A Maine Bed and Breakfast for Father's Day!

It’s incredible to think that Father’s Day is just around the corner, and many of us, myself included, are trying to figure out how to honor the amazing men in our lives.  So this year treat him to what he really needs – a getaway to a Maine bed and breakfast and a weekend away from his to-do list!

Sure, there’s something very nice about watching him unwrap a new tool or a new grill, but most guys I know really want to put his feet up and actually relax.  Gourmet breakfast served piping hot, while lounging with his special

Checking out these beautiful boats in Kennebunkport is a perfect way to spend Father's Day!
Checking out these beautiful boats in Kennebunkport is a perfect way to spend Father’s Day!

someone in one of our hammocks, and not having to cut the lawn – now that’s what dad really wants!  And if you choose one of the Maine Stay Inn‘s cottage suites, he can even enjoy breakfast in his boxers… or briefs…or….

This year, dads can enjoy a relaxing getaway, the opportunity to sleep in, and even breakfast in bed if he so chooses!  Now, most people can’t carry off a surprise getaway planned just for dad because life can sometimes be just insanely busy.  So it’s not too late to order a gift certificate to our Maine bed and breakfast or even let Dad pick the dates!  Plus, you’ll have it in time for the special day and gift wrapping is a cinch!

So this year, reward the men in your life with a little bit of luxury and a healthy dose of relaxation with a trip to Kennebunkport.  And if your family is anything like mine, Dad always says “Why do I need that?!” , but a Maine bed and breakfast escape is one that he’s sure to love!


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