George HW Bush Turns 90 in Kennebunkport

Birthday celebrations in Kennebunkport are always special experiences, but a special Kennebunkport resident celebrated his 90th birthday in a really unique way today!  George H.W. Bush (aka “41”) turned 90 today, and just like he did on his 80th and 85th birthdays, chose to celebrate by skydiving.  While the skies were a bit cloudy, the weather was just right for the former President to leap from a plane onto his estate on Walkers Point.

Kennebunkport in the spotlight on the Today Show this morning for President Bush's 90th birthday!
Kennebunkport in the spotlight on the Today Show this morning for President Bush’s 90th birthday!

This exciting announcement was made this morning on the Today Show, by his granddaughter (and TV journalist) Jenna Bush Hagar.  It sure was fun to see shots of Kennebunkport on the Today Show!   It was certainly interesting to learn that the former President began on this path about 70 years ago, when he, a fighter pilot in World War II, was shot down over the Pacific.  In the interview, 41 joked that he did it all wrong, and in his 8 skydives since, he’s been trying to perfect his technique!  Two years ago, President Bush announced to his family that he had one more jump in him, and he made good on that statement today.

And while not everyone is likely to enjoy a scenic skydiving expedition on their birthdays, Kennebunkport really is a special place to spend your special day.  I mean, what could be better than enjoying incredible meals, unique shopping and boutiques, and a stunning setting to complete any celebratory occasion!?  So the next time you are looking to plan a birthday getaway, all of us at the Maine Stay Inn are happy to help you organize this special occasion!

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