Circus Smirkus Is Coming to the Maine Coast!

Every summer, the Big Top returns to Kennebunkport as Circus Smirkus begins its run on the Maine Coast!  This coming Thursday and Friday will bring four shows to the Rockin’ Horse Stables, just a few 100_1306 - Version 2miles from the Maine Stay Inn.  This incredible youth circus tours New England with its pint sized performers.  But don’t let their size or age fool you, because these 10 to 18 year olds have more talent than you could ever imagine!  Their single ring circus will be held in their 750 seat Big Top tent, and nearly always sells out, so don’t wait to the last second to buy tickets.  And trust me, you won’t feel out of place if you’re not visiting with kiddos in tow, because lots of adults from the area choose to take in the show sans children.  While the majority of the performers are “Troupers,” under the age of 18, they perform alongside their circus arts teachers and professional performers.  Kennebunkport Maine is just one stop on their seven-week tour of New England as they amaze audiences with their acrobatics, juggling, wire walking, and, of course, unicycling. Don’t miss this sure-fire hit for the whole family!  But don’t worry – if you can’t make one of the shows in Kennebunkport, you can catch them in Freeport, not far up the Maine Coast from the inn.

The theme changes each year, as does the cast, costuming, and music. The 2014 show brings “Anchor’s Away for Atlantis.”  So this summer, don’t miss out on a phenomenal performance by Circus Smirkus on the Maine Coast!

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