A Gorgeous Day In Kennebunkport

At daybreak this morning, Kennebunkport was cloaked in a bit of fog, clouds, and even some light rain – not exactly ideal  for a day at the beach! But much to everyone’s delight, by the time breakfast was over, the weather had completely changed, with intense summer sun and bright cloudless skies.

What a beautiful day in Kennebunkport!
What a beautiful day in Kennebunkport!

It certainly makes one wonder how is it exactly that the weathermen can get the forecast wrong so often… But when it was as beautiful as today, you certainly couldn’t worry about for too long, because, it was time to head to the beach! People flocked to the Kennebunkport beaches for almost endless recreation – walking, running, frisbee throwing, and even picnic munching!  But those of us at the Maine Stay Inn had a few chores to attend to before we got to enjoy some time at the beach ourselves.  And with the beautiful weather, it certainly didn’t take much arm twisting to encourage us to tend to the gardens. Throughout the spring, quite a few of us at the Maine Stay have been working hard to get our gardens looking ship-shape.  We’ve taken it even a little further by enlarging one existing garden bed and adding two more!  So after some time tending to the newly planted flowers and shrubs, we were off to the beach!

Heading through town, you couldn’t help but admire the new flowers at the Dock Square monument or the planters on the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport bridge.  Now, for those who are looking for a picnic lunch, Cape Porpoise Kitchen offers incredible prepared foods – and it’s even better if you’re planning on checking out Goose Rocks Beach or the Cape Porpoise Pier.  But the food is so delicious it is worth a trip no matter what direction you’re headed.  If you’re looking for something a little more indulgent (read: deep fried and infinitely less waistline friendly), the Clam Shack on the bridge is a perfect spot for a nibble before heading to the Kennebunk Beaches. And boy, was the coastline stunning!  So while we chose to relax and drink in the salt air while watching the surf crash on the shore, some others chose more strenuous activities. No matter how you chose to spend today, the weather in Kennebunkport was truly spectacular!

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