Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast's Website Gets a Facelift

With all of the work we’ve done around our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast this year, we decided it was time for our website to get a facelift!  It reflects our sleeker and more tailored style and we’re really happy with it, but now we’d like to hear from you – so send us your thoughts and we’ll work on incorporating them into the new design!

Over the past few years we’ve been working on reshaping the Maine Stay Inn‘s image, replacing the almost heavy-handed Victorian scheme with a lighter, updated look that still stays true to its historic roots.  Yes, the Main House was built in 1860 in a strong Italianate Victorian style, and while we’ve brought a more current simplicity to the inn, we certainly haven’t abandoned that historical warmth and character.  But our Cottage Suites, which were constructed beginning in the 1950s, lend themselves to a variety of styles.  Every single one has been recently renovated (and some more than once!), but they each have their own feel – some are truly contemporary in design, others are more traditional, but most were designed to fall somewhere in the middle, in that “transitional” realm.  We’ve bid adieu to the burgundy and forest green tones and swapped them for lighter, airier tones that (we hope) are slightly reminiscent of our seaside location.  But in every renovation we’ve taken on, we’ve had you in mind, incorporating more style and luxury at every turn.  And while we’re proud to offer new plush accommodations that you might have come to expect from boutique Kennebunkport hotels, we are even more focused on staying true to our identity as a bed and breakfast, because that really means catering to you during every aspect of your stay (think gourmet breakfast, complimentary WiFi, concierge services, etc.).  We hope you enjoy our new website as much was we do and look forward to introducing you to our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast’s new look soon!

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