Favorite Summer Activities on the Maine Coast

After looking at this week’s forecast and my recent blogs, I decided that we are way overdue for a list of some of the favorite activities during the summertime and early fall along the Maine Coast.  It’s not really fair to limit this list to Kennebunkport Maine, because there is so much to do in the general area, and most visitors do actually visit out of Kennebunkport town lines at some point during their visit! They might not actually be aware that they are traversing a town border or two, but that’s besides the

What a beautiful day in Kennebunkport!
A beautiful day for the beach in Kennebunkport!

point…  Anyhow, with absolutely pristine weather on the horizon, most visitors are looking for fun outdoor activities to drink in the scenery. So here’s a brief rundown on the most popular things to do right now:

-The beach.  Whether you’re looking for a scenic walk, a pretty run, or just a place to soak up some rays (with sunscreen, we hope!), Kennebunkport Maine and the surrounding towns have lots of sand for you to enjoy.

-Hiking! Some are using the word as lightly as possible, describing a stroll over the rounding hills along the Kennebunkport coast, while others mean a brisk walk at the Wells Reserve/Laudholm Farm, and a few more choose to explore the trails at Mount Agamenticus.

-With all this activity, there’s lots of of reasons for some delicious ice cream!

But no matter how visitors and locals are choosing to enjoy this time of year, the truth is that there is no single best way!  In fact, the only requirement is that you enjoy yourself and your visit to the Maine Coast!

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