What is Breakfast Like at a Bed and Breakfast?

One of the things that people ask often about our bed and breakfast is “What is breakfast like?”  The truth is that breakfast at the Maine Stay Inn varies greatly from day to day, but there is one thing that we never stray from – serving up hearty and nutritious breakfasts with enough variety for all palates.

We're happy to serve breakfast however makes you comfortable!
We’re happy to serve breakfast however makes you comfortable!

The morning menu changes daily, but we make every attempt to alternate between sweet and savory entrees.  Don’t worry if you’re not a lover of sweets, because even if you’ll be dining on a “sweet day,” we always include a side of eggs, breakfast meat, and often a savory bread or home fried (well, baked actually) potatoes.  It is our goal to prepare inventive foods that you wouldn’t have at home, using quality products, including as many locally raised or grown ingredients as possible.

Visitors are often concerned that they are going to suffer from “carb overload,” when it comes to breakfast, and since we can’t count pastries, muffins, and waffles to get us through the day, we wouldn’t do that to you!  So even though some of the items on your plate might be indulgent, at our bed and breakfast, we want to provide delicious and nutritious breakfasts, including lots of protein sources, fresh fruits, and healthy carbohydrates as well.  Because we serve a hot plated breakfast, instead of a cold buffet or continental style meal, some hearty eaters might worry that they won’t leave the table satiated.  But since we also always offer homemade vanilla maple granola with dried fruits and nuts, no one ever leaves the table hungry.  Don’t forget to let us know if you have dietary restrictions, because we’re happy to accommodate your needs, as long as we have a little warning!  Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and dairy free meals are some of the frequent restrictions we’re happy to help you with.

One thing that many people wonder about when selecting a bed and breakfast is what the dining situation might be, and  the Maine Stay Inn is proud to offer options for everyone.  The main dining room offers family style options, paving the way for a traditional bed and breakfast experience socializing with other visitors, but tables for two on our wraparound porch lets guests enjoy being waited on while enjoying only each other’s company.  Some, though, are looking for the most private and intimate dining experience (or just the ability to eat breakfast in bed), and the Cottage Suites and Deluxe Fireplace Suite 12 can enjoy our gourmet breakfast delivered directly to their door to enjoy in the privacy of their own space.  So what is breakfast like at our Bed and Breakfast? It’s all about what you want in the morning!

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