10 Best Things About Summer on the Maine Coast

Even though tonight was little bit cloudy, it was pretty much a perfect summer evening in Kennebunkport Maine.  The weather is warm, and the slight breeze kicks up the smell of salt air, making a light cardigan the perfect thing to pair with shorts.  There’s not humidity, which means perfect sleeping weather, and the sun doesn’t set until quite late.  And after spending the day working in the garden, I really got thinking about some of my favorite things about summer along the Maine Coast (remember, this is just some of my faves).

  1. Peaceful gardens and beach roses throughout town.  Yes, those Rosa Rugosa have such a “summer” smell that just can’t be beat.  And fortunately the beaches in Kennebunkport have lots of these great bushes.  But a discussion of flowers, would be complete without mentioning the impatiens at our Kennebunkport Inn.  The arrival of Walter’s impatiens signal the arrival of summer, and these signature coral orbs have hung on our wraparound porch for at least 40 years.
  2. Afternoon naps in the hammock – Enough said.  No really, what is better than a nap in the fresh air, with the afternoon
    Sunset along the Maine coast
    Sunset along the Maine coast

    breeze gently rocking you to sleep?

  3. There is nothing more picturesque than watching the Horse-drawn Carriage meander through the historic district.  The soothing clip-clop of the horse is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing afternoon on the porch, or even a quick snack break after the beach!
  4. Bike rides along the coast.  I mean, what could be better than seeing the scenic Maine coastline and not having to worry about parking?  Plus, it is a great way to work up an appetite and rationalize leaving your diet at the border.  But if you’re not a fan of biking, you can enjoy that salty air on a scooter!
  5. Warm Sunsets –  While the Pacific coastline might claim the best sunsets in the nation, those gracing the Maine Coast will give any West facing venue a run for it’s money.  But my favorite spot is just steps from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast – the Dock Square Bridge!
  6. Volleyball in the backyard –  The feel of grass under your feet and good, honest fun with friends, family, and other guests is one of my favorite things about summer at the Maine Stay.
  7. Lobster at Nunan’s –  This old-fashioned Lobster Hut screams summer in New England.  A lobster there, and you’ll never go anywhere else.
  8. Outdoor dinners –  Now if you could get that classic lobster dinner from Nunan’s overlooking the ocean, I’d probably never leave, but fortunately the only thing it is lacking is the view.  But rest assured, you can choose one of the many Kennebunkport restaurants with open-air eating areas.  Nothing screams “summer” more than that!
  9. Barefoot walks on the beach –  Kennebunkport Maine is a special spot on the Maine Coast, because in addition to that classic rocky shoreline, we also have gorgeous sandy beaches!  So kick off your shoes and dig your toes into the sand!
  10. Breakfast on the Porch –  Honestly, this is the best part!  Obviously we are partial to open air dining, but enjoying a gourmet morning meal is pretty great in our book!

Obviously this is just a short list of my favorite things about summertime on the Maine Coast, but no matter what interests you, we’re happy to help you figure out your “top ten” list for a coastal Maine visit this summer!

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