Does Your Bed and Breakfast Offer Gluten Free Meals?

One of the things we get asked regularly is whether someone following a gluten free diet can be accommodated at our bed and breakfast.  Absolutely!  I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease over 15 years ago, and my family has been eating and cooking gluten free meals since then.

We’re definitely well versed in what is and is not gluten free.  And over the years, we’ve gotten really good at creating gluten free treats that taste good and fit within a gluten free diet.  I mean, who can really live forever without muffins and cookies and food_8bread?  No me, that’s for sure!  And since there were next to no options available for so long, we had no choice but to figure out gluten free baking ourselves.  So not to worry, the gluten free eaters out there are not going to resort to hard boiled eggs and fruit – you’ll definitely be treated to delicious concoctions at the Maine Stay Inn.

But there is something we must mention.  Our bed and breakfast does serve gluten containing products to other people. We do not have a designated gluten free kitchen.  We store gluten free products separately from ones that contain gluten, and we use special loaf pans when baking breads.  Gluten free muffins are always baked in colored, patterned, or embossed liners, so that you can tell at a quick glance they are different.  We make sure to use fresh cooking and serving implements, and we always prepare gluten free meals separately from “regular” ones.  But, cross-contamination is always a possibility, as it would be with any allergen.  So while we are very knowledgeable about gluten free cooking and baking, and are known for whipping up those breakfast delights you probably haven’t had in a while, the kitchen at the Maine Stay is not 100% gluten free, and before you ask, I honestly don’t know of any that are.  Does that make me, a Celiac patient, nervous. Not at all, so take that for whatever it’s worth.  When you’re looking for a bed and breakfast that is happy to provide a delicious breakfast to gluten free visitors, the Maine Stay Inn is more than happy to help – please just let us know in advance!


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