Historic Kennebunkport Inns Prepare for Garden Party

Now that the Kennebunkport Festival is underway, our group of Kennebunkport inns are busy preparing for this weekend’s Garden Party.  This Saturday, guests of any of the Historic Inns of Kennebunkport can enjoy tours of each of the four unique properties, as well as a signature snack and beverage!

The Maine Stay's garden is ready for this weekend's Garden Party!
The Maine Stay’s garden is ready for this weekend’s Garden Party!

But not only will visitors have the opportunity to explore each of these inns (the Maine Stay Inn, included), they can mingle with other guests from across the nation and even the globe!  Now, we know that some people can be nervous about the social aspect of staying at a bed and breakfast (which is why we offer breakfast delivered to the cottages and suite 12), so it’s important to mention that mingling is not required!  In fact, for the last two years, we’ve noticed that couples generally find the Garden Party pretty romantic.  I mean, what could be more intimate than walking hand-in-hand through historic Kennebunkport, enjoying the beautiful setting, and indulging in some delicious treats?  Hopefully the weather will be as gorgeous as it was today, and so far the forecast is looking good!

Last year’s Garden Party was a phenomenal success, and really incorporated the Kennebunkport Festival, because “Brews and Tunes” was held on the town green, providing a terrific musical backdrop, and a great event for folks to migrate to in the evening.  And the same thing is planned this year!  For those who want to take advantage of the Kennebunkport Festival events without committing to any high ticket prices, both the Garden Parties and Brews and Tunes offer a great introduction to this great festival.  Stay tuned for an update on the Kennebunkport Festival and the Garden Party hosted by these Kennebunkport inns!


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