What Should We Do On Our Maine Coast Visit?

I get asked all the time what people should do on their visit to the Maine Coast, and the answer really is “whatever you want!”  Honestly, there is so much to do and so much coastline to see that visitors have to pick activities based on where their interests lie.  I mean, someone who is an avid outdoorsman (or woman) is going to have a very different “must do” list than an avid shopper.  And while I probably am one to choose exploring outside over indoors, my list of things to do on the Maine

You can enjoy the rocky Maine Coast, as well as gorgeous beaches from Southern Maine!
You can enjoy the rocky Maine Coast, as well as gorgeous beaches from Southern Maine!

coast is pretty varied, so read on!

But first a little disclaimer… I am a bit partial to Kennebunkport and the area around the Maine Stay Inn, but I am a huge fan of Maine in general, so I have tried hard not to discriminate!

-Lobster.  A must, obviously (unless you have a shellfish allergy… and in that case, I send my condolences).  My personal favorite is Nunan’s Lobster Hut, which is located in the Cape Porpoise area of Kennebunkport.  It doesn’t have a view of the Maine coast, but the value, quality, and incredible charm totally makes up for it.  Plus you can go like a minute up the road and see Goat Island Lighthouse and a passel of moored lobster boats to take pictures.

-Visit at least one lighthouse.  Fortunately there are loads of lighthouses that dot the Southern Maine coast, so you’ve got a lot of options, including Nubble Light, Portland Head Light, and our very own Goat Island Light.

-Take a hike.  No seriously!  It doesn’t have to be vigorous, but there are lots of trails and tracts of conservation land all along the Maine coast, and you have the opportunity to enjoy truly unspoiled views that you won’t get elsewhere.  Even if you aren’t a nature lover, there are paved paths for you – just don’t miss out!

-Visit LLBean.  It may sound hokey, but it is a super “Maine” thing to do.  Plus, it is open 24 hours, so you can sneak in a visit whenever.  Just don’t make the mistake of taking the “scenic route” from Kennebunkport to Freeport.  Unless you’re car shopping, it’s the least scenic bit of the entire road (I can’t say that for certain, but it’s not my fave).  Enjoy the views from both communities and hop on 95 to get there!

-Take in a show at the Ogunquit Playhouse and grab a snack, meal, or just a look around at Perkins Cove before the show.  Where else can you see a Broadway quality performance where every seat is the best seat in the house?  Honestly, no balcony or mezzanine or partial view seats here!

I could go on and on and on… But there is no doubt that a visit to the Maine Coast is a must, and no matter your interests, there is so much to do!

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