Kennebunkport is New England's Prettiest Coastal Town!

The InnYankee magazine has recently released an article called “10 Prettiest Coastal Towns in New England,” and, of course, Kennebunkport Maine tops the list!

So while I am totally unsurprised to see this incredible village on the Maine coast topping the list, I sure am happy to see that the things I love about Kennebunkport are the same things that this New England magazine appreciates as well.  I mean, with no commercial chains or franchises, historic homes, quaint shops, and a stunning coastline, what could be better?  Kennebunkport has pristine beaches and the classic rocky coast you think of when you think “Maine.”  It has a charming lighthouse overlooking a peaceful harbor speckled with lobster boats and buoys.  And best of all, they even mention the sea captains’ homes!  Yes, there are more than a few homes that sea captains called home, but we sure are partial to one!  Melville Walker was one such captain with quite a prolific fleet, but we think that his crown jewel is his creation that sits at 34 Maine St – the Maine Stay Inn.  But this fall while visiting Kennebunkport, it is your shot to pick out your favorite spot on the Maine coast and search out your favorite historic home in the historic district!

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