Where Can You Find the Best Lobster Restaurant in Kennebunkport?

I can’t think of a single restaurant in Kennebunkport where you can’t get some kind of lobster, but that doesn’t mean that they all have the very best lobster in town.  Now let’s be honest – this is Maine, after all, so chances are pretty darn good the lobster will be fresh and tasty just about anywhere.  But as a lifelong lobster connoisseur (seriously, just ask my mother), I will tell you that there is huge difference between a decent lobster and one that knocks your socks off.  I mean craving-inducing, must-drive-hundreds-of-miles-just-for-this kind of lobster.  And one of those incredible finds is just up the


Perfect Lobster in Kennebunkport!

street from the Maine Stay Inn at Port Lobster.  Now, this is not actually a restaurant.  It’s a fish market that cooks up the freshest lobsters you could ask for.  So when visiting Kennebunkport, it’s a great idea to pack your own gourmet lobster picnic to enjoy by the ocean.  Pop over to Cape Porpoise Kitchen to grab a bottle of wine, some cheese or appetizers, and an assortment of sides to complete your meal.  Then pick up freshly steamed lobsters to enjoy wherever you like!  We’ll happily supply the cracking equipment – just ask!

If you are looking for an old fashioned lobster dinner that you can walk to, check out Mabel’s Lobster Claw, just a ten minute walk from the inn.  There’s no water view, but its old school flare is pretty neat.  The hands down favorite when it comes to Maine lobster, though, is Nunan’s Lobster Hut.  You may have to drive, and you may wait in line for a bit, because they take no reservations, and you may have to pay cash (sorry, plastic not accepted), but it is SO worth it.  Not only is the atmosphere exactly what you think of when you think of a charming lobster pound,  they know exactly how to make every lobster spot on. They fish it, they catch it, and they cook it!  Honestly, it’s heaven on a plate.  Rather, it’s like heaven times two, because the twin lobster special option is pretty much a requirement.  It’s definitely the best deal for lobster in Kennebunkport.  Then top off your meal with a hearty slice of homemade blueberry pie ala mode. Yummmm.  So when visiting Kennebunkport on the hunt for the perfect lobster dinner, you’re sure to find your ideal meal not far from the Maine Stay Inn.

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