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The Red Chair Makes Journey Across New England Bed and Breakfasts

August 9th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Move over Flat Stanley, the Red Chair is the newest travel icon and it is coming to Kennebunkport!  Where travelers once held photos of Flat Stanley in unusual places, photographers now shoot photos of a humble red chair. Long considered simply a place to rest one’s buttocks, the lowly wooden chair has been elevated to celebrity status, and is being welcomed at New England Bed and Breakfastsand inns. It’s all part of a consciousness raising experiment among New England innkeepers, and soon the chair will

the red chair visits new england bed and breakfast

The Red Chair visits New England Bed and Breakfasts!

be making its way to Kennebunkport and the Maine Stay Inn. Look for images to come of all the staff shooting images of the Red Chair at some favorite places like Dock Square and the Kennebunkport beaches, as well as the around the Maine Stay.

Throughout the spring, the Red Chair developed a personality of its own being photographed by innkeepers in communities from one end of Cape Cod to the other.  You can follow the Red Chair’s travels on www.RedChairTravels.com where inspiring photos
of the Red Chair can be seen from beaches to bandstands across New England.  It all started last winter with a single image.  Woods Hole Inn innkeeper Beth Colt posted a picture on Facebook of her simple red chair perched on the ice behind her house and watched her page light up with “likes”. The picture was shared on the Facebook page of Julie Ann Cromer, a photographer from Santa Barbara, CA, who was inspired by the image to visit the Inn. Colt blogged about the chair and soon interested fans were asking for more.  This inspired Colt to share the chair with other innkeepers, sending it on a journey through towns and villages throughout Cape Cod last spring. As innkeepers all over the Cape were inspired by the chair it has taken on a personality of its own.  Look for tales of the Red Chair’s travels to us later this month, and you’ll be able to read about our experience with the chair right here! And, of course, we’ll be posting lots of fun pictures with the Red Chair on Facebook as well.  So stay tuned for our adventures and (hopefully) some great pics around Kennebunkport and our New England Bed and Breakfast!

Our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast’s New Look!

August 5th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

We were pleased to welcome back photographer Christian Giannelli to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfastto check out our newest renovations.  It’s been like torture to wait and show all of our friends and visitors the changes we worked so hard on this spring and summer.  But the wait has finally ended!  So while we haven’t quite gotten the chance to update the pictures on our

Kennebunkport bed and breakfast living room

Out with the old…

website, we’re proud to show you the fruits of our labor.

So here’s the story:  This spring, as we walked in the front door, my mother and I commented on the fact that, despite renovating every guest room, the kitchen, dining room, and hallways over the last four years, the very first impression (the living room) has maintained much of its previous character.  It needed to change.  So we discussed it and decided that the best time for a big-time overhaul like this one would be after Christmas Preludein December.  Well, as you know, once we get an idea in our heads, we’re just not very good at waiting!  So as soon as we finished serving breakfast, the ladders came out and the wallpaper came down. Poor Walter just didn’t know what hit him.  We had to scrape his jaw off the floor when he saw the bare walls and said

new Kennebunkport bed and breakfast living room

And in with the new!

“But…but I thought you said after Christmas!” He got over it pretty quickly, though, as he welcomed our color change, but he certainly was skeptical that we could pull off a change with so little preparation.  It took some creative thinking when it came to furniture, but we carried off the swap in stages.  That said, it has been fully complete for a while now.  Recent visitors to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast have really enjoyed our new look, and are really utilizing the new space to lounge and watch the Olympic Games.  Overall, it seems like this is a great new look for the Maine Stay Inn, but you’ll just have to weigh in and let us know!

A Girlfriends’ Getaway to a Maine Bed and Breakfast

July 30th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

This summer we have had the privilege of hosting a variety of girlfriends getaways, and each time I remember thinking what a great idea it was for them to escape together to a Maine Bed and Breakfast.  I mean, what could be better than getting together as just the girls when someone else is taking care of the details?  Seriously, though, unlike a hotel, the innkeepers and staff at a B&B are totally dedicated to helping your getaway go perfectly smoothly.  I like to think of us as your personal concierge – we’ll help you

boats at maine bed and breakfast

Enjoy a peaceful escape or a rockin’ retreat at a Maine Bed and Breakfast!

figure out what to do, where to eat, and how to celebrate – but only if you want it!  There certainly are plenty of folks who are happy as clams (fried, of course!) to iron our their own details and simply count on us for some awesome afternoon cookies and a hearty breakfast to fend off any lingering “effects” from an evening of celebrating with the gals.  And that’s fine with us!  We just want all of our visitors to be happy and comfortable during their stay.

