awaiting this year’s fun.  Plus, with a variety of whoopie pies on the menu, we’re going to make sure to bring our appetites.  But even if you choose to join in the fun with some of the ticketed events to the Kennebunkport Festival, this younger event means that you can still enjoy a world class food and wine festival starting at just $15 per event.  No matter how many or few of the 2013 Kennebunkport Festival events you take part in, you’ll be sure to feel the exhilaration of this incredible food and wine festival!

Celebrating Memorial Day Weekend in Kennebunkport Maine!

May 22nd, 2013 by Judi Hauer

It’s hard to believe that Memorial Day Weekend is finally here, and that means that summer has arrived in Kennebunkport Maine!  We have spent the past few weeks refurbishing the front porch, and now that the tables and chairs and lounging furniture is out, we’re ready to celebrate.  So this Memorial Day Weekend, you can enjoy our gourmet breakfast on the wraparound porch, relax with some fresh iced

Welcome to Kennebunkport!

Welcome to Kennebunkport!

tea, or simply sit back and watch the horse drawn carriages pass by.  And Kennebunkport Maine is certainly a great place to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation – I mean, what could be better than the soothing sound of the ocean?  But many also enjoy Memorial Day Weekend as a time to get out and about, take part in fun outdoor activities, and indulge in lots of yummy food.  Guess what?  Kennebunkport’s got everything you need!  It’s a great time to consider renting bikes or kayaks and to enjoy a different view of town or check out one of the countless nature preserves in the area.  And while most shops, galleries, and restaurants have been open for ages, the last few doors are finally wide open.  That means it’s prime retail therapy time!  But you do have to take a break from whatever your daily activities entail, and there’s no better way than with a frosty treat.  Fortunately for Kennebunkport Maine, there are more than a few ice cream/frozen yogurt shops within easy walking distance of the Maine Stay Inn.  Last spring a great new Artisan Ice Cream shop, Rococo, emerged with its gourmet twist on an old fashioned favorite, while just down the street, Yo Goody’s offers a stunning array of yogurt options.  But traditionalists, don’t despair – there are great options for your favorite flavors of that cool, creamy confection.  And with restaurants abounding you’ll find something for every appetite, but if you can’t enjoy a holiday weekend without firing up the grill, you’re welcome to bring your favorite ingredients and fire ‘em up in the back yard.  Now, no Memorial Day weekend would be complete without a parade, and we certainly won’t let you down – just make sure not to miss it on Monday!  Whatever you prefer to complete your Memorial Day Weekend, you’re sure to find it in Kennebunkport Maine!

Mom Deserves Some Pampering at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

May 11th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

We're looking forward to serving Mother's Day breakfast on our wraparound porch!

We’re looking forward to serving Mother’s Day breakfast on our wraparound porch!

Just in case you’ve forgotten, Mother’s Day is tomorrow, and while families around the country are figuring out the details on how to treat Mom like a queen tomorrow, there’s one sure-fire way to surprise her – with a getaway to a Maine Bed and Breakfast!  So tomorrow, many moms are going to get a lovingly poured bowl of cereal and OJ in bed, but will more than likely end up cleaning the trail of Cheerios from the kitchen to her bedroom.  Instead, let us serve her a gourmet breakfast, whether in our dining room and wraparound porch or in the privacy of her very own suite.  While it may be too late to surprise her with this kind of treatment for tomorrow, you’ve still got time to plan a special trip for her. And truthfully, a lot of mothers don’t want to be away from their families on Mother’s Day, but one of the things that sets the Maine Stay Inn apart from other Maine Bed and Breakfasts is that we welcome children with open arms!  So whether you’ve got a nervous new mom on your hands or just a busy family with an insane schedule, you can bring the fam along when treating Mom to a special getaway.  And while the rooms in the house aren’t really set up for little ones, the cottages are a great choice.  Plus, since we’ll deliver breakfast to families with kiddos under 12, the whole family can have breakfast in bed!  Many moms and dads really need a chance to escape from their daily routine and reconnect, and when they do, we’re ready to spoil them rotten.  Everyone at our Maine Bed and Breakfast is looking forward to spending time with the incredible women in our lives tomorrow and honoring the many moms spending Mother’s Day in Kennebunkport.

The Maine Stay Inn Shows its Law Enforcement Love

April 21st, 2013 by Judi Hauer

The entire nation has been on the edge of their seats for most of this past week, and all of us at the Maine Stay Inn were no exception.  As we watched the events unfolding on television and through social media, it became abundantly clear that the law enforcement personnel responding to these heinous crimes went above and beyond to Picture 8calm, protect, and inform the public. Many put their lives on the line (and unfortunately several were lost) in the pursuit of those responsible for the Boston Marathon explosions.  The gratefulness we feel towards Federal and State law enforcement members is impossible to put into words, so instead, we will be showing our thanks by offering 50% off stays to law enforcement members until May 24, 2013.  Not only have these brave souls earned a bit of pampering, but their loved ones also deserve a chance to relax without fearing for their special someone’s safety.  To give thanks to those who serve close to home and across the nation, we want to reward those who protect each and every one of us with a relaxing stay in one of our most luxurious suites.  So until May 24, any active law enforcement officer and their special someone are welcome to enjoy a peaceful Kennebunkport getaway in a plush suites for half price.  This 50% off rate is available on select suites from Sunday through Thursday nights.  We sincerely look forward to honoring the nation’s finest with a dose of hospitality at the Maine Stay Inn.

Kennebunkport Festival 2013 is Coming!

March 28th, 2013 by Judi Hauer

Each year during the first week of June, an exciting food, wine, and art festival comes to town and this year is no exception, as we welcome the Kennebunkport Festival 2013!  So for six full days (or as few or many as you would like!) you can indulge in the finest dining prepared by chefs from the most renowned restaurants in the state.  But it

Sunset from the bridge during Kennebunkport Festival 2012

Sunset from the bridge during Kennebunkport Festival 2012

gets even better, because while you can choose from events at local fine dining restaurants or at incredible private residences throughout Kennebunkport that are open exclusively for these events.  More interested in the adult beverages?  There will be cocktail parties at different restaurants each night, a casual event featuring local beers, as well as the Grand Tasting, featuring products from Cellardoor Winery and Nappi Distributors.

There is one thing, though, that sets this event apart from other food and wine festivals, and that is the incorporation of the arts into this celebration that embodies some of the best parts about Kennebunkport.  So while this quaint village offers a plethora of stunning galleries for your year round viewing pleasure, during this week, some of the most talented artists gather their works for viewing all together with phenomenal edible works of art at your fingertips to enhance your viewing pleasure.  Worried about splurging on one of the Art of Dining experience during your first Kennebunkport Festival experience?  Don’t worry!  Because there is plenty to enjoy without committing to an elegant dinner.  Consider the Historic Inns of Kennebunkport‘s Second Annual Garden Parties, any of the luxe cocktail hours, or even Brews and Tunes, a beer tasting with live music from local artists.  But if you still aren’t ready to commit to tickets, you can still enjoy the wonderful weather that graces Kennebunkport during early June, the amazing restaurants, stunning galleries, and other events held throughout town that aren’t part of the official Kennebunkport Festival 2013.  We’re really looking forward to this celebration and hope you are too!