Kennebunkport Ice Cream is Tops in the Nation

Sometimes I worry about sounding like a broken record, because there is so much I love about Kennebunkport, and one of those things is the incredible ice cream at Dock Square’s Rococo.  And recently the travel news confirmed what we at the Maine Stay Inn already know – that Rococo has

The line's out the door at Rococo and we know why!
The line’s out the door at Rococo and we know why!

some of the best ice cream in the entire country!

Not just in Maine, or even New England, but Kennebunkport’s Rococo sits firmly in the list of the top ten best ice cream shops in the entire nation.  Sure, some people just swear by a good ‘ole Ben and Jerry’s, but one of the reasons we like Rococo is that they have truly unique flavor combinations.  When this shop first opened, I had the pleasure of chatting with the store’s owner who talked about her passion for gourmet ice cream (including international travel to learn about the best methods to create ice cream) and her commitment to the highest quality ingredients.  And over the past few years, she has clearly been unwavering in that commitment, because her flavors are the most vibrant and intense you could imagine.  I can honestly say that every ice cream flavor we’ve ever sampled there is delicious, including unconventional ones like olive, triple ginger, or even strawberry basil.  A personal favorite, though, is spicy rocky road and dulce de leche.  No matter what you try, you are sure to be in for a sweet treat at one of America’s Best Ice Cream Shops right here in Kennebunkport.

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