But as I prepare to spend an upcoming weekend with my girlfriends, I have been reflecting on how much easier it would be if we were staying at a Maine Bed and Breakfast instead!  Trying to coordinate schedules and transportation, dining and activities amongst a dozen women is proving to be quite a challenge, and since no one actually knows the area we’re visiting, it makes me wonder why we didn’t choose a Bed and Breakfast after all!  Seriously, though, we’re figuring out meals and dining spots for three meals a day when, instead, we could just let an innkeeper take control of a meal or two.  How about everyone consulting their favorite review site, Google Maps, and travel blogs just to find a place for dinner?  I think next time I’ll leave it to a pro and let an innkeeper help figure it out.  Plus, the fact that the Maine Stay Inn offers rooms with to two beds or even two bedrooms means that everyone will get a great night’s sleep.  And no one enjoys a group of crabby ladies!  So the next time you’re looking to run away for the night the some friends, look nor further than our Maine Bed and Breakfast – see you soon!

Summertime Improvements at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

July 18th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

At your average Maine Bed and Breakfast, summertime doesn’t bring much in terms of changes – trimming bushes, touching up paint, or fixing those problems that just crop up now and then – but the Maine Stay Inn is no average B&B!  We’re working on projects daily and, of course, keeping on top of those daily issues (think a rattling air conditioner or a loose toilet seat).  This

We’ve been working on the gardens, and the day lillies are loving it!

summer we’ve debuted some great new lawn and porch furniture, with more to arrive shortly – absolutely fantastic for soaking up some sun in our wonderful backyard.  The gardens have seen some major overhauls and expansions, with a host of new plants that should bring some great color and texture to the landscape.  And as we speak, we’re in the middle of two sizable projects in the yard – creating a peaceful retreat in the side yard between cottage suites 5 and 6 and removing the old foundation and “sunken garden” from the backyard.  Trying to save the existing perennials while leveling the area is proving to be a fun adventure!

Inside our Maine Bed and Breakfast, too, the changes keep coming!  The living room renovation is finally complete, and we’ve even brought in a flat panel TV so that we have a good spot for casual Olympics watching.  Can you believe the Opening Ceremonies are just days away?!  Even the kitchen has seen some big changes, with new cabinets, a fresh color scheme, and a brand new ceiling!  Of course, we couldn’t stop there, could we?  Of course not!  So with tech-friendly changes in mind, we’ve added iPad docking stations to more rooms and even brought a bigger flat screen to Captain Walker’s Suite 16.  So now you can flip on your favorite station in the morning and brew yourself a cup ‘o joe, because we’ve even brought in your very own Keurig coffee brewer.

But as you know, we’re not a Maine bed and breakfast known for sitting on our laurels, so stay tuned for more changes inside and out as the summer progresses.  Stay cool!

Finding the Maine Stay Inn and Cottages

July 5th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

It turns out that finding the Maine Stay Inn is a pretty easy task, but things like smart phones, navigation systems, MapQuest, and GPS have made it even easier!  Visiting us from the south is very straightforward, with I-95 cutting a path not far from Kennebunkport.  The best route into town is actually to take exit 19 and hop off in Wells.  No, I’m not crazy!  It actually is easier and faster to not get off on the exit labelled Kennebunk/Kennebunkport (that would just be too easy, right?).  So once you’re off the highway, follow the signs to Route 1 (these ones actually are correct), where you will want to go north.  After a few miles laced with

map of Maine Stay Inn and Cottages

Finding the Maine Stay Inn is a breeze!

ice cream shops and restaurants (hungry, anyone?), Route 9 East bears off to the right.  Here you’ll want to take note of the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge, the Wells Reserve, and Riverhurst Farm – all must see spots for your trip to the Maine Stay Inn and Kennebunkport.  After a few more scenic miles, Route 9 takes you right through the heart of Kennebunkport and appears to come to a halt at a stop sign directly in front of the Nott House, home to the Kennebunkport Historical Society.  Turn right and travel just 8 houses further, where you will find us on your left.

For guests visiting from the north, the Biddeford exit will give you the most direct path, where you will again look for Route 1.  This time, though, you’ll want to head south.  After a rather unexciting drive, you’ll come to a stoplight surrounded by antique stores on the corners of Log Cabin Road.  A left turn puts you on a direct trajectory toward the Maine Stay Inn.  6.2 miles further and you’ll find yourself home sweet home!

