A Maine Coast Summer Vacation

Now that the Fourth of July has come and gone, it is officially summer vacation time, and there’s no better place to enjoy a summer vacation on the Maine Coast than in Kennebunkport!  Now you may think that I am a little biased towards this charming town, but the truth is that I’m “from away” and, after exploring many of the coastal vacation areas in New England, I still think that Kennebunkport is pretty darn special.  For more than a few reasons! So today I’ve decided to share some of my reasons for choosing Kennebunkport for a Maine summer vacation.

One of the many great summer scenes in Kennebunkport!

A great summer scenes in Kennebunkport!
  • It’s easy to get to!  No seriously. It’s not even 90 miles from downtown Boston, and since you can cruise up I-95 on three and four lane highways, the trip is easy-peasy.  Plus, with just two wide toll plazas, even those slowdowns go quickly (and it’s even speedier if you’ve got and “EZPass”).  Seriously, though, Kennebunkport has to be one of the most pain-free trips to your summer vacation destination and you’ll have plenty of gas to spare!  And if you are looking to travel sans car, the Amtrak Downeaster is a fantastic and eco-friendly option!
  • Kennebunkport is really pedestrian friendly!  With great sidewalks leading to fantastic activities and restaurants, you certainly don’t need to have a car in town.  Sure, if you want to do some more exploring, you certainly can bring a vehicle (and we have loads of free parking), but many folks choose to explore by scooter or bicycle.  And yes, you can get either of those things within a short stroll from the Maine Stay Inn!
  • Mmmmm….food!  Many vacation destinations have a reputation for serving less than stellar cuisine, and when you’re a food lover like me, that just ruins lots of the fun of vacation.  But Kennebunkport is full of eateries that offer incredible cuisine that is sure to rival some of the great culinary havens in the country.  Plus, quite a few of our neighboring communities on the Maine Coast also have great dining options.
  • Kennebunkport has outdoor activities for everyone!  A lot of people don’t think about a Maine Summer Vacation meaning spending time at the beach, but Kennebunkport is known for its long stretches of soft sand and a few bits of craggy coastline, sure to satisfy everyone’s scenery needs.  Not to worry, though, there is plenty of that craggy Maine coast territory for everyone. But if you are like me and need a break from some fun in the sun, there are tons of great trails through thousands of acres of concentration land and excellent spots for biking.  Don’t get along with Mother Nature?  You can still enjoy a beautiful seaside setting while taking part in some retail therapy!

It’s true – I could go on and on about why Kennebunkport is ideal for your Maine Coast vacation, but the truth is, it’s great any time of year!  All of the innkeepers and staff at the Maine Stay Inn can’t wait to show you first hand everything that Kennebunkport has to offer, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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