But many of you will choose to let TomTom or Siri guide you, but to make them happy, you can plug in our GPS coordinates for the most accurate results.  So while roads may change and routes may be constantly “recalculating”, you’ll always find the Maine Stay Inn at 43°21′35.7582″N 70°28′22.965″W – see you in Kennebunkport!

The Front Porch of Kennebunkport is Now Open!

May 22nd, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Considered by many to be the “front porch” of Kennebunkport, the Maine Stay Inn‘s grand wraparound has been a feature of town for well over 150 years.  And for at least the past several decades, visitors have enjoyed breakfast outside during the warmer

Be sure to check out or new porch dining sets!

months.  Each year around this time, we hang the spherical planters of coral impatiens.  They start the size of basketballs and with tender, loving care from innkeepers and staff (okay, mostly Walter), they nearly fill the entire space between the support columns.  They’re finally up and don’t provide an ounce of shade, but the bright flowers give off such cheer that their dinky-ness isn’t quite so noticeable!

At the end of last year, we decided to retire the porch furniture, in favor of sturdier and infinitely more comfortable dining sets.  And although the dining tables are just slightly larger, they now can comfortably seat a group of three.  They arrived a short while later, but until the weather warmed, they stayed right in their boxes.  Finally the time has come!  We unboxed the order in April, but had to wait for warm enough mornings to ensure that no one would be chilled. So we waited.  And waited.  And waited.

And this week the morning temps were finally warm enough, so we cleaned and prepped, making sure that visitors to our Kennebunkport Hotel would enjoy a clean and comfortable dining experience.  So it’s official  - the Maine Stay Inn porch is finally open for breakfast!

Kennebunkport Luxury Hotels Don’t Have to be Stuffy

May 17th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

For many people, Kennebunkport luxury hotels conjure up the image of a stuffy and pretentious environment, but that is definitely not the case at the Maine Stay Inn.  A “look but don’t touch” kind of place is really no fun and certainly doesn’t promote relaxation or enjoyment, which is what we’re all looking for when on vacation or even a quick weekend getaway.  I mean, I certainly

Kennebunkport luxury hotels view

Relax and lean back - our lawn loungers will help you soak up the sunshine!

remember going into high end shops, galleries, and the like as a child and was warned to keep my hands to myself, which just filled me with anxiety.  And that feeling comes right back the instant I set foot in a “fancy” and oh-so-stiff setting.  But since our entire purpose is to ensure that visitors to Kennebunkport and the Maine Stay Inn enjoy their experience to the fullest and depart feeling renewed and refreshed, every change is made with your comfort in mind.

Upgrades and renovations over the last four years, in guest rooms and all across the property, have planted the Maine Stay firmly in the Kennebunkport Luxury Hotels category, with things like fine linens, gourmet cuisine, and lavish bathrooms.  But because we believe that sophisticated does not have to mean stuffy, every change has been aimed to help you relax just a bit more.  We’ve swapped out perfectly good mattresses for something thicker, larger, and more plush (though that doesn’t mean squishy – we’ve got your backs in mind too!).  We added bathrobes, then changed them to ones you’ll slide into one with a sigh.  Yes, we want you to sprawl out and unwind, whether that’s in your room, in the lounge or dining room, or even in our expansive backyard.  So lay back in our zero-gravity loungers, soak up the sunshine, and listen to the birds chirping, because at the Maine Stay you can.  But if there is something we can do to make your Maine vacation even better, let us know, because your comfort is our top priority!

Kennebunkport Hotels Prepare for Summer Season

May 15th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

Kennebunkport hotels like the Maine Stay Innare preparing for the summertime, and all around town you’ll see signs of people hard at work.  Even the town of Kennebunkport is making preparations.  While it was a bit of a hassle for a few days, they’ve repaved all of the streets from the Maine Stay to the Dock Square bridge!  Great gardens are springing up all over the community,

Kennebunkport hotels renovate for summer

A bold blue replaces toile wallpaper in this dramatic renovation

gracing private homes, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and even schools.  But the most prolific of all have to be the fields and gardens at Patten’s Berry Farm, although it will likely be another few months before we get to enjoy their crops.

At the Maine Stay, though, we are just getting to our gardens (unlike some other small Kennebunkport hotels), because we have been busy finishing up the renovations throughout the property.  The classic cottage suites got new bathrooms, and iPad docks have cropped up all across the inn.  Our impossibly tiny kitchen has even gotten a facelift.  Romantic Cottage Suite #1 has been experiencing a transformation, with new furniture, bold paint colors, and soft, white linens and draperies.  And while our largest and most time consuming project happened in Romantic Cottage Suite 5, it was not, in fact, our most noticeable change.  Yes, this suite bears no resemblance to its former self – the two beds are gone, as is the kitchen.  But you’ll have to wait for pictures of our most striking update – partially because we don’t yet have great photos (see you soon, Christian Giannelli!) and partially because we’re not quite finished yet!  Some of the new furniture arrives arrives tomorrow, but some is still a little ways out.  It was a sudden decision to change our small Kennebunkport hotels entire entry, but it has been unquestionably correct, bringing a light and airy feeling to the inn.  We can’t wait to show you!

What’s the Difference Between Kennebunkport Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts?

May 10th, 2012 by Judi Hauer

While training a new member of our team today, I discovered that the differences between Kennebunkport hotels and bed and breakfasts are not always known, so I decided to spend some time hashing things out with her.  But that got me thinking…  There are probably more than a few people who would like to know some of the things that set B&Bs apart.  So here’s the short list:

  • Size does matter!  The Maine Stay would definitely be on the larger end of the spectrum with 17 guest rooms, but that pales in
    kennebunkport hotels breakfast

    Start off the day with a hearty gourmet meal!

    comparison to the hundreds of rooms at Kennebunkport Hotels.  With fewer rooms comes fewer staff members, which means that guests at B&Bs have the opportunity to build rapport with staff.  Chances are that you won’t hear “Good morning, Jim” at the Hilton, but that would be very common at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.

  • With a larger size comes amenities like vending machines and swimming pools at hotels, but smaller properties also offer a different set of perks.  Many bed and breakfasts, like the Maine Stay, keep libraries of books and movies for their guests to use.  At no charge.  When was the last time a hotel gave you something for free – other than the soap?  We also make sure to provide things like fresh beach towels daily, chairs, and umbrellas to make their days on the sand extra enjoyable.  And for the kiddos, we’ve got boogie boards and sand toys.  Plus, you won’t have to worry about parking – we’ll provide complimentary parking passes!
  • Now, you certainly can’t have a bed and breakfast without the morning meal, and while some places are catching on that breakfast really is an important aspect of any day, Kennebunkport hotels are definitely behind the times.  At the Maine Stay, you’ll enjoy a two or three course gourmet breakfast, served either in the dining room or delivered to your cottage suite.  Plus, since our hearty breakfasts often lead to passing on lunch, we’ll have an ample supply of freshly baked cookies every afternoon.
  • But if there’s just one thing to say about the difference between Kennebunkport hotels and B&Bs, it’s that you’ll receive a level of personal attention that you just won’t find at a hotel.  That might mean someone to help you figure out what kind of restaurant works for you or help you pick the perfect spot to watch the sun set or even where to find blueberry pie to ship home.  Whatever it is, we’ll help make your stay extraordinary.

Now, I wouldn’t dare say that these things hold true 100% of the time, but you can decide for yourself when you choose to stay at a Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast for your next getaway!

New England Bed and Breakfasts Revamp Reward Program

May 2nd, 2012 by Judi Hauer

The Maine Stay Inn and Cottages is honored to be part of a select group of New England Bed and Breakfasts called Passport to New England, which helps travelers plan their trips throughout the region to some of the area’s most enjoyed vacation destinations.  All members of the Select Registry, a quality stay is virtually guaranteed, and since each property is operated by owners we know and

Passport to New England Bed and Breakfasts

Passport to New England Bed and Breakfasts meet to revamp their rewards program for tours of New England

love, we all feel more than comfortable passing on our guests (and new friends) to their next destination.  But unlike many associations, we all meet twice a year to make sure we are very familiar with these spots and to discuss how to better assist travelers on their New England tours.

Having just returned from our latest gathering, we are excited about a new “Rewards Program” set to launch in the next few weeks.  However, we haven’t been given the green light to unveil the specifics about the program, but we can say that it’s going to be a phenomenal addition to any New England tour.  Plus, great savings at these New England Bed and Breakfasts are certainly nothing to sneer at!  Now, despite the fact we haven’t dotted every or crossed each T, it is time to start planning that scenic tour of New England.  But take my word for it – making sure to visit every participating inn will definitely pay off, and, of course, add to your enjoyment of the region.